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Good evening welcome to another episode of Grant talks funny bits hopefully you can all hear me okay uh each week we have a different technical challenge and who knows what it could be this week um tonight’s guest is a great friend of mine as well uh fantastic hypnotist then it’s gonna be interesting to talk to as well as a fellow uk hypnotist with the recent announcements coming out about covert about what we can and can’t do it’s gonna be uh uh it’s gonna be interesting to talk about our roadmap of going forward with the uh kind of stage shows hypnosis comedy live events etc so guys if you’re gonna hear me and see me okay uh let me know in the comments section um weirdly with facebook’s updates uh normally we have a live feed direct from the event uh facebook apparently in the new update doesn’t allow that to happen so hopefully that’s the technical issue this week so we’re having to do it kind of all backwards this week so hopefully that update will be finished soon this week you’ll notice some slight changes as well we have brought monkey into the studio um just because he was getting bored upstairs and this week weirdly we spent a couple of weeks building the studio up and getting really nice and uh just as a nice challenge this week we had a flood and we had water dripping down from the ceiling so if everything goes black or sets on fire please call the emergency services and come and rescue me please so without further ado uh please if you have any questions or comments or if you want any advice or suggestions for tonight’s guest and please feel free to hit that comment section and ask away i shall try and juggle between the two um and see if what we could do for you so i’m gonna play this graphic and then after that we’ve got tonight’s guest on

so without further ado please bank your keyboard make some noise for the man the myth the legends you’ve seen him in the comments section throughout this whole grunt talks funny bits please make some noise and welcome Jason Simmons

there he is oh

how are you how are things in your part of the world you’re from down south aren’t you that’s right yeah i’m just from uh just inside the m25 down in uh in a place called iris which is near darford things are okay at the minute then the the weather’s not too great this evening i must admit a friend of mine is uh is i think he’s been on a bit of a break with his wife today in a place called oatley which is not too far from where i am and he sent me a video clip earlier which looked like he was driving through a foot of snow but apparently somewhere around here there’s been some freak hail storms where it literally is coming down and looks like crazy snow saw yeah it is it is grim up north at the moment so um not you know talking about covid at the moment uh we’re both in the uk um it’s it’s a massive thing world over um how are things kind of london when it comes to you know bars clubs and stuff opening up i know up north there’s been a lot of local lockdowns whole areas that have been closed off that people aren’t allowed to be going out or go to households et cetera are you guys seeing anything like that down down your neck of the woods um yeah so we’ve not had many um sort of shutdowns at the moment and uh you know as it happens london’s starting to to pick up at the moment it’s getting like a ghost town but it’s still not back to where it was um people were starting to put shows on but obviously we had the announcement uh from boris johnson on tuesday so things i’ve i’ve got one gig that’s a maybe and but that’s been pushed back so i said can we start at seven instead of instead of starting at eight um so we’ll see see how that whether that one pans out that’s for in the middle of october now so yeah i must admit as a gigging performer the idea of venues having to be closed for 10 o’clock and being back in the car for half past 10 i think is not that bad really i quite like the idea of being home early but it’s about making it work for the venues as well i know i was finding people’s confidence was starting to build back up again a little bit and then after that announcement it’s it’s panic stations again which which seems to be what happens just as people understand what’s going on something happens and then it it puts it all in doubt against uh but it’s all about being safe et cetera so yeah it does you know and the thing is this no one’s really clear on the guidelines still i mean i was looking in a couple of sort of performing forums uh just this evening as it happens and uh you know there will be some were saying that you know if you’re doing a live performance it could go on until 11 o’clock others were saying all the guidelines that must finish at 10 and so it’s still very you know still a lot of uncertainties um around there yeah i think from what i understand from uh concept venues and theaters i believe they’re going to allow them to stay open a little bit longer but licensed trade bars clubs restaurants i think it’s going to be 10 o’clock but that’s not that’s not legal advice and that could all change again um so yeah i know it’s it’s it’s going to be crazy and it’s weird to be in the industry that we’re in um because we are an interactive show and to get people from the audience and do that in a safe way for both balls and for them is going to bring some new challenges forward so yeah it’s it’s been it’s been interesting so tell me about tell me about your journey you’re you you were an entertainer before you were a hypnotist which from what i understand it’s always a great way to do it uh i think having an understanding of the entertainment field definitely helps you when you’re on stage so tell me about the beginning well so i i’ve had quite a very uh sort of uh career if you like in uh in entertainment so i’ve always been interested in hypnosis and i i was hypnotized back in a on a stage showing in down down south um sort of 2002 for that around that time and was just fascinated with it from then but never really had the confidence um you know left school and did a bit of amateur dramatics and from there i moved on and started doing stand-up in back in 2011 now um so i still do a stand-up act it’s sort of massively changed from when it first started was one-liners and has now moved to more of a musical accent and even sort of a magical element and in about 2015 i i did a bit of training with uh anthony jacquin yes and then that was what sort of got the ball rolling for me really i started from there and you know as as things have progressed i’ve just started doing more shows and going on more training courses really and learning different things from different different people i think you know it’s one of the most important things especially doing what we do because of our eagles it’s easier to get involved in it and think you know you reach a certain level you go out that’s it but it’s all about constantly developing and constantly evolving speaking about developing uh jason nobby morgan is is on and he is kind of he wants to know uh who dressed me tonight and the battle of the beards and in his opinion in his opinion he says that you have won the beard competition hands down but um yeah i think you’ve you’ve definitely got me on that one uh it’s it’s it’s a covered beard yeah yeah i was gonna say i i win on top you win on the chin i just i i’m having a walk around like this just lately you know trying to look at sort of surprised all the time to to shortly yeah so when you talk about stand up uh i mean stand up something that is uh very similar to staging builds this it’s it’s it’s developed over time and that’s quite a very of all the the entertainment jobs that are out there this click they say that that is one of the hardest ones to do i always say you know being in a state hypnosis with no volunteers is one of the hardest things to do but we don’t really have that problem anymore so um you mentioned about anthony jacqueline uh who’s a phenomenal trainer and a phenomenal hypnotist uh and the street stuff it’s weird for me is that do you think the street hypnosis is something that helps or hinders you when it comes to a stage show i i think it all helps really you know any any sort of information advice that you sort of take on and and that’s why i sort of go on different different courses all the time and because i i just filled it even if you just take one nugget of information out of that that day it can add it can serve you for the rest of your life um yeah so yeah i definitely think that it all helps and it makes you a stronger uh stronger performer you know because when you when you’re performing on on a in a street setting you’re you’re approaching people cold effectively people that don’t want to really want to be entertained and and certainly don’t want to be you know hypnotized or i hadn’t even thought of it two seconds prior to you approaching them slightly you’re better i feel better performer yeah i think especially having an entertainment background it definitely it definitely helps one of my pet peeves uh is sometimes you get people that come into stage hypnosis whether they’ve come from a therapy background or or wherever else and but they go on stage and do hypnosis and rely on that to be entertaining but i think one of the biggest secrets of one of my biggest pieces of advice is it’s about being entertaining with hypnosis and around the hypnosis yeah so yeah i did see um i advise anyone watching uh go on youtube and find jason’s youtube channel and there’s an absolutely great great clip of his stand-up where he’s playing the guitar as well is that of course is i mean i’m not musical is that a custom-made guitar that you’ve got in that clip uh is that the double next one is that the one the double one yeah i think so yeah i had that funny enough that was an idea i had um probably about eight or nine years ago and i i did it you know the thing with what we do is we perform in weird and wonderful places and i was doing a charity gig in someone’s house and in in this room this this guy had all these guitars on the wall and you know we got to chat in and i said i’ve got this this crazy idea for a double knit guitar but the top is a uke and you know we got talking and and between the two of us that’s sort of what became incarnated and as far as i’m aware it’s the only one in its uh you know in existence uh like that but yes you know so it’s interesting brilliant so what challenges do you face what do you where where do you want to go with your state hypnosis show where do you see your show going you know where it’s well what’s next forget you know cover it out the way you know what’s what’s your next challenge and and how do you get there so so my i suppose my challenge at the moment is really um just honing and perfecting the show and and performing it in as many environments as i can and i really do mean that you know performing almost any anywhere i can or will have me and uh and just become bulletproof really so that i can take the show into a bigger uh

really yeah oh we lost you a little bit there for a second uh so Jason, uh morgan has just put street stuff, uh but she was down my spawn I would love to beat that fear uh give me a full show house any day so yeah yeah so yeah I must admit it’s weird I’ve done a bit of the street stuff and for me, it’s great it is a great confidence builder it’s a great way of getting over that approach game which is going to help you in any aspect of your life especially like coming to sales or approaching contacts or making new leads uh there we go so we’ve got brian Glenn here’s as well uh up there good to be here um I know if you know brian’s a former stage hypnotist uh who now trains hypnotherapists around the world so yeah so where are you more comfortable um you know you want to be an event hypnotist big stages production shows where do you want to take your show

Hypnotist Jason Simmons

I mean I look up to people and you know every week

um I think we lost you a little bit then again are these signals dropping down a little bit so what we’re going to do we’re going to play the clip from your street uh stuff that you’ve been doing it’s a great clip as well we’re going to play that now let’s just there we go

all right so in a moment right I’m gonna count from one to three I’m gonna offer you your wallet back but you’re gonna believe it’s not your one are you gonna believe it’s an eyeball there right and as soon as I give it back to you as soon as I say the word blue you’re just gonna hand it back to me right as soon as I say the word blue you’re just gonna hand that wallet back to me and you’re gonna apologize for taking where I want it right so just nod your head if you understand good stuff so ready one two three eyes open wide awake so I said look there’s your wallet um you can have that back um yeah it’s been wonderful like what are you guys doing out here tonight

just put it in that pocket right there

what are you doing with my wallet?

like denim jeans that are so lovely I mean what colour would you say they are blue yeah there’s blue jeans yeah

why don’t you keep taking this one?

this is you look this isn’t me I’m sure it is this must be yours

are you interested in hypnosis?

yeah yeah like I said this is a lovely blue shirt

this isn’t mine I can tell you this is not my right all right just look at me take a nice deep breath and just allow your eyes to close but excellent just with every rock in your body just go even deeper and deeper I’m going to hand this one back to you because your wallet has always been your one so just reach out now and I’ll take that excellent good stuff but that wallet is going to be completely actually in a moment I’m going to count from one to three when I get to free that wallet it’s going to be like it’s the heaviest wallet in the world it’s going to be like it’s

you’re not going to be able to lift it the harder you try to lift that wallet now the heavier it’s going to become as soon as I’ve come from one to three ready one two three

I’m going to click my fingers now that wallet is just going to become lighter and lighter as if it’s like a heating balloon now just rising towards the sky that’s it and the harder you try to stop that wallet now the higher it’s going to get it’s just going to get so high now it’s going to be the strangest feeling in the world that’s the excellent stuff that’s right I’m going to clap my hands though and that wallet is just going to become so heavy again

just imagine that stuck feeling as you did before now entering those hands it’s stuck locked bonded tight down to the very tips of your toes completely stuck while you wanted to before when you realize your stuff when you try to move those arms

do you reckon you could reach out and touch that, yeah you trying to find the harder you try to tear it sticks if you touch it I tell you what 40 pounds right 40 pounds can you reach out and touch that how do you try the tire that’s going gonna stick it’s just gonna be locked output it there you can reach out and touch your shoulders but the harder you try now that’s higher it’s gonna stick it’s just gonna be completely stuck on the tire

you’re trying to put some effort and you’re a strong man

one two three

excellent stuff there absolutely we lost all there we go we just uh i just muted us then we lost you for a second but yeah great stuff and i always say um impromptu demonstrations of hypnosis whether you’re a stage hypnotist or hypnotherapist or anything like that i also think they are one of the best ways to market what you do especially at parties or events where somebody goes to what you do i’m a hypnosis hypnotize me now if you’ve got something that you can do instantly there and then it’s a great way of doing that uh what’s the what’s the strangest thing that’s happened to either on stage or during these street shows strangest thing really i i guess i mean there’s quite a few but like you can never really um warrant for what someone’s going to do or someone’s going to say and i was going to take on a um a suggestion so i i think probably i don’t i i used to do when i first started doing shows i used to do this the snake belt and i had a i had a bit of an ab reaction with that yeah yeah and the the lady was terrified of these snakes and um yeah i i dropped it from the routine

yeah it’s I mean it’s one of that’s one of those routines that can have such a dramatic effect um and on stage can look brilliant but sometimes can have uh yeah I know uh who’s a vegas guy that does the snake routine oh yes uh that does a very good routine yeah yeah and it’s one of those that sometimes you’re watching oh that’s brilliant but yeah it’s one of those I’ve not used and don’t use because of that

I think you learn as you go along as well certain things can you can fire them off 100 200 times and never have an issue and then that one time something happens and then you kind of go oh yeah so yeah but yeah this neighbourhood it’s a crazy one I once years ago before I was more professional and ethical than what I am now uh I was doing a street routine um a doorman had challenged me on the whole hypnosis thing and one of the suggestions I’ve given him was that the next girl that walked past would be the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and would fall madly in love with her and all sorts of stuff that piled him and weirdly the next girl that walked past was his sister and it was a yeah it was interesting, to say the least but yeah that was good fun so I don’t do that routine anymore neither for the same reason

um yeah so one of the things i’ve seen you’ve just had done as well you’ve just had some new uh promotional pictures some headshots done yeah so they were done by a fellow comedian a guy called steve best is really like great uh you know musical comic um you check him out if you can on youtube but um yeah he’s also a very good photographer and he’s really good deals for if you’re london-based really good deals for people that are based in london and and you know i’ve used him a couple of times now i’ve been really happy with uh with the way that they’ve come out and and what he does with the with the images really brilliant yeah so on a slightly different note brian glenn says did he make you back like a dog uh no brian i think that’s jason’s dog one of the things that i’ve i found and it’s it’s it’s a really important tip for any performer or any professional really is those professional headshots make a world of difference especially doing what we do there’s so many guys that look like serial killers that put pictures out there and it is kind of like you know if you want to charge a good fee for your show at least look professional um but yeah those those images are great as well so yeah is the is the green gonna become your color i don’t know i’ve always liked the uh the sort of turquoisey teal type color the same color as that guitar you mentioned

same the same sort of colour scheme on my website so I do like uh like that colour yeah I must admit if anyone doesn’t know what my favourite colour is it’s blue

you take it yeah i had neil banks and so that that’s that kind of gone yeah it’s uh i think from a marketing point of view it always helps to tag yourself onto a color um and then it just becomes more recognizable so uh one of the things you do as well is you have uh you do do some you offer some training and some mindset courses and stuff like that as well yeah i’ve only for a little while but i do locally do some groups and um done a few weight loss group weight classes and you know and sort of put my hand in with with some some sort of basic training but but more training i guess to just show people different ignite techniques um they can use in their daily lives yeah and i know you i know you do some stuff with christopher grass who is a great mentor a great hypnotist as well he does some some training and again it’s about it’s about learning from the best at their game and like you said you learn bits from each individual person about what makes them special and then that then drives you forward sure and i think it’s really important to invest in yourself and and you may or may not know but i i spent a bit of time with christopher sort of earlier this year and and ongoing and it’s been really good to get someone to go through everything you know go through your show so it’s a lot further along the track than than i am and you know look look through every every detail in my you know the way i’m delivering certain aspects of my show and and and almost go for it with a fine tooth comb and yeah it just sort of shortcuts mistakes that i probably would have been making for for years really for years to come really yeah and it’s it it stops those bad habits becoming something that the stick of it and chris is chris’s production value on the shows that he does on the ships and everything is is way ahead 90 of the rest of the of the field of hypnosis as well because what we do is so easy to just turn up with a microphone and do a show and go it’s easy to to cut corners and be lazy sometimes so to have that that extra training and that extra production value it helps set aside from from everything else yeah and and you know one of the things i liked when i did the training with yourself and christopher back earlier in the year is that um you know christopher said was that he was he’d be on with a 10 million pound production would have been on the the same stages in the night before yeah really is as good as that yeah yeah and that’s that’s it i think as hypnotist as a as a as a whole group we’ve got to aim to be better to keep pushing forward you know the way i see it if if madonna or katy perry needs to have big production and all those dancers and all that lot to make them have a good show then i definitely need something to make it sure that i have a good show so yeah yeah i try anyway so um i mean do you have your next show coming up yet is is the one in the diary i’ve asked that for most people and to be fair you know a lot of people don’t have anything in the diary at the moment i have one show that i’m holding out for it’s still in the diary i spoke to them the other week and they’re like we’re definitely going ahead and but i’ve not spoke to them since tuesday so i don’t know what about yourself when when’s your next gig hopefully i’ve actually got something booked in for the 16th of october it’s just an open sort of open open show really like an open mic type show um for someone that’s local yeah but but you get free reign there and and so i could do either some new material comedy wise or possibly do do some hypnosis i i doubt at this stage it would be anything to do hypnosis just because you know current guidelines really so i think i’ll probably just be comedy just to keep keep a bit of oil in the in the gears really until we can fully return back to some some level of normality yeah i must admit it’s something i’m looking at doing is kind of sounding up to an improv course or a stand-up course just to again it’s extra skills that you learn that helps polish your comedy off brilliantly really so yeah that’s good i know i have one i had one on the 17th of october osset town hall which is a a nice show really they’ve just messaged me to kind of say we’re still happy to go ahead with the show however because of kovid we can only limit it to 40 people in in the theater and i’m like well well it’s not going ahead that is it so yeah and it’s interesting you mentioned about a comedy course actually because i’m i’m going on one this uh this saturday um oh brilliant so with a with a comedy like good circuit comedian called jeff uh so it’s running like a six-week course in in london and the reason really just see if i can pick up any ideas home home bits of the act and you know tighten up bits of the pre-talk really and yeah

i mean that’s it i mean you know the show is won and lost in in that pre-talk you know being confident on stage you know presenting hypnosis well is what what wins and loses the show so yeah so you know i’ve always asked people what their two favorite books are or two things that have influenced them that they feel has pushed them forward as a performer as a hypnotist what would you say yours are okay uh well i’ve actually got a few books because i i you know i watch this every week so i’ve tried to pick i’ve i’ve been working my way through the reading lists of the uh of the sort of heavyweights that you’ve had on here over the past few weeks i’m trying to avoid those so if you saw i’ve got yeah four four-ish books maybe five um so it’s like i would say like reality is plastic like was the sort of book that got me started really yeah by that queen so if you’re someone that’s interested in hypnosis and one on an easy way to get in that that really cuts a lot of uh you know it’s got hope appeal yeah another book that is not that well known but it’s by a guy called jerome finley and it’s called thoughtvail which is which is a great i think it’s only available in pdf now but that’s a really good hypnosis book um and then sort of just in terms of performing there’s this one which is uh stand up by by ian keeble so it’s a professional guide to comedy magic but there’s a lot of tips and and tricks and then you know how to punch up your show and present yourself as a as a just a general performer nice and who is that again there’s a guy called ian keyboard so uh yeah and that’s k e a uh b l e and so i think again that’s probably i think this is our print now so it’s probably pdf for for that one um and then i don’t i i’ve from watching this every week i’ve been sort of working more on developing my sales more and one of the books that’s really helped me recently is a book called yes um 50 secrets from the science of persuasion so it’s by uh robert cialdini i think and dr noah goldstein but that that’s really a really interesting book on sort of you know techniques that you can use or are used against you yeah it is amazing how much when you learn hypnosis as a skill set it’s amazing how much you see that that spills out into other parts of your life you see when people are being manipulative and using the language patterns that we use politicians tv programs you know you see it everywhere so yeah it’s it’s even if you don’t want to be a state hypnotist hypnosis is a great skill set to learn anyway i should have a course to plug at this point but i don’t yeah so that’s something you should be developing over this uh this lockdown period it should be so yeah it’s it’s i mean it’s weird i mean i mean this show has been something that’s helped me kind of get my performer bit out there and still keep doing something it’s been great to meet different people along the hypnosis journey if you know what i mean and see kind of where they’re at where they see the industry going in the future so yeah it’s it’s it’s something i very much look forward to and hope to kind of keep pushing forward with i mean what do you see what do you see being the next the next thing for stage hypnosis are we going to see somebody doing really well on the talent shows i know we’ve had christina lennon the hypno dog she was on she did really well from the got talent franchise i know every year you know a couple of hypnosis that asked to go on that show i i personally think it’s too easy to make me look daft on that type of show rather than put hypnosis across in a good way um what do you do you think that could be the next step another tv program or yeah possibly i mean i you know i think that just like comedy sort of had a resurgence and you know you sort of look at comedy say 10 10 years ago it wasn’t it wasn’t really that mainstream on television like live at the apollo sort of transformed that really so and and hypnosis time back in sort of the late 90s paul mckenna and you know um andrew knew and those those those guys um you know even even

if you had on the other week um name escapes means

so even people like you know that it was massive and i think i think it will be again i think it’s it’s not going to be long before it comes back in some form uh and if it doesn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t matter i don’t think i think it’s going to grow in its own right yeah i i mean it’s it’s it’s nice to see audiences kind of you know pre-covered that were that haven’t seen hypnosis before are unsure about what it is and then when they first experience that it’s amazing for them if you know what i mean and as a performer to be that person to show that to them i i don’t know how well stage hypnosis translates onto tv because people naturally think it’s fake but i think stage hypnosis on a stage is one of the best shows that you can you can ever go and see really it’s it’s like karaoke for the mind yeah i think we’ve you know ambassadors like yourself you know robert that you had on a few weeks back out there doing it and and putting it into the minds of people that like you say i’ve never experienced it before or the experience watching it when they were a child um i think that’s it’s going to it’s going to grow that that way really yeah hopefully so so yeah so you are you on instagram instagram facebook twitter youtube yeah so you can find me on instagram and and youtube it would be hypno jay and uh also facebook is just jason simmons hypnotist uh i think you you may have put the link to my website it’s just there yeah look at that a lovely lady did me a really good deal on that so um if someone if anyone’s thinking of getting a website done and particularly likes the way that that one’s been done then let me know and i i can put you in touch with with that lady

so yeah uh on a slightly different note um what’s london like as a circuit to work at the moment for for hypnosis i would say at the moment pre-covered um have you got much competition down there i don’t know if we’ve got we you know you turn a corner there’s a stage hypnosis there waiting in his car i know london’s slightly different because don’t you guys have to according to the 52 act you have to pay for a license to perform in central london that’s right yeah so there are yeah there are certain councils you know it varies from council to council but i don’t really see as competition really i i think on the whole of what i’ve found from uh sort of doing hypnosis is that it’s quite a supportive community all this like i’ve made good friendships with people like yourself even even jason nobby morgan and uh dylan lovegrove is probably the nearest hypnotist to me and we all sort of support each other and and uh and raise each other up and i think that’s the only way this business is really gonna kind of thrive yeah i’m dylan you know i see dylan on his social media you know he seems a really good guy hopefully we’ll get him him on as well in a few weeks time um so yeah i’ll touch base and see about about that but yeah it’s it’s weird a few years ago it was a very catty industry um it was very cutthroat but i think now people realize is that you know your competition isn’t another hypnotist you know your competition is is is a different type of act you know bookers don’t go i’m going to book this one or this one it’s where do they spend that ma their entertainment budget do they spend it on a hypnotist do they spend it on some some explorer that’s walked up the antarctic and come back and has only got two fingers do they spend it on you know an afternoon speaker do they spend it on a singer a contortionist you know it’s we’re all competing for the same entertainment budget it’s just about supporting each other because the best thing for my business is someone going to see an estate hypnotist and having a great show if they see one and they enjoy it they’ll go and see more if they see a terrible one that kills us all so it it helps us all out to support each other well that’s it and i you know i definitely agree with that i think that the the only way it’s gonna thrive is is by by being like like that and and it makes for a better environment as well because i i know if someone came to me with an inquiry uh and said that you know i need a hypnotist and it’s north then i i i would recommend you so i know funny enough my name is very similar to another hypnotist basically so occasionally like i think he gets calls from for my my way and and vice versa so often i’ll say oh no that’s you you want jason simons not jason simmons you should maybe have you have the m as a separate color that extra m but well jason it’s been an absolute pleasure to catch up with you um do you know what it might be nice once it’s once we get our lock down from up north um it might be nice to kind of travel down to to london uh maybe meet up with you and with dylan you can get together and have like a hypno coffee and uh yeah it might be good fun yeah and i really appreciate you having us on like i say i watch this most weeks so i’m quite i’m really humbled that you know you’ve you’ve sort of put me on alongside some people that i really admire and and and i’m inspired by um you know i think what what you’re doing is is a great uh great asset to what we do as hypnotists oh there we go dylan says it’s been a great pleasure working with jason so yeah brilliant thanks dylan i appreciate that well and if you ever have any tips or any feedback about how how and if we can improve the show and where we can take it with a format or anything like that that i’m always open to suggestions as well um it is something as a resource where we can as a collective get information from each other and hopefully push everything forward and if anything it’s an excuse for me to get dressed up on a on a thursday evening and switch the lights i don’t think i’m on stage

so yeah brilliant Jason thank you very much for coming on um I’ll get those books linked up into the uh into the description as well when I put it onto youtube and uh you take care and I shall see you soon buddy thank you very much Chris thanks for having us on cheers