Hypnotist Kevin Lepine – Live Interview

Hypnotist Kevin Lepine – Live Interview | Grant Talks Funny Bits | Stage Hypnosis Las Vegas headliner Kevin Lepine Talks Funny Bits with Grant Saunders. Kevin performs his award-winning show Hypnosis unleashed

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Kevin Lepine

so guys welcome to another episode of grant talks funny bits and here’s the thing last week we had some sound technical issues so if you can see and hear me please comment in the section below and just say grant we can hear you if not then we shall work on that um today’s guest is an absolute gent within the hypnosis industry i met this guy a few years back in vegas and absolutely was freely giving his time after a show now i know after one of my shows i want to be in the car and i’m going to be on the way home and done luckily this guy doesn’t have to go home he’s from vegas but trust me he was so giving to both myself and another guy that was there he’s absolutely bullied he is a vegas headliner he’s got the let me just get this right two times best of vegas award certificate of excellence from trip advisor one of the highest greatest vegas performers and considered a rock star of the hypnosis world so stay tuned for this and i shall see you on the other side

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls please tap your keyboard make some noise and welcome to grand talks funny bits the legend that is kevin lepine hey guys grant thanks for having me on oh it’s my absolute pleasure thank you for coming on as well it’s uh yeah i know we almost had it last week we’ve definitely got it this week and it’s great to have you on each week we always try and bring someone that brings something special to the industry rather than just people kind of bashing it out and you really do you’re out there performing in is it still binions that you’re in yes yep in fact they uh last year they opened up they put a big investment in and opened a brand new showroom for us oh fantastic so we’ve just got a couple of everything they’re loving that investment right now

and you know at least you got it before the the lockdown yes yeah we’ve got jason simmons he says oh good tonight with the sound that’s bullied jason i see jason i see an elena and dale hey man dale thomas an artist yeah and he’s from ireland and and dale is we both went into a competition very recently which we both won last year and this year we came up uh as commended so we got picked to the both dale’s a great guy and dale’s gonna be on the show in it in a few weeks okay so so wait you just kind of blew past something that’s actually really cool and important so what award did both of you win oh last year i won north of england entertainment of the year and last year dale thomas won island uh entertainer of the year okay the re the reason i i’m going back to that really quickly is so when you won that didn’t hurt his career when he wanted didn’t hurt yours no no you know there are three main hypnosis shows here in vegas there’s myself there’s anthony cools and there’s mark zavard we have helped each other win awards we have supported each other because we know that when there’s good hypnosis shows so if you come to see my show and it’s a good show then the next time you come to vegas maybe you’re going to come to see me again or maybe you’re going to go man hypnosis shows are fun let’s check out another one yeah you can support each other and grow and build without worrying so it’s a great thing it’s you know i mean that’s that’s i think that’s why stage hypnosis especially in the uk has struggled over the years because when people see a bad hypnosis show or or even worse than a bad hypnosis show a boring hypnosis show then they pick that’s it they will not go and spend money on tickets to see another hypnosis show so like you said it’s a rising tide raises all ships and there is one big problem in our industry um and it’s the fact that we are a very small part of the entertainment world yeah very small part and you kind of hit it out on the head with what you just said if somebody sees a bad comic if they see a bad stand-up comic they blame the comic yeah if they see five bad comics in a row at a comedy club they blame the comedy club but if they see one bad hypnosis show they will never go to another hypnosis show period yeah dale thomas totally agrees uh we’ve got a a hello as well from kevin eastwood uh great to lead tonight a lead united fan bless him so yeah um so first and foremost you know vegas how is it at the moment with the whole situation it’s day by day or finding ways for it to get better and better that’s really the the best way to say it um our governor is still prohibiting live entertainment yeah um and we could debate the merits on that left and right but you know us debating it’s not going to change anything yeah uh what i can say is that the governor is trying his best to figure out step by step what to reopen how to reopen and to make sure vegas doesn’t go back into a total shutdown so i mean the casinos are open uh with a lot of actually really cool perks uh they’ve done away with charging for parking they’ve done away with resort fees they’re pretty much the casinos are kind of going back to what they were where they were trying to bribe you to come and stay so nice nice so yeah also totally agree that also yeah ian rogers uh a uk hypnotist uh benidorm needs a hypnotist dude cheers brian brian runs a uh innovisions which is one of the biggest hypnotherapy trading schools over here in the uk yeah so kevin what took you from being kevin the toddler in the childhood running around in the playground to go in i want to be a vegas hypnotist

pure bull-headed non-stop determination tied in with the desire to learn from anyone who is dumb enough to be willing to teach me uh i mean if if like i’m gonna condense you know 25 or almost wow yeah no it’s so i in high school i did plays i started working for an entertainment company doing costume characters at kids birthday parties when i was 16. um that got me into meeting clowns clowns got me into magicians magicians got me into sideshow sideshow got me into meeting hypnotists when i was 20 i got enrolled in a course uh for social workers knowing that i was going to use it just for stage but that was the only place there was to learn at the time and then it was just non-stop learning yeah and what i mean by that is i have a great blessing and curse in that my friends are the best kind of jerks a human being can hope for

i would videotape every type of show i did constantly and my friends would come to shows as well and it was constantly just fixing this tweaking that learning this learning that uh i grew up in the detroit area when i was 25 i had the option to go to new orleans for six months to do my hypnosis show and to do a seance recreation for a ghost tour company in new orleans um and six months turned into five years and while i was there i was also doing some of the ghost tours and my friends would come on the ghost tours which were amazing because you’d be given 30 people a night and you’re walking through the streets of new orleans you have to keep their attention yeah or you’re going to take a left and they’re just going to keep going and my friends would come on that and they would critique this they would critique that um because i’ve done magic for so many years i had this tendency to lean forward like i was doing card tricks so they put me in a back brace for a couple of weeks there were a couple weeks i wasn’t allowed to move my left foot because i was pacing too much and then one of the biggest things these jerks did um all right are you ready here we go those were the four things that i would say out loud when i meant to say

yeah but i didn’t have the confidence to say that and it was learning how to embrace those pauses uh then katrina kicked me out of new orleans i went back to detroit where i got very fortunate and landed a huge huge corporate gig um no christine i haven’t always worked in vegas i started in detroit went to new orleans i moved back to detroit uh i landed a huge corporate contract which took me all over the world doing hypnosis shows literally um but for high-end corporate things which taught me a whole nother level um and then when i came to vegas i had six months of corporate work and i had the opportunity to meet terry stokes and michael johns who had hypnosis unleashed they uh allowed me terry allowed me to do guest sets in his show uh and they ended up just kind of letting me hang out and honestly here’s one of the biggest things so i had over 15 years of experience traveling the world doing hypnosis shows and for six months besides doing my own corporate shows here i was an intern i we did promo i sat people i worked as an assistant i did anything to learn and then eventually they gave me what i really wanted which was my own night i they gave me their dark knight tyrion ended up retiring from vegas so i took over that spot and then when the harmon theater we were in closed michael johns was kind of done with vegas he had done it for many years and he gave me the offer of carrying the name for it which was a beautiful thing and made it much much easier for me to get my next contract and grow and grow and grow but i mean a lot you know and i even asked them you know you just met hundreds of hypnotists how did i get allowed to be here and they said honestly you were the first one who wanted to come here and learn not the first one who came here and said oh here’s how great i am yeah yeah um unfortunately you know it’s it’s i think in all professions there’s an element of that but especially within stage hypnosis you know there’s a there’s a lot of um you know we’re drinking our own kool-aid and there’s a lot of guys that do kind of get caught up in that especially in the early days well the the problem is especially as a hypnotist you’re alone you’re doing it alone so who else do you turn to and i’ve gotten very lucky um so in the theater that hypnos unleashed was originally in the the harmon theater when i joined him the amazing jonathan was there as well who’s also from detroit but i never really got to meet until vegas and here’s one of the great things about vegas so jonathan was never going to come back to the harmon theater to watch my show on a night off it just wasn’t going to happen so one night as our show ends he walks into my side of the showroom grabs one of my dvds out of the burner and leaves and on his way home he calls me and goes look you just want me to tell you you’re good because oh my god you’re the best i love you i’m like no i want you to be honest he was all right two days later he calls me says all right come to the house in a couple of days i go to the house he has four pages single-spaced double-sided time-coded notes

i mean just tearing me in half but not tearing me in half to go you know look how much better i am than you tearing me in half going you have a setup line here you have this line this on the side then your punch line get rid of these lines tighten this up and i mean but that’s the thing is if you are willing to work with people who you know have something to offer they will i highly recommend go to open mic nights go to open mic comedy nights and the great thing about an open mic comedy night there’ll be 10 comics there seven of them are never gonna do anything two of them have notebooks full of material and you want to get to know them because they’ll help you to help you write to help you develop your personality and the last person is an absolute train wreck that all the comics just love to watch just be a train wreck and for the record if you go to a comedy open mic night and you don’t see who the train wreck is you just learned something about yourself yeah yeah very true very true so sorry that was a really long answer for all of that no no no no no one of the things that what i like about these that we’re doing as well is it’s it’s exactly saying then about giving volume you know we could we could have an interview where we’re just both just kind of telling each other that we’re wonderful but nobody watching is going to get any value from that what you do is deliver value one thing you do in your show sorry to jump ahead a little bit i thought i’d bring it up now because it’s something that that was from my experience is fairly unique to you there might be other people doing it but i think it takes a lot of balls on stage to do it is when you call for volunteers and then leave the stage and go i’ll come back when the stage is full okay um there are a few people who do that as well yeah and let me really take a moment on that one because this isn’t something that i do all the time yeah generally speaking in 80 plus percent of my shows those chairs are full yeah before the intro music is even really kicking in to have them come up

and then there are shows where let’s say i know that i want 12 or 14 people on stage and i get eight i know that i can get the other four yeah and then there are nights where people are really hesitant to volunteer

here’s why i walk off the stage if i stay on the stage they’re staring at me and it becomes almost a mental challenge between me and them if i walk off the stage and now all they’re looking at is an empty stage

there’s no challenge anymore because it’s not an ego they’re not you know fighting against me they’re not looking at me going what are you going to do about this i’m not going to do anything i’m going to remove myself from the situation because you don’t want to put yourself in a moment where you get frustrated yeah oh it looks like you’re begging for volunteers yup um one of my favorite things to talk about is quicksand you walk up on stage and there are times that you find yourself in quicksand something happens something goes wrong a moment doesn’t work the way you want it to and you find yourself sinking on the natural response to most performers when they’re in quicksand is to do what

they rush they panic they try to force something else and as soon as you rush in quicksand you sink deeper yeah yeah the hardest thing to do when you’re in quicksand the hardest thing to do when you find yourself in a bad stage situation is to go oh this sucks let me pull myself out then i’ll carry everything else with me but it’s it’s hard to do yeah yeah that that natural response is like you said to rush to panic to get to the next safe bit but yeah like you said it takes a lot of stage confidence to just stop take a moment evaluate and then move forward so yeah brilliant yeah when i when i talk about doing corporate gigs the one thing that i tell people is nobody is paying me actually for the gig i i’m doing tonight because if i’m charging for the gig i’m doing tonight hell i’ll do it for 25 bucks because it’s going to be easy what you’re paying all the money for is because i’ve done all these thousands of shows before tonight and tonight’s not going to be a problem yeah i’m not going to say there’s nothing that i haven’t seen i’m just gonna say it would take a lot for me to go huh that’s different

so what’s uh how many how many nights a week are you performing at the moment or not at the moment but in a regular season in vegas what is it five nights six nights so i i give my wife a lot of credit for this um so this october will be 10 years as a vegas headliner from congratulations and this will be

uh we just passed the two-year mark of finally dropping it down to five nights a week i had been doing six nights a week but after doing that for years i finally got to the point where it was starting to catch up to me and i needed the extra mental health day yeah yeah yeah now your wife helps you with your show she does the the on the last when i saw your show she was doing the sound and lighting as well which must be a great dynamic really because you get to work together and she knows your show inside and out and uh was she playing violin in the show when you were there oh i know she wasn’t because she i she okay i i wasn’t sure she probably just added in right after we met actually um so a couple of uh a little over two years ago my wife had this idea where she’s like you know what would be really cool at the end in a couple of other parts in the show is if there was a live violinist and she asked me something that

so this describes a lot about how our relationship works she went do you think it would be stupid if i took violin lessons i went no nothing stupid if you want to learn and grow i’ll take piano lessons and we’ll learn something together and we’ve always supported each other if there’s something one of us wants to do the other one is right there to support and to help and to grow um she’s also the lead in a show here in vegas called marriage can be murder and she’s also been in a few other productions here in town she’s a very very talented performer

it’s it’s it makes it amazing yeah yeah i love i love the idea of the violin i have a friend alicia who’s a a russian violinist who’s phenomenal and for years i’ve kind of said to her i’d love to do something with you in the show because i think i think i think the violin in itself is such a mesmerizing instrument um so yeah that’s fantastic and it adds it just adds another element of kind of another depth another level to the performance side of it so yeah very much dust moving moving slightly away from the stage for a second um i have to comment on that thing behind you the hypnosis that that is that is really cool is that okay so um there’s uh so many parts to this story uh so that was actually commissioned by my birth father he found an the artist uh muti from new orleans who makes those kia my birth father ran into him at an art fair saw some besides stuff he did and commissioned him to do the hypnosis thing for me and when i say my birth father this story gets a little confusing to some people well here’s the thing i’m adopted i always knew i was adopted when i was 30 i decided i would find my birth parents um because i wanted to say thank you uh you know i’m i’m out there i’m living a dream i’m doing everything that i ever wanted i just wanted to thank them for the choices that they made my birth father’s hobby since he was nine was magic and hypnosis i had no idea at all so i mean when he found out what i did for a living he was just blown away and yeah i mean we just melded and you know my family that i grew up with and my birth parents all of the families just came together it’s an amazing experience

but the one thing that i will say is one of the reasons it was such an amazing experience is that i went into it with gratitude not looking for anything else yeah and sometimes that’s kind of true in life if you go into something with gratitude and with joy in your heart you’ll find a lot more things come together than when you’re doing it in bitterness or anger yes absolutely and lord knows i used bitterness and and anger a lot i i did you know um but as somebody once told me anger is awesome rocket fuel but it has no guidance system whatsoever very true very true it took me a long time to learn that myself if you know what i mean and i think from 35 onwards i became a much more chilled person and it was very much about that you know what you what you put out you know the universe brings back to your tenfold so yeah without going but

so we’ve got a couple of clips i’m gonna play uh your first look which is your sizzle wheel as well and then we’re going to show another clip slightly later on but we’re going to show this one first just so you guys can see that and then we shall come back oh oh really oh just really quickly before you play it um i will say this about that clip uh rock the promo was doing their finals in vegas and they wanted to do something different so they brought everybody from rock the promo which was the rocks uh dwayne johnson’s youtube show so we had a couple of people from that in this as well

the more noise you make the more you laugh the more you cheer the better they’re gonna

from this point on the show everything emily or i tell you is the absolute truth the second we say sleep always thought in the middle of my man’s sleep you are watching the funniest movie of all time one two three got those strong tails that you get funnier and funnier count of three the eight of you will open up your eyes not only am i completely naked i am now the most well endowed human being you have ever seen in your life pat you will stand up you will slowly saunter over to your husband paul you will give him the biggest kiss hell yeah my man whenever paul says the word


the more noise you make the better he thought he was britney spears he knew the words

ladies and gentlemen welcome to village people

for more

rock thank you brilliant brilliant actually that’s totally the wrong video oh no that was uh actually this is good we i actually hold on one second love you sweetie have fun she’s actually going to a violin lesson um i’m actually glad i gave you that clip instead of the right clip that was actually one of the rough versions that wasn’t the final version uh in the final version we removed all of the copyright music we tightened a few things up and we accented more about what individual people were doing yeah just to make it a little bit tighter we wanted to drop it down to 90 seconds and make it stronger yeah i mean it’s it’s video is and it kind of leads on to what we’re going to go about video is one of the biggest sellers online for what we do and i feel and i’m guilty of it i’m quite lazy when it comes to editing but a lot of hypnotists focus too much on them or the the show and not so much on the audience and the atmosphere and your clip perfectly balanced that the audience enjoying themselves the volunteers enjoying themselves so yes it’s a great example of that okay actually um did you get the clip for the 30 second promo let’s have a uh if not can i shoot it to you in in messenger yep send that over to me no okay um because actually if we’re gonna talk about promo it would be to our detriment not to bring up a short clip of of this one and and there’s a reason and i will explain as soon as i can get this thing to work

there we go just sent it

let’s have a quick look

yes let’s see this is live so we could we can we could do this live is it the 37 seconds one yeah yeah it’s just it’s really brief but there’s something i really that if we’re going to talk about promo and video yeah just let’s throw it up for 30 seconds if you can sorry guys that might mean this interview may go a little bit longer than we expected it’s it’s we had i i always try and keep it short and concise but as long as we’re delivering values yeah i’m happy and the guys will let us know if we can and i and i will also while well grant’s getting that ready to pull up i will tell you one of the most valuable things an agent ever did for me uh this was when i was about 2021 i was working on a demo video the agent brought me in gave me a stack of videos to watch so i could make notes as far as what works on a video and what doesn’t and this was back when they were on vhs so that’ll tell you how old it was but he held back two videos and as soon as i was done watching all the other ones he came in with the two videos and he put in a video and he went now watch this guy this guy’s great you’ll never be better you’ll be as good but honestly as far as the performer goes there’s no one better he pisses off my clients he shows up late we never use them now this guy and put in the second table was this guy totally mediocre you’re already better than him but he shows up early he makes my job easy clients like him yeah if you have the best show and you are the easiest to work with you will always have a career i never forgot that fact yeah yeah i mean i’ve touched wood you know it’s i’m a big believer and you’ve got to turn up early because you never know what’s going to happen it’s all about being prepared it’s all about you i mean it doesn’t matter if you’re not on stage till 9 10 11 o’clock you’ve got to be there early you’ve got to get sound checked you’ve got to get done because anything could happen yeah very very very much so well let me bring this in now i’m going to bring it in with you in the screen and then just double check that it’s the right perfect yeah that’s great yeah perfect right i shall bring that up solo now and play that one

okay here’s here’s why i wanted to bring bring that clip in um so that was actually filmed to viacom standards uh i was actually working on selling that to a network unfortunately there were some personal issues between me and the producers which stopped me from being able to do that but if you are really really looking at making a career jump especially in a performing field so that video was really expensive yeah thankfully we sold a bunch of tickets which should help cover some of the costs and through some other things we were able to really get the price down but there’s a four-minute version of that that is my corporate reel

you’ve got to especially if you want to be charging 3 500 5 grand 10 grand for a show you need to look like a 10 grand show and if that means you have to invest and and i know this sounds harsh but really you want to spend three shows whatever your target goal is you want to spend about triple that to get the promo done and to get it done right meaning the venue looks the way you want it to the audio is crisp it’s clean you’re working with not just you know and and we all have friends who are great at video editing yeah but you want that next level of how do i make this look like it’s tv ready yeah and sometimes your friends can’t do that and you really have to reach out and reach up make sure and i will tell you this uh the there’s actually a the 22 minute version of that is on my youtube channel somewhere and i will tell you what you do what you see in the show is on the count of three you’ll do this one two three and they do that what you don’t see is and we made this really clear we made everybody coming in sign waivers saying that if they volunteered we had the rights to use them and what i would do is i would go you know so everybody was hypnotized like tell them you know i want you to move into this position get into that exact position feel this position because in a minute i’m going to say on the count of three you’re going to do this and you’re going to exactly do that now relax your body and on the count of three you will i mean we really made sure yeah we storyboarded it out i knew the moments i wanted i’m gonna say this i’m gonna do this we put a mark on the floor i will be here when i do it if i have to move somebody into this position i’ll move them into that position so we had everything lined up and the beauty the beauty and please for everybody watching this understand this if you tell me your whole show is improv i think you suck and the reason for that is this when you have a script in your head and you know where you want to go next when something really really funny happens you get to enjoy that moment you get to build that moment you could have fun with that moment but then you don’t fall off a cliff because you don’t have the next moment yeah when you have a script in your head you can always go back to okay good we had this amazing moment and now we can keep the flow going yeah and in that video there were a lot of moments where i went oh my god how did we get that that was fantastic because you know the volunteers always going to do something that’s great cool cool it’s yeah it’s about that that promo reel is the thing that is really gonna you know it’s really gonna sell you if you want to look like a ten thousand dollar speaker then you’ve got to you know the booker has got to look at that that sizzle reel and see a ten thousand dollar speaker not four chairs in a working men’s club or in a bar somewhere on the floor you know you’ve got to have your promo reel just kind of sell what you’re selling and dale thomas actually asked the question said do you get any ideas from other entertainment shows in vegas yes and no um okay go to other shows see other shows see every other kind of show be inspired by them yeah um but that doesn’t mean do what they’re doing yeah um so do i get ideas from other shows in vegas that i can’t not um well no like for example uh one by cirque du soleil i walk out of that show every time i see it going man i suck just because i mean their production is unreal the level of talent they have is unreal i mean it’s just a whole other level but you know you see some of those things and here’s one of the biggest pieces of advice that i can give for performers never ever put a knife in somebody’s back they will never forget it you don’t need to do it yeah on the other hand put a target on people’s chests and what i mean by that is this if you go to a show and there is something about that show that you feel is better than yours analyze it figure out why it’s better figure out what makes it better and then figure out what do you have to do to go over that bar now yeah and yes dale i’m talking about cirque shows magic shows um i mean just you know any any of the the different shows there’s always people to to be inspired by there really are but you know always look at something that you think is far beyond you something that you think is better than you and go what do i need to be as good or better than that yeah yeah great advice great advice um moving on a little bit the next video clip um is not a hypnosis video clip as such but absolutely great marketing tool and not many hypnotists utilize this or do things like this and i think it’s it’s a great marketing tool so i’m going to show that now

okay good afternoon ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us today i have a very brief announcement i’ll answer one quick question before we get to that yes how long have you been doing hypnosis i’ve been very fortunate i’ve been doing hypnosis unleashed here in las vegas for the last nine years i am very happy to be able to call minions home they’ve been an amazing partner to us which actually leads me right into the announcement as most of you know this summer binions will be reopening the apache hotel along with the hotel vinion’s is currently in construction of the all-new apache showroom a beautiful 90-seat theater featuring a classic vegas look i’m very excited for you to see it can we see the showroom today unfortunately no you will not be able to see the showroom today they are currently in construction as soon as photos and videos are available we’ll have them to you as soon as possible also no i don’t i don’t even have time to do this

fantastic great great video so getting press can be a real real pain in the butt trying to get press organized and to you at the same time can be a pain so you know we just decided let’s do something totally ridiculous and i just did my own press conference in my you know alone in the room and what was great about it is everybody every press person in vegas tweeted it put it on social media they really did everything when they went oh that’s brilliant because they also knew i was kind of poking fun at them yeah but i wasn’t doing it in a mean way so when they’re in on the joke they want to promote the joke yeah yeah that’s brilliant and again it’s it’s effectively free marketing you know they’re putting it out there for you and it shows it shows a level of quality that they kind of expect that they’re going to get from the show as well so yeah it’s fantastic so what’s what’s what’s next for you i know like saying they’ve just they’ve just done the apache showroom well we actually we actually have a few ideas for stuff that we want to do for our tenure um but everything’s on pause right now cool so as soon as we can breathe life and back into that then it’s just going to be you know there’s going to be a lot of cool announcement there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff um but i before i start talking about it i want to be able to have facts not well you know eventually one day here’s what we’re hoping to do um i never like that kind of stuff i’d rather go with here is what we know yeah yeah yeah if you’re to give one tip to a stage hypnotist that’s out there at the moment gigging on the road in the trenches as such um that was going to up their game and add more production book more shows one killer nugget tip what would it be okay let me give two pieces of advice first of all to the brand new performer it looks intimidating getting everything done right looks intimidating getting the video done right looks too expensive getting the sound cues to work perfectly every time looks hard it’s not you just got to figure out how to do it bad news for the new performer is it doesn’t just magically happen you have to make it happen but if you care you will make it happen also for the new performer i drop f-bombs left and right in my vegas show my comedy club show my corporate show is completely pg-rated know your audience know your market but make sure first of all that you’re doing your own unique show don’t steal other people’s shows but also make sure that your humor that your promo that everything about you is really you audiences know when you’re not being genuine um be sincere audiences will latch onto that also for the new performer your volunteers took time out of their day to make your day happen respect them for that i actually i remember getting into an argument with somebody they were complaining that they weren’t getting as many high school shows as they thought they should and the cover picture of their website had a young girl on it in a short skirt with her legs open and you could clearly see right up her skirt and i tried to explain take that picture down yeah no it’s funny dude take that picture down it’s not helping you yeah and then they you know they were saying that it was fine and my final argument to them was look you said you had a daughter if that was your daughter would you be happy about this and their response was my daughter would be smart enough not to volunteer for a show like mine if you have that lack of regard for your volunteers yeah you’re never gonna go anywhere no for the person out there in the trenches for the ones who are out there for the ones who are really really growing the best thing that i can tell you is this find somebody who can honestly direct you and i don’t know who that is in your life maybe you have a great friend who’s good at this maybe you have performers you’ve worked with find somebody who has advice you can cherish and when they give you that advice you’re gonna throw out thirty percent of it but seventy percent will be really good find those people find people who will help you to grow because as hypnotists we have to be writer producer director agent marketing manager and performer yeah it’s exhausting find people who can honestly help you and i’ve got a couple of people who are very good at speaking in my voice so they know how to help me right they know how to advise us they know how to advise that find those people and be willing to listen and it will help fantastic advice absolutely fantastic advice well kevin it has been an absolute pleasure uh to to have you on um thank you you know yeah guys if anyone’s watching this on the replay um check out kevin’s socials check out his website um before you go if you recommend one or two books not necessarily hypnosis books what books that you think will help improve the lives of the people watching what would be your two books oh to improve the lives of people well oh man we’re talking just sorry you’re talking to it to a very very avid reader um okay let me go on the performing end steve martin did you a huge favor he wrote a book called born standing up yeah in it he details everything from the start of his career to why he stopped doing stand-up

god is that book brilliant as a performer can’t recommend that one enough um

a couple of books that i always loved uh illusions three the confessions of a reluctant messiah if you ever had a chance to read that by uh rich bach the same guy who wrote Jonathan Livingston seagull illusions is a much smaller much faster read but that one always inspires me i reread that one a lot I always love the stranger in a strange land um honestly read everything uh the more you read the more experience you get with a lot of other people’s points of view and watch great stand up yeah and figure out why it’s brilliant true well Kevin thank you very much uh my greatest pleasure thank you for having me messages thanking me what a great interview it’s been you’ve been absolutely fantastic take care and i shall see you soon thank you stay healthy YouTube