How does “Be the show” Benefit your business

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When it comes to hiring corporate entertainment for an event, then choosing a comedy hypnotist is always a popular option. It’s not just about silliness and putting on a dazzling show, however. The truth is that performance hypnosis could have benefits of real substance to add to your business.


Here, we’re going to look at the positive impact a hypnotist can have on your business. Not only by making your event run more smoothly, but also by giving you and your team some excellent tips on stagecraft and presentation you can incorporate into your own talks, performances, and displays in future.


Break the ice across the room

Whether you’re delivering a keynote or going over a year in review, few people like to be the first person on stage. There are going to be plenty of expectations on your “performance” from some, and others aren’t going to be engaged from the off, so you have to work to win them over. However, if you can get that crowd “softened up” by someone else, you can get them in a much more amicable mood, which can help to make you less nervous when it’s your turn.


Stage hypnosis is the perfect show for doing just that. As fun and unexpected as the results can be, it breaks that ice and helps everyone loosen up a little. Then, when it comes time to deliver your own speech, you will find it’s not as hard to win them over.


Learn a masterclass in stagecraft

There’s a lot to be learned from a good stage hypnotist, as well. For one, they provide an excellent lesson on the concepts of stagecraft and public demonstrations that you and your team members can talk about and learn from after. Some of the lessons I would recommend that anyone keeps in mind include the following:


  • Know the act: Hypnotists rarely get up on stage and wing it. There’s always some room for flexibility or improvisation depending on the crowd you get and the audience members that end up participating, but the only reason it goes so smoothly is that every inch of the act has been reread, rehearsed, and practised time and time again.
  • Getting comfortable: When you know your act (or your speech), then it makes it much easier to stay limber, to relax, and to naturally find your flow. Being too tense on stage makes everyone in the room tense up, too, meaning that any awkwardness, pauses, or gaffes are much more keenly felt.
  • Put on your happy face: Even if you are nervous, exhibiting a lot of confidence means that the crowd doesn’t have to notice. As the saying goes, you fake it ‘til you make it. Adopt powerful body language, speak decisively, don’t try to rush through your material, and the crowd will believe in you.
  • It’s just you and the crowd: You might not be able to practice your speech or presentation to the point that you can simply speak it all from memory, nor do you necessarily need to. You do, however, need to engage frequently with the crowd. Since audience participation is such a crucial element of stage hypnosis, it can be helpful to pay attention to how well the performer throws back to the crowd and involves them in the act. Don’t stay buried in your notes. Break down the barrier between you and your audience and you’ll see them become much more engaged with the message.


Want to see what all these essential lessons of stagecraft look like in action? A stage hypnotist will put on exactly the display that you need.


Get more attention to your message

Entertainers like hypnotists play a very functional role in an event, as well. They’re not only there to please the crowd, they’re also an excellent tool for making sure that the stage has all of the attention, as well. If you’re about to perform or talk on stage or in a networking environment, then a hypnotist has the benefits of hand-delivering an enraptured audience, meaning your message is going to reach them even better than if you went up alone.


Bring the team together

As well as corporate entertainment for large networking events, hypnotism is great for internal events that are meant to bring the team together from all across the business. Team building is a common goal at these events and organisers will think of all kinds of activities, games, and challenges to try to build that camaraderie and positive, cooperative culture that they can take back to the office. Few things build a bond better than laughter, however. When everyone is “in” on the same joke, it gives them a shared point of reference to build a little mutual understanding over. It’s even better with audience participation, which can help to break the formality of the workplace relationship.


Give them something to talk about

If you’re running a networking event or simply attending one, then getting the crowd talking about anything at all is always a good sign. Stage hypnosis is naturally enthralling, exciting, and bound to drive plenty of curiosity. As such, it’s going to be an attention-grabbing topic of conversation, with many going in-depth about what they just saw and how, exactly, it happened. From there, the conversation can flow a lot more easily into other directions, helping everyone build those connections that make networking events so valuable in the first place.


Could your business benefit from performance hypnosis?

From the lessons that you learn from a master of stagecraft to the unique benefits that it can lend as corporate entertainment, there’s no doubt that stage hypnosis can offer your business some unique benefits that other acts and shows might simply be unable to deliver. Bring plenty of smiles, laughter, and fascination to your event, make it much easier to deliver your own keynote, and make sure that people are talking about the event long after it’s done. The next time you’re organising your get-together, make sure you have a performance hypnotist on your side.

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