Hypnotist Patrick Pickart – Live Interview

Grant Talks funny bits with Hypnotist Patrick Pickart Stage and comedy hypnotist talks about life as a stage hypnotist the Human bridge and his amazing board game “Hypnose”

Hypnotist Patrick Pickart

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So good evening welcome to another episode of Grant talks funny bits uh hopefully we can you can hear me and see me okay every week we always have some kind of technical issue uh a couple weeks ago we had matt hale on and it was halfway through we discovered that uh facebook now has the uh it hates any type of copyrighted music so we’re gonna be very careful in the clips we show later on um otherwise we get the sound cut from the feed every week is a learning process so we’ve brought guests from all around the world from america from vegas from australia from sheffield in south yorkshire uh ireland we’re trying to bring the best of stage hypnosis from around the world but not just not just about the eagles it’s about each person each guest we’ve had on brings something to the profession and tonight’s guess is absolutely no exception from that uh he really does put on a fantastic show the production value alone is brilliant and when you see his images on facebook you know it’s it’s a style unique to him as well the the way the chairs are laid out from the stages some big productions this guy’s been on uh belgium’s got talent uh he’s from belgium just in case you’re wondering there’s been a building he speaks i believe four languages that makes me feel like an absolute imbecile because i i barely manage english uh and some people probably say i don’t even manage that too well um so please show some love if you’ve got any questions this is your chance to ask a true professional after this little graphic we shall bring in patrick picard

and here he is getting well there he is ladies and gentlemen please make some noise show your love and appreciation for the legend that is Hypnotist Patrick Picart station is this extraordinaire so Patrick how are you yes good good fantastic i’m not too bad actually surviving um things were starting to look really positive in the uk but our prime minister and his wisdom has just kind of shaken things up a little bit just about a bit of a twist into september um so it’s also very interesting and it’s weird to see how the rest of the world is some parts of that america some parts of that is really opening up now um i was in budapest a couple of weeks ago and that that was starting to look really kind of getting more open but it looks like in the uk now we’re now putting people on on quarantine if they’ve been to budapest so it’s it’s a bit crazy what about yourself i mean i know summer season is massive for you for holiday parks um how’s colvin hit you yeah in a way of course since march we are all a bit affected and then we were closed inside our homes and of course all the shows were cancelled between march and and and june i managed to do some online shows so uh even paid so um and then uh since uh july

nope I think your internet’s just gone a bit slow there so yeah I mean they’d be interesting to get your take on the uh the virtual shows and how they’ve worked out for you uh let’s just see if we can just find your patrick you like that, oh there we go that was a good thing also I would say money-wise and but of course there were a lot of shows cancelled in belgium in netherlands mainly so but uh yeah I think I did about 40 shows on 68 so that’s not too bad that’s pretty good going is that I mean I must admit when I saw you were doing the tour de france it was kind of like wow and it looked you know I mean you’ve got your spiral face mask haven’t you yes yes I don’t have you with me but uh indeed but people can see them on facebook or on instagram uh my typical mask with my own designed spiral yes I must be you you you’re good at the branding oh sorry alana jennings has just asked how do your glasses stay on I was taking them off one minute
so it’s just you know resting uh

Hypnotist Patrick Pickart

Hypnotist Patrick Pickart

they’re fantastic and they’re great 1990 so they’re all 22 years old so wow it’s a belgian brand from teu and so it became my trademark oh absolutely when i first saw them it was kind of like that was and again i was quite like you kind of looked to kind of see it at first i thought you had a tattoo and then i’m like oh my god no it’s actually it’s really a lot of people think it’s a tattoo or i do i do a drawing on my head or but it shows my split personality i say so uh yeah very sci-fi alana says and so yeah i mean branding wise you’re you’re really strong on that as well like you said you’ve got your own spiral face mask um you’ve got the uh the same spiral as like carpets round carpets on your stage as well yes so this is a little bit i was thinking you know i i take always pictures of my own shows so i do my show i do my music i do my photography and and a lot of people ask why you do that in in in the past i i i wanted to to have the pictures of the people that they took pictures in the uh in the audience yeah they always promise i will send them to you i will send them to you and i never got them and i got frustrated because yeah you know we are in the digital world it’s not like uh 30 years ago where you need to develop them and then sending by airmail and all these kind of things so it’s just sending and people always lose them oh they you know i don’t know why hard this crashed everything but i never managed to take it to get the pictures and then i said um okay i will take them myself and in the beginning i did it really with a big camera you know this really did this diesel our cameras and then on my knee i adjusted them and then with the mic in one hand and then i took the pictures and and then of course the iphone came and and the quality would get better and better so it was much easier to take pictures and then um then i saw that a lot of people uh and i hope that these people are not here now but

because they steal my photos and also there are some hypnotists who would take pictures of other hypnotists and put them on their website you know again a new show and a new show and then i thought how can i manage that people don’t steal my photos because uh when i take pictures of my own show i’m never on my own pictures i’m always missing in the image and then i started to put banners you see one on the left one on the right yeah and then so when i take from one angle because i’m not always in front of the of the participant because then i will block the the side of the audience so i’m always in one or in the one or another corner and then i put these banners left and right to always you know to be present and of course i put my website on it and and i think and then and that became now a kind of new set up to promote myself but also to tell this is my show and nobody else and and now you see a lot of hypnotists putting always these banners left and right so but that was the original id and to take pictures um uh to have images because people want like you know i don’t know if it’s on fairs as well in in in the uk and in other countries but you see when you do something really fun or you want a souvenir of it and i think it knows this is you know what what did i do oh and and people in the audience when they take pictures you have these small people you have hundreds of heads of the audience and then you see 10 people you know that’s me there on the back you know i’m on the front row i have the best pictures so i thought okay when i take my pictures people want to have my pictures so i tracked them to my website i attract them to my social media because they want to take my picture and i have the best quality because i’m at the one meter or less of the participants so everybody i can identify themselves and and they will share it and that’s the best that’s what we want we want that people talk about my show but then i take a lot of people on the floor but the floor is the most boring uh background yeah because we have always nice lights and curtains and colors on the back side but never on the floor but when people we we like to have this dramatic uh part that people are laying on the floors and then you have pictures of them but then i thought why not creating a background and that’s why i came with the idea of putting this spiral carpets like they are falling you know what you see sometimes in cartoons or you know in in movies that they fall away in and get in a deep trance and they fall into a spiral and i imitate this and then you know you have a vertical background and that’s the idea behind this those carpets that’s a brilliant idea and i love the thinking behind it you’re absolutely right and it’s one of the things that a lot of the staging from from the sets and the stages that i’ve seen you perform on again are quite unique to you and we spoke briefly before the show started about kind of jean saljar and and kind of that kind of inspiration and uh yeah i mean it’s it’s great to see you know i’ve seen some of some photos of some of your sets that just look phenomenal you know with the light in with the lasers with the chest but i’ll fill in the whole stage up as well which was you know some of those layouts are what people are now starting to use to make sure they’ve got a covid friendly stage you were kind of doing that way before that so that’s that’s that’s really cool yeah you see you mean this kind of setup yeah absolutely fantastic you know everybody puts them in a row or in a sermous circle there and but you know why not putting them in a v and then uh i even work without uh shares i have a show that’s my latest show it’s uh totally without chairs so they all have a cushion so they have a pillow brilliant on the pillow and then i centralized them on the on the on the big uh
spiral and then it becomes the big bet so you can see it and then you see you have your, yeah you’re you I would say you your participants in a group in the middle in their big bet and when I need to have some volunteers I take them up and then if I don’t need them I mean the big bad so because it’s a show about dreams and what is dreaming it’s with a cloud it’s with smoke it is with pillows and we make a big bed this is of course not corona proven does this is not miked yes my corona show is I use this to touch the yes

you know a solution for that problem yeah you create a longer distance you know now i have more than one meter and and i can also point and if you look at it it’s like a light and it’s good to focus i will show you i i will have a video soon on on youtube and on the social media how i hypnotize just with this tool you know it’s like magic you know yeah i point to them and they fall on the floor and and and and so on but i’m making a little uh how you call it the compilation of all these uh from all the shows and i need to find the best images and always take a little bit of time to edit a movie on the stage set there as well i love the i love the image of the clouds that you’ve got either side it’s it’s it’s a small detail that has such a big impact um so yeah yeah and a cheap one because i don’t know if you see the clouds just to see you know the lighting is always in a theater presence it’s just something else and the clouds from ikea these are kid slams oh it’s uh it’s a 10 pounds lamp but i put three together so let’s make it larger i put two of them and you know and some cushions also from ikea so you have a a new stage just with some i don’t know for 100 pound or 150 pound you have a totally uh new setup you don’t need chairs and all these things so so i try to yeah yeah it’s exactly what stage hypnosis needs um it is very easy if it becomes stale and just kind of just laying people kind of sitting them in a row and the same and saying having that production element it it just really sets the stage for people what’s what’s your history what what were you before you were Hypnotist Patrick Picart the stage hypnotist i was a human

now my real name is Patrick Gillard, Gillard like the former first minister of Australia but we had the same name but I discovered that Gillard people say, Gillard
so it was pronounced even in belgium because we have half french speaking and dutch speaking nobody pronounced it in the same way and then i saw star trek and star trek was captain picard and i said you know it’s a french name picard but still everybody pronounced it in the same way yeah and that guy was the the actor is patrick stewart and rick stewart’s plays captain picard patrick picard you see the and there i got inspiration and then i saw you know i can write patrick and picard with the same letters it’s another one i don’t know if you know that so picard are the same letters as patrick and also dealing with photography picture art picard i’m also a magician in your cards so there’s a lot of thinking behind i’m not going into it yeah it became my stage name and so and then i had that name i think since mid 90s and then i’m now 40 years 49 years old but i was busy with hypnosis since my 14 15 years very shy i i didn’t dare to hypnotize so uh but i read a lot about it at that time there was no internet so we had to do it with books and my uh and probably why i started with hypnosis is because of my um how you call it not my grandfather but one step higher my uh after grandfather or great grandfather great great great grin yeah great grandfather or we call it great grandfather okay so um i never met him but my grandparents he thought they talked a lot a lot of uh about him and um and probably you know they are not in in a pub you know telling some you know cool stories now them each time when i did some magic tricks they said yeah our our father you know he did also some magic but he can also hypnotize and you know and always these stories about you know he let them walk in the snow bare foot and all these things you know that make me thinking so that that must be somewhere real and my father had also a small book about hypnosis on and the attic and so i found that then i started to read it and then i started them to read another book and i uh i didn’t tell to my parents that i was reading about hypnosis because i thought you know they will think that i’m weird and so i hide those books and then i went to second-hand bookstores you know where was cheap to find a book about from one euro or a few euros and and then i think it was in 2000 then there was a big course in in london with ormond mcgill and jerry valley and all these guys and the first time that they came to europe and i say i must be there and i went to to to london and yeah and there i get confirmation about you know what i learned that it’s that it’s really the that it’s true and then still uh being shy because it took 15 years to overcome the shyness because i’m also an engineer i don’t know all that i’m an engineer aeronautical engineer and also in the security management and um

and then i need to give a lot of training to people about you know safety awareness about you know how to follow evacuation procedures and then i learned to to be in front of audiences and after that slowly i added uh some hypnosis to a little magic trick because i did magic but not performing and then so you saw with friends and so on and then i added a little thing with the with the fingers you know the fingers closing and and and it worked and then in 2003 so i started to apply it so in 2001 2002 and then in 2003 i did my first stage show and but so i was busy so i was 32 years old and i started already with hypnosis when i was 14 15 so almost 17 18 years reading about it but never applying it but maybe it learned me a lot as well maybe it helped me to to really understand and and to find out why i have um are all these books have their different techniques and why does it work because you know god or who created us he didn’t uh tell that we have uh 200 ways to induce hypnosis so there must be a common thing that works and i try to assess that and and by also rereading books because in the beginning it was abstract and then i read again some books and then okay now i understand and and then you know i found you know the i would say the truth and and i always tell and a lot of people ask me what book should i buy i say every book is good they all will work because they have not wrote it and it will probably work for him and you can copy it and it will not work and that’s a little bit of pity thing that hypnotists don’t tell that the personality behind how we present this technique plays also a role and that’s why i say read many books because you will find a way that suits you where you feel oh that’s that’s my style and so telling that’s the best book i i cannot tell you need to write to do to read books or maybe now with youtube you need to find a way that’s that comes with your attitude with your background with your style how you want to present hypnosis do you want to be the mystery guy or the explaining guy the educative guy or you know the sensational guy and and because you also create a specific audience for that because you don’t go to a big las vegas show and then you get a lot of explanation and education about hypnosis so then it must be you know and maybe you are not that personality to to do that kind of shows but maybe you’re good for schools or for corporates because you have a you can create a lot of trust and and explaining and and you know and then you have a different style so so i don’t know who’s my audience now here but

dale thomas uh who’s an irish hypnotist at dale’s here as well and he says good evening hope everyone’s keeping well uh speaking of the show one of the things that you do um you know you’re very famous for this on instagram as well um and in the hypnosis community it’s a little bit controversial some people kind of go crazy about it i know laying people on the floor i know some americans go nuts about it now for me this particular thing that you do a lot of people kind of read some stuff in books take that bit and go this shouldn’t be allowed it’s illegal the problem in my opinion the problem with the routine isn’t necessarily the routine or the thing it’s people with inexperience doing the routine that can cause a problem you were probably the most experienced person in doing this and that is what’s called now weirdly in in the united kingdom we have the the 1952 hypnotism act which specifically mentions this routine and says it’s not allowed so it’s a banned routine however yeah but doesn’t it mention that it’s not allowed when standing on it i think it’s always written with standing with the person on it now isn’t it in the 52 act i’ll be corrected uh but it is it just refers to it as the human bridge um but yeah it’s yeah i think the damage comes when people stand on people but i think there is not many more powerful demonstrations of hypnosis than than the human bridge um tell me about it why why do you why do you do it what are your experiences with it we’ve got a clip that i was looking at earlier which is a great clip of it brilliant i must admit your images kind of around the world you know of of that is pretty profound as well it makes it it does have a highlight impact so this also became my logo yes so uh i i i think i have some other down here you have the trivias man yeah here so it’s me i added the woman you know the vitruvius guy is is the man the perfect man with the perfect dimensions so i add the the woman to it yeah and it fits perfectly the circles and the square but if it’s by coincidence it’s later that i added to it but why i uh yeah the human bridge it’s you know it’s it’s quite famous from the past they do yes hundreds of years uh this routine and and i think it’s the most typical when you see this kind of routine you know it’s about hypnosis yeah if people are on a chair sleeping it could be in a subway uh a guy flipping i would say or you know in a theater and then he’s sleeping so people on the floor could be a guy was drunk on the floor but somebody on two chairs or on these two saw horses i think everybody will link it to hypnosis yeah so for me it’s the most recognizable routine when you see that image people will probably think hypnosis that’s the first thing secondly so it’s linked also to magician magic so because you see when they make people float they always start with three uh you know uh how you call that uh saw uh sports or chairs and they take the shares away so it’s also typical linked to the magical worlds so there it is used as a trick or a reason that the people is stiff and that they can take it away and make it float without that the body moves and third you can easily do it also without hypnosis i have a lot of physical books you know about physical experiments where they say say you know you can you know you could do a fake hypnosis by putting yourself on two chairs and even break a big brick and smash it with a hammer without being hurt you see that there was a german tv program in the 90s where they explained scientific uh i would say not scientific things but that seems impossible but it just physics and he also saw this human bridge uh or or they mentioned the human bridge that it’s very easy to be done without hypnosis and i think that’s why we also want to tell as a a as a message hypnosis you cannot do anything more with or without hypnosis you can maybe do it better because you’re more focused and and so on so and that’s you know that’s by this uh different views without hypnosis with magic or during magic and with hypnosis i think it’s quite you know uh speaking or a logo that has a diverse view and you know even kids books i have a book for kids where they pretend to be hypnotized and you know and they show the human bridge and if you do that it’s so easy to do you don’t need before you didn’t have muscles but a lot of thinking them it’s not possible i cannot do that but they never tried and also at the end of my show i say you really think that i add some muscles to that person well it’s the same body but i can just change the mind setting and that is what hypnosis is about you cannot change the body if i could change body i would work at the olympic games i would work in the france and i would work in the football because it will be natural doping and but we can work on the mentality and that’s what this hypnosis is about i cannot change the body so and that’s why i use this logo because it’s so it’s so easy in one way and still people think it’s the most amazing thing you did in the show it’s all often the final of my show but you know it’s maybe the most stupid and the most easy thing to do because you know we had the blanking uh you know this uh five to ten years ago everybody wanted a picture on instagram blanking so everybody do it and nobody was complaining about his background things so yeah dale thompson has just said uh yeah looks great i’ve seen a few guys doing it even mark savard does it in vegas but yeah it’s controversial here hearing patrick he seems a really nice guy i’m well educated i won’t have the confidence in him doing it as we’re talking about it we’ve got a clip of you doing it i will have to turn the sound down on this so because i can hear a bit of some music in the background so it does it does take away from it from a little bit um but just for the people that don’t know what the the the human bridge is i’m going to bring that up now

Video clip of Hypnotist Patrick Picart doing human bridge through hypnosis

I’m seeing your face
doing this clip there uh yeah yeah i love the i love the touch when you kind of point at the leg and raise it up and then just lower it down again it’s just a nice little touch yeah that was that’s it store a little bit to replace you know instead of putting a weight on it because of course the weight will make that the body is not you know or the back is not can hold it so you’re not sure i always take a younger person to do it they have always you know the the best uh health condition and and but try it even people are 50 years old they can easily do it but of course we have also a different culture in europe than in the uk and and the united states where they have a different uh law uh or you know a legal system or you call it and you know it’s so when you slip on the banana they always create immediately from millions we don’t have that in in in our countries so that that’s why that’s not a reason to do nothing uh dangerous or that it should continue it’s not the reason not to do it or to do it but um but it’s so easy and and you know everybody will try it you can even do a kit of seven years old will easily do it and it’s you know the the planking phenomena from years ago shows that everybody can do it and and and and but okay you we have we don’t have this lawsuit uh system and so if people feel it you know in the united states they will immediately jump on it when they are on the floor and and their clothing are maybe a little bit dirty they will immediately start a claim you know we don’t have that we want uh still you know enjoy a special experience and not just sitting on a chair and move a little bit we want to show you know a little bit more um that’s why we have browns in in in belgium in in in the most european except uk but they’re left you you’re more or less so uh maybe because of that you should do a lot of nice things and give it more drama to the state ship knows the show than maybe just sitting on a chair and see that they don’t fall off and and all these kind of things uh

there are hundreds or maybe thousands of hypnotists out there and and i hope that i’ll never be on the youtube for that but how often do you see an incident with hypnosis and i look a lot of youtube and all these things if there would be something very dramatic or or or dangerous or something an incident that would happen it will also jump on on youtube and of course you still to be need to be careful it’s still you know uh you are dealing with the human mind and you’re dealing with human body but you know we all do the red bull i always say a stage hypnosis show is like um we should be all be sponsored by red bull you know you can like normally on the street but when you do it with you know with jumping and turning then it’s sponsored by red bull uh if you if you do ski you can screw a ski on a hill and if it’s sponsored by red bull because it’s spectacular and i think you can do yoga meditation and we do a little bit the um the most extreme version of meditation and yoga and all this kind of things and that’s the stage of know the show so it should be a little bit you know passing the the a little bit the normal but of course i’m not sponsored yet by red bull maybe is there anything now but that’s how i look to it it’s a little bit our extreme sports or our extreme version of all tai chi and yoga and mindfulness and all these things it’s a little bit the extreme version of it and but nice showing what the possibilities are because if it’s well done a good hypnosis show you get a lot of questions about oh it’s real oh but then i so you can really stop with smoking and you know if a good sure an interesting show which is intriguing and inspiring people will discover hypnosis now because it’s the only way to discover hypnosis nobody goes to a clinical hypnotherapist to say you know i want to experience hypnosis here you have 100 pounds and just hypnotize me i think don’t think that it ha that that happens so the only way to taste what is hypnosis feeling what is uh how it is if it is real what are the possibilities are is a stage show yeah and i always say show in english is demonstration because we would call it a demonstration so and we don’t want to demonstrate some things with uh with being angry or being crying no we want to show it in a fun way because we learn a lot more when we have fun fun teachers everybody’s listening to it yes dale thomas
because it’s fun so if we bring in a good way this stage show people will like it and and i always call my show infotainment because i explain a lot i have more i’m more the educative side and also the more the artistic way and not really the the spectacular and then throwing people on the floor but you know a little bit softer and intriguing and you know putting a little bit of art and that it can be also very tender and sensual and and all this kind of thing with a nice light and um yeah i want people i give a good honestly yeah dale thomas says that what sort of venues do you perform do you get lots of tourists it depends on the type of client i do i i do you know the scouting you know the the the schools i do corporate i do weddings i do uh fairs i do you know everywhere where’s uh there’s uh uh you know in in the village you know you have the the fair or the annual with the horses and the cows on the market and a lot of drinking and then you have some shows and some singers uh that kind of thing but i also do theater shows and i want because a lot of hypnotists i see you know they can hypnotize oh i want to go to the big theaters and they want to call and i don’t i for me i like to perform a lot i prefer to to perform a lot then only you know focus on the theaters because i can learn also from the small things and and especially the younger like scouting we don’t have always the money i have a special prize like student prizes uh when you go to the i i don’t know in our country when you want to go to the theater you have student prize and you have the normal price because they don’t have the money yeah that’s don’t forget students there are you later big customers so if they have a good experience with you when they were young later they will do a wedding later they are in the corporate and they want to organize a corporate event and so on and there you get your bigger money if you want to they want to see you again in a theater setting because of course it’s different show so they are curious what you do in a theater so and we cannot exercise at home a magician can uh play with these cards at home and an exercise a singer can sing in his car in a shower and that we cannot uh exercise so the only way bigger is to perform a lot so for me i prefer to perform a lot than just look at the money or only focus on big theaters so i accept a lot of uh kind of venues and like in the summer all the theaters are dead especially now with the corona but general corp theatres are dead because everybody’s on holidays so then we can to go to hotels and campgrounds and you know you have come crowds with 2 000 people audience in france you have campgrounds with 10 000 people and one campground you have really theaters like you know a greek arena there are 2000 people sitting there last year i also did a a campground with what 1 500 uh audience uh but the normal campground on the evening they have at least three to three to four hundred uh people in the audience now it covet is a little bit less but and they come from all over the europe they come from holland they come from germany they come from from everywhere in france so when they see you and they think it’s it was a good show maybe the setting and you know you don’t have these theaters setting always but you know they will remember you and they will contact you for other events as well so i had tv shows thanks to grand campgrounds uh because people from tv they also go to holidays on campgrounds and then take you to the tv show so don’t be afraid to take small things big things and so on it’s the best training and you learn a lot from the different audiences also different cultures yes one of the things that a lot of a lot of stage images do is they kind of develop the products to sell after the show um such as quit smoking losing weight etc etc but you have a board game um you’ve developed a new market i’ll just i’ll bring that up on the screen now when i bring it up on screen it should also put a link out to as well so that people can uh so people can purchase that there it is yes so it’s the only black and white game that you will find in the stores so and it’s fully developed in uh in belgium so the drawings are belgium uh the the card designs the boards the three these uh graphic designers from belgium it was developed by kashta mundi one of the biggest cart producers in the world uh and and and how um how did i start with developing this game you know it’s um i i’m a big collector of everything what is about hypnosis and i will i will tell you two things one of the marketing after the show and then uh the reason of the game but i will now start i will show you a little bit around so i i now since one year i live in my hypno mansion so i develop a home with everything concerning hypnosis and uh let’s see that’s my museum so i have more than two uh thousand five hundred books about hypnosis greek books uh japanese books russian books books from eighteen 1800s i have mangas i’ve comics i have you know

card games i’ve you know the bicycle cards they have no special hypnosis but you also have for example comic tom and jerry with hypnosis and so on and so this is my mix section and then you see that i know recently they developed a belgian beer hognetized so and you have a different taste so it’s new one but you see you see have uh you a dollhouse the the hypno girl uh and so on you have a kind of glasses music everything perfumes everything that is linked to hypnosis and i saw all this kind of stuff and i see there’s no game you think you find games about [ __ ] here you’ll find uh games about pendulum and all these things and there’s no game about hypnosis and everybody as a kid tried to hypnotize i think somebody else everybody is intrigued everybody wants to be able to hypnotize so i put that in a box and of course it’s it tells a little bit about how hypnosis works because you start with money you are not born like artists and that’s the big message inside the game that everybody start with money cards and there’s markets market with courses with books with objects to hypnotize like a pendulum or spirals and the more you can buy of these things the more hypnotic power you have and then you can do a duals with your with with the other participants and you can say i will hypnotize you but they also have a kind of power and then the cards have all different values and if you have the most power you can hypnotize the other one and then you push them to the middle of a spiral board and you will see that the eye will close so each step that you go to inside the spiral the eye will close and when you arrive in the middle you have white eyes you know the difficult view that people are hypnotized so we learn a little bit so that you don’t need to you’re not born that you need money the more skills you have by doing a lot of courses books like in real life more or less and of course with the game people will talk about hypnosis oh do you believe that oh man i saw that i did it already and so it’s also a social way to promote hypnosis because people will always oh when they sit on tv how do you believe that and you know that’s fake and they start the discussion when they only see it on tv or maybe a real show but how do you in another way uh promote it so by playing a game and like said everybody is intrigued by that and so that’s also has a social purpose that’s you know it it opens a discussion so that people talk about their experiences about it so so double win balloon so what’s your final story when was the yeah i can tell hours hours i did four hour conference
now one of the things that’s also important after the show it’s a little gift you know in the past when people participated you know i’m of course i’m a hero for for a lot of audience but of course without my my subject my participants i cannot hypnotize show what hypnosis is so i give them a little gift it’s uh it’s a little band with my website on it it’s also with my logo near the catalopsy the human bridge and um and you know it’s amazing that people wear these kind of things for years when they see you again no yeah you see my because for them it’s a little bit of magic they they link it with a little bit of magic and like a support mental support so that was my first gift and then the second gif that i developed was um so it’s it’s this one i will i will put my computer somewhere i will show you you see that you can fold it into uh yeah it’s it’s a my camera gives the other direction that’s why i always a little bit miss when i go to the left the camera shows in the other way so it’s difficult for me to so it’s a you can for the rain protect you in the summer you can sit on it and it’s a frisbee to throw with it and there’s my website on it yeah and my and you get it in this kind of bag and it’s like a business card yeah my address is on it my email address my phone number my logo of course and when you take it out and then you leave it then it jumps open so it’s fun people will not throw away your business card like that so they want so it’s always a nice way to thank people after the show because it’s thanks to them that

that you get money, yes what is a little gift and people keep it will not throw it away from any more business card they will lose but that it’s a little toy and people won’t want to lose a toy so it’s always good to thank people and now I developed a game, of course, they need to pay for that but um yeah so these are little things that I do and it keeps you like you said they keep that as that momentum forever and so anytime they need to you know to be reminded of who was the hypnotist if kind of got it there and then so that’s brilliant well Patrick it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you on um hopefully guys watching hit up Hypnotist Patrick Picart social media and his website as well we’ve been flashing up on the screen uh definitely check him out on Instagram uh there’s some ah
Hypnotist Patrick Picart, thank you very much for coming on and joining us tonight, uh we shall upload you onto youtube as well you’ve probably got more spirals than anyone in the world um it’s been an absolute pleasure. Patrick thank you very much take care thank you for watching

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