Hypnotist Terry Stokes – Live Interview

Grant talks stage hypnosis with legendary vegas hypnotist Terry Stokes

Stage Hypnotist Terry Stokes: For over forty years, Terry Stokes has practiced hypnosis as a therapist, lecturer, teacher, and stage performer. During this time, he has successfully assisted thousands of people in their quest for self-improvement in such areas as health, weight, sports, education and success. Terry still enjoys presenting his hypnosis show for entertainment, which he does for over 1 million people each year throughout North America. It is probably through this medium that he gains the most satisfaction. Terry has been a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip at The Stardust and The Tropicana and for the past year at Planet Hollywood.


Good evening and welcome to another episode of grunt talks funny bits uh tonight we have an absolute legend here ready and waiting in the green room to come and talk to you about his career uh uh as i say a stage hypnotist this guy is a stage hypnotist he’s an educator he’s a lecturer he’s an author of one of the absolutely the best stage hypnosis books out there and that’s called stage hypnosis my way i’ll put up a link to that later on i know some of you guys have already read that book but it is a great book so in a moment’s time i’m going to bring him in but first of all let’s just so ladies and gentlemen without further ado please make some noise bash your keyboard hit that like and love emoji and really show this guy some love if you’ve got any questions please ask those questions as well because this is your chance to actually get those questions answered by a true absolute legend he is 40 years as a top level stage hypnotist he’s been a vegas headliner planet hollywood stardust the tropicana all the real big vegas casinos this guy’s an absolute legend and one of his taglines and absolutely all this it’s it’s the standard by which all others are judged and that is absolutely true so please without further ado bang your keyboard make some noise show some love for the man the myth the legend that is terry stokes wow what an introduction mm-hmm well absolute pleasure to have you this guy he sounds wonderful so terry first of all for those people that watch it uh for those that don’t know uh who you are which i can’t believe that that is true tell us about what got you into state hypnosis what was your first your first introduction most of the people who have heard of me probably think i’m dead so this is a great opportunity to show that

you know when i was in college i went to see a show with uh a state hypnotist by the name of jack berry he was known as mr hypnotism and i felt that night i fell in love with hypnosis i went back every night during spring break so every show uh at first like everyone else i thought this cannot be for real finally i got up the courage to be in the show and uh i went back to school and changed my major and since the first night that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do wow now i can imagine over the years there’s been quite some differences i know the changes that i’ve seen over the period of time i’ve been involved in this industry has been quite dramatic of the new people that are coming through into our field as such but i can imagine 40 years ago there couldn’t have been that much competition really what was it what was it like back then uh there was me jack berry pat collins was still there uh dr dante uh i’ve uh basically i’ve outlived them all

that’s that’s a very good tip to success that kill off your competition actually i think it was dante that actually tried to do that did someone i don’t know if you ever heard that story but uh he saw a kid opened up across the street doing his show i think it was dante someone correct me if i’m wrong i think it was dante anyway he went and saw the show when it was his show word for word and uh he called him over that night and he said you’ve stolen my show i spent my entire life building this show when you’re doing it he said if you i’m gonna come back tomorrow night if you’re still doing it i’m going to kill you came back the next night the guy walked on stage and he pulled out a gun and shot him he did not kill him he did not kill him but i think he basically shot at him yeah but he absolutely got the point across this is yeah that’s a that’s a great way of showing you seriously and i warned you first i’m serious this is uh if you were to break into my house and steal my uh try to rob my safe yeah i would have the right to shoot you you’ve done the same thing so yeah yeah i mean it’s one of the things with i i saw something earlier and it’s probably right for you more than anybody else uh but the most copied stage hypnotist um and a lot of the routines from from 40 years ago 20 years ago 30 years old a lot of those routines that people are doing are the same but it’s not so much the routine it’s it’s how it’s delivered and and how you put that across and the comedy that’s in there so yeah it’s uh yeah there’s a there’s a lot of that weirdly i know one of the one of the sections we’re going to see from your kind of highlight wheel in a bit when we started to play it uh for the the name amnesia um it’s the same piece of music i use for my show and i’m like oh god how awkward is this honestly i didn’t i didn’t steal it from you but it’s it’s come from you to someone else to someone else and i know when i chose that piece of music i thought i was being clever um but obviously it was a it was in there somewhere from somebody else uh yes well when i started uh jack berry who actually ended up training me told me the story of the guy being shot and i had a very healthy fear of doing someone else’s material yeah but we’ll do that and uh in fact jack had elicited a promise from me that uh he would teach me to do a show as long as i made him the promise that after the first two weeks i never did anyone else’s material he gave me permission to use his material for two weeks and uh that’s

pretty much what’s happened i’ve spent it got to be a habit of creating my own but one of the things you mentioned grant a lot of the people today that i’m seeing uh and the reason that i sent the the you asked for a video clip and i sent the one that you’ll be showing later is people a lot of people don’t really understand comedy uh the bit we’re doing is a throwaway bit it’s a generic bit what’s your name you don’t remember and i’ve seen it down where someone says upon awakening i’m going to ask your name and you won’t remember the name now if you think about the audience what they’re thinking okay in a minute he’s going to ask the guy’s name and he won’t be able to say his name okay you’ve told the audience that and then you wake the guy up and say what’s your name he doesn’t say and you go ta-da you’ve told there’s no surprise there there’s no element of wow

so i took that bit and put the element of surprise without telling them what i was going to do i didn’t tell the audience in this that i’m going to ask him his name and he won’t be able to remember i did it quickly in order to just i don’t want to say stop them in order to to kind of shock them and then we took that made it into a game show and it expanded it on out to it became a routine that could that we use throughout the entire show yeah which we’ll see a little bit later but also in that there was a good opportunity to show a lot of off my cueing which most hypnotists don’t have any idea how to do it how important it is to a show if you expect your volunteers to be clever and witty that’s not their job their job is to be entertaining it’s your job to be clever and witty it’s your job to feed them lines without the audience knowing that you’re feeding them lines yeah the audience wants to the audience wants to feel like that’s the first time that that’s ever happened and it’s you know whatever it looks like something spontaneous even though like you said if off mike if you’ve cued them it really ramps up what what’s actually going to happen you make them the star you’re not the star a good hypnosis show is not you saying ta-da look what i can do and say well look how funny these people are and you make them the stars as soon as your ego comes into play and you’re trying to say look at me then all of a sudden the whole point of what makes a hypnosis show funny is out the window yeah yeah one of the things i mean um we kind of talked about briefly before we started the show and it’s a great thing we were talking about um like getting ready for vegas and how he spoke to your agent in the early days about you know obviously for any performer in any country in the world vegas is the place you want to be it is the absolute it’s the epitome of a performer’s success as such and everyone wants to get there first like like a sprint it’s not about putting in the work um can i tell the people watching about how you know your your route to vegas my my manager was a gentleman by the name of bob benson bob had been the entertainment director of harrah’s in lake tahoe and uh he wrote a book called show businesses two words where he talked about all the stars that he had handled like wayne newton and uh yeah

just name a star this mother’s brother’s name is star and in that time bob was at one time their age of the manager anyway i kept asking bob uh you know when are you gonna get me a job in vegas i’m ready to go to vegas and bob would watch your show and it and i’d say when you’d say when you’re ready and a year later i’d say come see a show can i go to vegas yet when you’re ready because when you get one shot at it and if you open and you don’t make it if you’re not ready then you you don’t get a second shot you don’t get to come back yeah uh and finally after about eight years bob said i booked you at a little casino and it was called the continental hotel it’s now i think terrible so this was years ago it’s been torn down now and uh he said we’ll we’ll see if you’re ready he said in case i’m wrong and you’re not ready not many people will see you there so uh we moved from we moved from uh we went in for a week and we were held over for i think 20 weeks and then we moved it over to the stardust nice but it’s yeah it’s a lot of people take a three-week course or a one-week course or a weekend course get six shows under their belt and say well i’m vegas here i come well good luck yeah i think i think vegas now is very diff i think every kind of time is different from the time before and i know there’s lots of talk about people paying to play rooms in vegas but i still think even at that level you still need to have quality because people people aren’t daft you know people’s expectations for the quality that they expect from entertainment now is higher than it’s ever been and so it is kind of like if you’re not delivering the goods then you know that’s your chance gone well paying to weigh paying to play is the way to go in vegas you put up you you’re risking your money but then you get all all the rewards if you’re successful paying to play is not going to guarantee people will come see you what if the show was bad paying to play means that i i’m willing to risk put my money on the line yeah that way when the prophets come in they go to me yeah this unless you’re celine dion nobody gets paid in las vegas yeah yeah you you rent the space you do your show you do your own advertising and uh anthony cool is one of the most successful shows there is um and one of the best shows anthony’s a good friend and i love his show but uh and i have no idea what his contract is but my bet would be he puts up his money that way he gets all the rewards that’s the smart way to do it it makes sense it means you’re vested in the success of the show as well rather than just expecting a paycheck so yeah it doesn’t make sense i know in the uk you know i you know i have booking shows and shows that i fall um and it’s the ones that i forward there’s more pressure on me to make sure i do a good job not only on stage but also on the marketing and everything else in the run-up to it because otherwise i’m just i’m just throwing money away and it’s it’s harder than ever here we’ve had people that we would talk about when they do a three-day course do a couple of years where they get a couple of shows under the belt and then put on a big production or what they think is a big production um sell tickets people buy tickets and don’t don’t see a quality show they’re never going to buy tickets again so anybody anybody could do a show with a packed room with a packed house with a backstage everything goes right you look good but what happens when there are 15 people in the room how do you pull the show how do you make it work when the bits don’t work how do you make it continue to look good it’s there’s so much to learn to being if you’re going to be successful at it this a lot of people are losing work now because of the the virus and everything that’s going on and probably that’s going to weed out a lot of the people a lot of the weekend hypnotists but we’ll just have to wait and see about that yeah exactly i mean it could be one of those that it does you know it drains the swamp as such and it just you know but we will see we don’t know yeah yeah i’ve not got a crystal ball for covid i’ve i’ve seen some american guys i believe performing shows at the moment which is bizarre with masks on and all sorts of stuff like that so but i’m gonna i’m gonna let them figure that out first because it’s just my son did a couple of grad nights i was i was tickled that he thought of the way to do it he did a couple of grad nights on skype with zoom and uh he got rave reviews from the from the teachers and the kids and all of that so all of a sudden a lot of schools are asking him i i would never have thought to do that but he was just going to come up with a way to keep working yeah i got to tell you grant you know what i really like about doing your show come on i don’t have to wear pants yes me neither okay speaking speaking of attire we have got a comment here from alana jennings that says cool top i have to mention yes this is from a company that’s just been set up uh by another hypnosis called the mindspiral.com where they sell all sorts of uh hypnosis attire and even hypnosis face masks now so they’re not all just cats but yeah it’s absolutely great thing so get over to the mine spiral that’s it yeah look into my mask uh so get yourself over to mind spa and get yourself some hypnosis attire so um a couple of things as well as stage hypnosis now you you’re doing uh training courses uh educational things past life stuff i’m doing a lot i’m doing uh quite a few past life regression workshops i’ve those i enjoy doing them i’m amazed every time we do i we i’ve got one scheduled for tomorrow in pensacola florida they tell me it’s sold out and we always take a couple of hours towards the end and go around and hear the stories of what different people experience but that’s to me that’s they’re really fun to do i did a few trainings and

how shall i say this i was very frustrated and that everyone that left said told me how much they learned and then i would watch their show a month later and they had not learned anything they were doing exactly what they had and i thought i’m i’m stealing their money if if people are excuse me

if people are paying me to teach them how to do something they’re obviously not learning it if they’re not doing it so i i became very discouraged with doing that i i still have a lot of people saying teach me and uh i actually the one guy i said okay send me a video and uh i looked at the video and i called him and i said next time you do a show would you plea do this instead of what you did and then send me another video and about a month later i got another video got another video i on the computer i watched it he had made the change and it was 10 times better than it was and people responded and the bit was funnier and because i figured he would listen i agreed to train him so what was the uh just out of curiosity if i didn’t ask the people watching would beat me up for this what was the little thing um it was he was it’s basically i told you in the in the very beginning it was the what’s your name thing where he he put put him out what’s your name you’re not going to be able to remember it you won’t be able to tell me it got a smattering of laughter and i said instead of doing that uh just walk up you’ve been asking other people their name walk up to some guy and say what is your name you don’t remember his throat and so that there’s the surprise and then step out of the way so the audience can see this look it and then you build on that um and that was that that was the change that he made and all of a sudden it became one of his to me it’s still a a throwaway bit but it became one of the main bits in his show yeah so anyway i am working with him and we’re doing it by way of skype kind of a mentoring thing if you would and i’ve seen his show grow by leaps and bounds i would do them that way as opposed to doing a class yeah i’m i’m actually considering right now doing a a program at uh hypno thoughts live this year uh i have not completely decided if i want to do it because again i i i felt really i felt like i was cheating people when we went over certain things and i’m not saying please understand i’m not saying that my way of doing things is the only way of doing things i will give you a reason why i think this is better and if you can give me a reason why it’s not then very very good my way is not the only way it’s my way and it’s all it’s worked for me but if something is obviously

either stolen material or a word or a pause that you can put in believe it or not it takes a day to teach someone to shut up to to deliver a line wait wait look and come back and make some sort of to because that little bit that three seconds worth of time when you’re doing it feels like 10 minutes and but it’s it is so powerful to an audience to teach someone that talking to one member of the audience makes the rest of the audience feel like you’re talking to them it’s it’s like learning how to put yourself in every seat in the room not just this you need to learn how to put yourself in the seat of all the volunteers but to the person watching it what are they thinking as they see it and if you’re not thinking about that then you’re not thinking about how to get the best out of your show the thing that you said there about the the silence and not filling that gap there’s a uh he used to be a fairly unknown performer he’s he’s he’s actually a vegas headliner now there’s a guy called puddles pity party uh now he said he’s a six foot seven foot clown that doesn’t speak but his first maybe three minutes on stage is him just adjusting a chair and he doesn’t say a word to the audience and it goes to me in a busy venue i’ve seen him a couple of times enema fringe it goes for me in a busy loud venue to it just it just captures the whole audience because they’re so intrigued of what’s happening and then he’ll come up to the microphone as if to speak and then do something else and it just it captures them and that silence and not speaking is so profound it’s unbelievable i have not i have not seen him but i wanted to share with you just to show you how there’s really nothing new in show business what you just described is the way that bill cosby used to open his show at harrah’s he would uh it was a huge stage and he would take three it felt like an eternity but it was probably only a minute to walk from the curtain to center stage and then the next minute adjusting his chair he would turn around and look at the audience like he was terrified he would do exactly the same thing so that when he finally started talking everyone was on pins and needles leaning forward in their seat to see what this man is about to say yeah and that’s and that’s that’s good stagecraft that’s what they don’t teach these stage hypnosis classes they tell you use these suggestions do this stuff do that they don’t tell you about like you said when you’re talking to one member of the audience how it affects the whole audiences that’s some great advice there um i’m gonna play your clip um what i’ll do is i’m gonna have it i’m gonna split screen so it’ll be you on one side and then the clip on the other so if you want to talk over it you can do sort of things so i’m going to disappear but i’m still here but i’m going to bring your clip in let’s take a look there it is it’s there i’m going to hide

there we go and if we do it this is a show in canada uh there are only about a thousand people in the audience and um this is taking a simple throwaway bit what’s your name

mean you don’t remember

i need you to focus on this man of all the herbs you’ve ever known what’s your name you don’t remember

can you remember the name it’s a name you’re extremely proud of it was your father’s name your grandfather’s name your great grandfather’s name sir found awakening the name is [ __ ]

sir you were so proud of that name that you actually had a hat made so that everyone you meet will know that you are the original [ __ ]

anytime so that i ask you then you’ll tell me the name is in fact [ __ ] one other thing that when you had the hat made you had it made out of latex never realizing how warm and hot that could be

30 or 40 seconds after you get it on you’ll realize how hot it is and it’ll start to itch you’ll reach up and scratch it

it’ll feel just like you’re scratching your other heads

it’ll feel really good dick

you’ll like it a lot one two three wide awake your name again sir what was your name [ __ ] yeah nick you dropped your hat here

anyway some of the other folks here

relaxing hi can i be your hands relaxing maybe again sir they can’t okay hi

let me show you guys

because of the good times so far

just relax dick sorry for this moment on anytime throughout the rest of the evening so i’m going to ask your name now folks let me ask you um a lot of you’re not saying i was showing it to stampede i do a family show

how’s it feel dude


oh yeah absolutely yeah really great really great one of the one of the things there that um no one in the audience was aware of i i could i wanted him to use her hand to rub it obviously i could depend on him to think of that so when i had the mic down or i always use a mic that i can control the mute with my thumb i i set off my so only he could hear use her hand to rub it and then i went on doing something else and to the audience i made him the star he thought of the funny thing to do i had nothing to do with it and i i acted as surprised as everyone else was yeah but that’s that that one little twist at the end uh to me made the bit and then we used that as a running gag throughout the entire show sometimes the assistant would come over and uh standing behind him say rub your head on somebody else or use this use this girl’s hand too so it’s it’s a throwaway bit that suddenly became a major a major routine thanks for showing that it’s you know and it’s it’s the way it’s the way it it it ramps up you know you’ve got the audience you you’ve got the last it’s it’s there and then like you said off mike it’s her hand so like you said to the audience it looks spontaneous it looks like he’s done it and it just takes the funny to the next level yeah it’s brilliant another thing that i did and you didn’t see it there and i do it with most routines and it’s a way to make the audience feel like they’re part of the show is if you’ll give tell a story before before you give a suggestion tell a story about how you thought of what made you think of this bit uh with my teddy bear routine well when it was the talking teddy bear and not the the masturbating one

it was uh i would tell the story of my little girl and her teddy ruxpin and that’s what gave me the idea to do this and as the audience can relate to that story then when they see it come become something else there’s there’s a bit i’ve seen a lot of people do but i started it years ago uh when i heard the joke about the guy who couldn’t remember his name unless he’s saying happy birthday and somebody told me the joke i thought it was funny so i made it a routine and a hypnosis show i’ve seen probably 20 people do that now but it began with and and i would tell the audience the story not only does it make the audience feel like they’re part of it but it lets the audience volunteer know give have a better idea of what i expect them to do so when it happens it’s even funnier yeah and it’s it’s a great i think that’s one of the things that one of the things from my perception is that’s where a lot of stage hypnosis falls short i believe because people go out and stab routines this routine this routine disrupting this routine and the story element of it is missing

it’s not a show when you do that exactly it’s a demonstration when you look at magic and mentalism and everything else that’s all delivered now by the story behind it this is how i got into magic dynamo is a british hypnotist it kind of does the whole i was bullied at school and my granddad taught me some magic and this was the trick that got me out of being bullied so there’s a story element to it and that brings the audience in it’s more believable then they’re going on the same journey you are so yeah it’s yeah yeah brilliant so i’m just i’m waffling you’re you’re the guest i’m just waffling on now oh i could not agree with you more it’s uh so many people do hypnosis demonstrations and call it a show but it’s not yeah i like the way again you your interaction with the audience it’s it it’s a it’s a natural conversation between the volunteer and the audience asking them if they’re enjoying it as well which gives them that prompt so yeah absolutely spot on um as well as being a world renowned and a legend within the stage hypnosis industry you were talking earlier about how you do it my way um i believe that it’s also the title of your stage hypnosis book


was that your first book uh second or third yeah yeah you’ve got another one coming out haven’t you i’ve taken the others off yes yeah uh the the one that’s coming out is uh basically show business stories not they’re not it’s not really for hypnotists it’s about what 50 years in show business has been like uh and i tell uh some wild stories uh it’s not a kissing hillbook it’s a very honest book but my way if for hypnotist if you have not read it uh i i recommend it i think it’s uh when i tell you in in in my book instead of saying this is the way i think you should do it i explain why for example when i talk about how to get your volunteers on stage i i’ll tell you all the different ways that other people do it and then the one that i think is the best and why yeah so many people disagree with me about laying your volunteers on the floor uh that’s perfectly fine well i’m kind of old school and i i i understand that there’s new ways of doing things but i have very good reasons why i think that is not conducive to a good to a a good show it’s great for demonstration it’s good to say well look what i can do but it’s not good as you said for a show so anyway in this book we talk about a lot of different things the other thing we i mentioned i think there’s two chapters in here about how how to write your own original material and why it’s so important to do your own stuff do do my material i wrote some funny things but when you do it it’s not going to be funny because you you don’t it’s not coming from within you that’s what makes it funny when you’re good on stage that means you’re giving to an audience you’re giving everything that you have yeah and when you’re doing someone else’s material you’re giving away someone else’s stuff you’re not giving a part of yourself and if if you don’t know why you know if you if you’re doing someone else’s stuff you don’t know why it’s funny it’s just funny because they got to laugh doing it when you when you give yourself to the audience that yeah yes absolutely great advice so anyway we got in the plug for the book i appreciate that can i plug one more of course you can we’ll go away if you don’t mind let me reach over here i have a program this is not so much for hypnotists uh as it is for i don’t know anybody it’s a program called let’s see if you can see this it’s called the key and there’s a little thumb drive in here and in the thumb drive we i have 27 different audio titles everything from weight smoking stress 27 different titles but i’ve also got my motivation program which is called the key and i have about four hours called best of stokes that’s the funniest things that have happened on my stage in the last 50 years there’s about four hours of that so you’re getting all in all you’re getting eight or nine hundred dollars worth of stuff for 99 and you can get that at my website too but the uh for the hypnotist i think you would enjoy the best of stokes also in that on this 99 package is a copy of my way and what is done so far of the new book which is called getting there or getting here and it’s uh it’s about halfway finished and that half of it is already there billions on the thumb drive so most of it anybody that watches that has hasn’t got the book it is an absolute must it is a great book it’s the one that when i’m on the road uh if i’ve got a big show and i’ve got kind of some nerves or anything as well it is the most thumbed book i’ve got it goes in my case it goes on the cruises and it’s just there for sometimes to just kind of because it’s i think i can count on i say on one hand on a half a hand uh actual books on stage hypnosis where you can tell the author actually has walked the boards been there done that and has won the t-shirt effectively and it’s definitely one of them so yeah it’s absolutely brilliant uh on a slightly different note as well um your son is a stage hypnotist as well he is terry stokes jr um that must be really cool to have that pedigree uh within the family so do you guys kind of sit down bounce ideas off each other we do um several times we did it in branson missouri and we did it here in fort walton for a while and we did it for a while in vegas a show called battle of the hypnotist the old guy and the kid where neither one of us could tell the other one what this was the rules between us uh we we couldn’t tell the other one what we planned to do that night and the idea was each of us to try to upstage the other and we’d let the audience be the judge and uh it was it was always fun i mean i’m trying to update him he’s trying to upstage me uh and it does several things first it gets the audience involved they start picking a favorite but it forces you to come up with clever new things that i think okay what can i do that’s going to surprise even him yeah so yeah we do the we call it the battle of the hypnotist we’ve done it a few times uh in the in the last three or four years we did it for quite a while uh in in las vegas and then michael johns and i started working together at the where were we at the uh on the tropicana at the stardust nice and uh terry went out on the road with his own show so but yeah it’s it’s it’s fun working with my son can i can i do we have time for a quick story of course you have the uh what when i say i met him i didn’t actually meet him until he was 22 years old uh his mother and i divorced and i

without going into a lot of detail i lost touch with them over the years i had looked for them i had had my agents hire people to look for him uh one night i got a uh a phone call from my agent saying you know that kid you’ve been looking for i think we found him i had an infomercial running around the country selling my audio weight control and start smoking tapes and his girlfriend saw it said god he looks a lot like my boyfriend who’s been looking for his dad and they even sound alike and she called the station the station called the producer and the producer called my agent it turns out it was in fact my son anyway when we finally met he joined the show as the cameraman and about three months in he came uh came over one night and he said do you mind if i get on stage i said well you want to be hypnotized he said no i’d like to do some stuff it never occurred to me that he had any interest at all in being a stage hypnotist he got on stage and he was better his his first time on stage than i was after about four years of doing the show he still had a long ways to go but i was absolutely blown away by how good he was that night he was in no it was in bakersfield california and uh that’s when we started i would get him on stage every show to do a guest spot and then after the show kind of critique what he what he had done and what would make it work better and he naturally started trying to write his own bits instead of using money and that’s where the idea of the battle of the hypnotist came from and that uh so to answer your question yeah it’s a blast having my son in the business um that’s it’s a great story that as well so it’d be interesting some of the the kind of uh yeah to see where i mean i was watching a couple of his clips as well while searching for you have found his clips as well uh he’s not nearly as pretty as i am well no

i must admit one of i’m a big believer in it kind of that stage where as well and i love the i love the the the tux with the untied bow tie that you’ve got on some of your shows as well um you know great stage presence uh a true legend in the industry thank

your bow tie actually learn how to tie a tie and an untie a real tie i saw a promo shot of something i won’t mention the name i know exactly who you want his promo shot was of a basically a clip-on tie hanging loose that’s that’s not the look that you want to go for on on that particular shot uh i believe they put a couple of promo shots up and asked people’s opinion and i think i commented you should either have an untied one there or or not but that was that was one of the greatest things i have not one of the greatest things but to actually learn how to tie a proper bow tie um it gives you such a sense of achievement a friend of mine we were going to an awards dinner and he’s kind of said like on the night he went i’m gonna wear a proper bow tie he says i’ve watched a youtube video and know how to do it now i know i’d been practicing for two weeks before that um to get it right and it’s yeah he ended up going with a fake bow tie and my bow tie collection now um but yeah there’s some magic in how that’s tied so yeah yeah if you want to wear a bow tie we’re a real one don’t wear a fake absolutely wear that to your prom your high school prom not on the stage yeah yeah yeah sarah um thank you very much for being part of today’s show if you were to give uh i normally ask people for a couple of book recommendations but you’ve already got those books so if you were to give two uh absolute killer tips for estate hypnotists out there now or a hypnotherapist that’s wanting to do demonstrations two tips that you think are invaluable that will either help them up their game or or polish what they’re already doing i’ll give you one and i’ll give it to this is for stage hypnotist i’m not i don’t speak about things that i’m not qualified i’ve done therapy but that’s not my that’s not my forte uh i see a lot of programs where people are saying learn how to market and sell your show well before you learn how to sell it make sure you have something worth selling

you may they they may buy it because you’ve learned how to market and sell it they may buy it but they won’t buy it a second time yeah and it makes not only you but it makes everyone in the industry look bad learn how to hone your instrument hone you on your skills so that you were so good you can handle any situation that’s thrown at you and then you’ve got something to sell and then it’s worth the money to learn how to market yeah up to absolutely phenomenal advice like we’ve said earlier if you see a bad singer you put it down to the singer not being very good if you see a bad hypnotist you assume all hypnotists are terrible so you do have a responsibility when you’re performing to actually be the best that you can be because otherwise you affect everybody else’s tickets yeah tara thank you very much for being involved i’ll make sure i send out links to the people that are kind of liking and commenting and stuff like that it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you on um i’m sure everyone will send you lots of love hopefully we’ll get some people kind of signing up to your program and getting your your usb thing the key that looks like a great program but thank you very much for being involved terry and uh pleasure all right thank you uh