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Hypnotist Artur Makieła is a stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist in Poland since 2011. Founder of Professional School of Hypnotherapy. Polish mass media claims that Artur is the most renowned hypnotist in Poland. TV expert in the polish version of You’re Back in the Room prime time program. Television and radio hypnosis expert on various channels (MTV, TVN, TVN24BiS, TTV, TVP). Author of newspaper articles. 5 times TEDx Speaker

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Hypnotist Artur Makieła

Good evening and welcome to another episode of Grant talks funny Bits, which we have a fabulous guest lined up for you today tonight and hopefully we won’t have any technical issues this week this may be the first week that this happens but i doubt it very much this week we are trying to actually live stream simultaneously to facebook and to youtube at the same time and we’re doing this because Facebook’s kind of changed how it works everything uh just as Grant’s getting comfortable with the technology facebook changes and it kind of thought everything off each week we bring you an expert in stage hypnosis from around the world and each of our guests have really brought something to the table if you are considering working in stage hypnosis performance hypnosis or just adding those extra tools to your toolbox as a therapist then tune in each week or check out the youtube site and subscribe and click the bell on our youtube and there is lots and lots of knowledge for some absolute experts in the field and tonight’s guest is absolutely no exception he not only is a performance hypnotist he has taken it to the national television in his country and he’s one of the few people to really bring that uh bring that game up in his country he’s got some great stories to tell you and some great advice um and please if you have any questions uh if you have any comments if you want any advice hit up in the comment section and we will absolutely make sure that our guest sorts that out for you so i’m going to play this little clip and then after that welcome to grunt talks funny bits hypnotist artur makiela

so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls please top your keyboard make some noise for the man the myth the legend have a look let’s see if we can make him make it work this time though
hello good evening well good evening how are you fine thank you very much I like your pronunciation
yeah that was that was pretty good it was it was close it was close i didn’t i didn’t offend you so that’s that’s good for me i’ve i got a i had a guess that i’m not going to say who it is i was running some promo for the show for a good week in the one up to it and then another hypnotist contacted me and went grant you probably want to actually look at how you how you’ve spelt their name on an older promo i’ve got their name massively wrong not a little bit massively wrong and looks like i don’t even know how it’s happened we have got a couple of comments coming in already there uh eddie duncan says cool t-shirt uh thank you eddie the t-shirt um is from there we go it’s just look it’s from the mindspiral.com uh it’s a a hypnosis apparel t-shirt company set up by castle isla who’s a very uh very very amazing uk hypnotist and she’s got some really cool hypnosis apparel i think she’s got face masks and everything we could do that uh we’ve got uh some comments here we’ve got john thompson from somerset summerset’s a beautiful part of the uk uh jason simmons says good evening grant i hope you are well jason’s a uk stage hypnotist who’s absolutely brilliant and and you guys have got a connection as well with chris uh i know chris is is mentoring jason as well uh jason’s a great guy and uh i believe this gentleman maybe your friend i think it’s dormac yes yes yes yes there we go so that’s from my side brilliant there’s going to be some interesting pronunciations as well tonight so the premises of this show is grant talks funny bits there’s a lot of uh podcasts there’s a lot of channels there’s a lot of trains there’s a lot of stuff out there about hypnosis that tends to focus on either the training element the serious side the techniques and all that type of stuff for me it’s about the performance side you know we have a phenomenal trade that we do and we do it the world over and it’s about pushing the positives for that and it’s not the people behind that as well so start at the beginning you know what what were you before you were the station as you are today when was it that you kind of decided what was your initial thinking to go oh that’s what i want to do well i was working as a journalist for several years and i had a lot of a lot of issues with my mental

feelings and and that was the time that i thought that it’s i had something like a depression and i was looking for any solutions uh and someday the friend of mine showed me something called nlp neurolinguistic programming and i just started to listening about it and you know the way from nlp to to hypnosis is quite short so i start just to discover what is going on about it and after that i found hypnosis so i started thinking uh okay i heard about hypnosis but uh is that real or is that a fake you know we all had some kind of thinking some time ago that i have to touch it i have to feel it i have to check it and that was about 12 years ago and i am from poland so in that time there was not so many hypnotists actually there were just just a few like three or four perhaps then but no one has been doing a stage hypnosis uh it was just the kind of therapist or the trainers but someday i found that there will be in katowice stage hypnosis show performed by christopher caress i had no idea who christopher harris was then but i just bought a ticket and went for the show i get into the theater and just sit on some place and you know i was pretty curious but i also was a little bit skeptic and yeah i was sitting some guys sit just next to me and we start to talk a little bit and i said you know i don’t know what to expect actually i have a curiosity but also has skepticism and he said me the same but yeah he as well and after that the show began and in next uh five six or maybe eight minutes this guy is sitting next to me was on already on stage and after a few next minutes he was laying on this stage and some strange things were

hypnotist artur makiela

doing there so i was just sitting and okay is that a fake or is it real but but i think it is impossible that this guy sitting next to me was also just a fake guy like to you know somewhere between the the spectators to to prove that it’s working yeah and and when i s what i saw during this this show was like blowing my mind and i remember when i was coming back from the show i was traveling to 200 kilometers from one city to another uh by train i had i had some you know a camera like a camera 12 years ago and i had some photos from the show on that uh it was absolutely i couldn’t see nothing in that photos you know it was dark in this room and i saw just kind of shapes but i was staring at that all the way home and thinking that that’s what i saw were two choices this is uh totally fake and it’s it has no sense that it’s a or this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life and i started to searching what was going on and when i understood that this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life i started to find a teacher in in poland and start to work with that and now we are 12 years later and all these tv shows and all the hypnosis shows and the huge scenes and huge events yeah it’s just my reality right now and uh and this is this is something uh really amazing for me i remember um as i suppose as every hypnotist stills i remember that first show that first feeling when you go through you know you know the knowledge and you go through the processes in your head and then they respond to that first suggestion and in your mind you are kind of like like [ _ ] this actually it’s it’s working um and you know i still get that to a point now tell me about tell me about your first show at that moment tell me about your first ever show my first show ever um well it was uh free of charge so you know when when i spent some time with hypnosis and there was almost none of the stage hypnosis in poland at all there was one one guy that was doing that so i started to searching for someone that i could share the stage you know when you are just coming on stage you feel a little bit better and i find that i find a guy in in my city in wroclaw and we decided to check if we will be able to host this hypnosis show and and how it will be done so we arranged a meeting in some kind of club or coffee club so some places like uh uh yeah like like a coffee place uh and we invited about 40 people i think we had there and starting to to to do this show and to do all the all the susceptibility i cannot say this all the time tests and you know the pre-talk and routines but my first show was like 30 minutes of explaining the process and after that we will show you something nowadays when you know when you are hosting the show that it’s just last one hour from the beginning till the end uh it’s hard to imagine for me like it looked like this way and people could see that but yeah yeah first shows what was like we were explaining the process and after that presenting some kind of routines but in a very different way as it is nowadays of course and it was pretty successful show so we decided to make another but next time we were just selling the tickets and on the second show we had seven people in the room and another one was like 12 or 15 and then i started to work with corporations just to present the hypnosis for for for companies on many events and after that we started to to do hypnosis show also on huge events and there is event in poland called woodstock festival nowadays it’s poland rock festival you know like woodstock yes a great great family until this very famous old festival and i was hosting my hypnosis show there for three years and then this year this festival was cancelled because of kovit and that was my biggest show i think because on one show i had 4 500 spectators so that was because when i when i remind the seven people in the room and this four hundred and four thousand five hundred it’s a quite a difference actually yeah yeah so just a quick one brian glenn says hello brian’s another hypnosis trainer here in the uk as well so hi brian yeah it’s this i think there’s a point i believe of a lot of especially stage hypnotists and i talked with a few guys in the uk about it that you’ve got to do those shows where seven people turn up and 10 people turn up and it’s it’s those difficult shows that prepare you for the shows when you have 4 500 people in the audience and i think i think being persistent and consistent is one of the things that has helped me be successful in what i do by just keep going yeah you have a bad show that will just get back on stage and keep going until you have a good show and then keep repeating that uh but it’s easy sometimes to if you have a couple of bad shows to go right i’m gonna give up now especially if you’re selling tickets for a show as well it could be a bit of a challenge so so you’ve got comfortable doing the stages you’ve got comfortable doing the corporations and then and then you arrived on tv by magic how did that happen well that was my dream I spent about five years I think walking from tv stations to producers and I was telling about my vision of hypnosis show on television yeah and all of these people told me no it’s impossible no no no we are not going to do that and we are not going to do that and after I have no idea how many people sent me, no but after some time when I’ve done a lot of he does this show I find an email in my mailbox that there is a corporation in Poland like producers uh company that are looking for hypnotists for some kind of a program I had no idea what is that and when when we met they explained me very easy that the lady said arthur no one will spend so much money for the broadcast that no one knows how it’s how it will be working but we got a format we got a format from united kingdom we can do that we can invite you to be a hypnotist the same as it was in in united kingdom and the funny thing is when i was you know like walking from the producer to tv station and they were saying no no no no no i was coming back home i was sitting in front of my computer uh starting watching films on youtube and i was watching keith barry’s movies yes and and i remember some night it was late in the night i’m sitting at home looking at the screen another company said no and i’m quite a little bit nervous and furious and i’m watching this give barry’s movie and i i just put a thought like keith i have no idea what is going on but someday i will do the things like you then that was the fault in my mind and i remember the moment when the lady from the producers company called me and said arthur now i can tell you what kind of format that what kind of broadcast program that will be there is a program you’re back in the room from great britain and uh in united kingdom the hypnotist was i don’t know if you know the guy the guy called keith barry do you know him and well i had you know like this kind of remain that i remember myself when i was sitting in front of the screen repeating keith i have no idea how but someday i will do things like you and i had never and i an idea that will be exactly the same show but in a different country so it’s amazing how the um I always try to say the universe finds a way of making once you set you to know the action in place it’s amazing how the universe does that I like the law of attraction um all these things uh however spiritual and esoteric you want to make it very much so that once you start to make some effort towards your goals the universe kind of goes okay you’ve made some effort let us make that help as well so yeah and it’s yeah it’s great we’ve got a clip from the show uh for the american viewers that are watching this and for the uk viewers are watching this um it’s in polish uh obviously because it’s on polish tv but you get you can very much get the sense of what’s going on on stage and it’s a great example of using current things that are going on into making the skits quite interesting but it’s a great product as well so we’re going to play that skit now or that clip now and I shall see you on the other side so yeah really great clip there but just just to clarify tell everybody what was what the premise what was going on there oh let me just uh me just unmute you again there we go yeah so what was going on in that clip there well the skit was like um they had to just take a star to to win the money and the stars were putting in some different places and then one star was in the aquarium that was the head of this uh a pretty well-known actress in in poland but the girl had a suggestion that that’s not an actress that’s a spider and she was pretty afraid of spiders yeah so so she couldn’t put her hand in inside but on the other hand there was another aquarium uh and there was a snakes inside as you could see but the suggestion was that’s not the snakes that that’s her favorite tv stars and she was very excited to meet with the stars and that’s that’s what we could see here was just a few seconds but when we were recording that she was sitting in this aquarium about two or three minutes and we couldn’t get her out because she was so fascinated with meeting them that it was something when i was doing you know in hypnosis usually when you are working with imagination and people are just getting into the not a role but to some uh routines and some way of thinking what who are you right now you can always think okay is that just a faking or the truth but this is something that cannot be fake this is something like when you can see the girl that was scared about the snakes and now she’s putting a hat inside and just uh sitting there for for quite a long time that is something that you can’t fake it yeah and i always think when you can do a a demonstration of hypnosis that leaves people with a profound takeaway as well the the skit is entertaining but people watching that go wow if that if that can make that happen then maybe it can help me with this issue and i also think stage hypnosis is such a great catalyst to help people see something like that and then go on and seek the change that they need to do in the uk there’s always been a bit of a a barrier between stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists and i think a well a well-presented skit a well-presented show really does drive people towards hypnotherapists and helps everybody out really yes of course well you know i’m a hypnotherapist as well and i’m the founder of uh school of hypnotherapy in poland one year course to train people how to be a hypnotherapist and there is always i don’t know perhaps in united kingdom is quite similar there is also always a discussion between people that are doing just a therapy and the stage hypnotist and sometimes hypnotherapist claims that oh stage hypnosis is doing a wrong job and bad job for the therapy because yeah you know it’s all of this like silly things in my opinion these two things are working together because of course with the therapy you can help with a lot of people i i love working like a hypnotherapist but on the other hand stage hypnotist is just something that you can find like okay this is shocking this is interesting this is something i would like to know a little bit more and if people are thinking okay is it true or not that’s great option we can discuss is it true or not we as a hypnotist we can show you we can give you a show and you will believe that this is true you know this is something like when people are seeing hypnosis in television they already have in their mind that television is all fake actually it’s you can put there anything but when you are going for the show seeing in the theater and watching or just taking a path with the show this is something like opening your eyes and and this is the moment when you start to i don’t know if belief is a good word or just feeling that okay okay that’s that’s something really huge yeah yeah and and i think that’s it as well it’s in the uk we suffered from people just making volunteers do stupid things or silly things for the entertainment or of the hypnotist or because they weren’t necessarily good performers they were shocking uh but i think a a well-presented skit can be both entertaining and profound at the same time without degrading people or anything like that um on your website is the details where people can get information on those training products and those courses that you’re running i do see i’ve got some people that are from poland as well so they can get in touch with you uh about those training courses as well do we have details on your website about courses that you’re wanting about hypnosis uh well yes if you will take a look on my website you will find the the courses uh just the offer and offline and online as well i got some new online courses connecting to uh more like nlp stuff it’s a course called dreamers to achievers but it’s in polish so the name is in english but the concept in polish and it’s more like about my story and my tools how to make your dreams come true there will be pretty soon uh self-hypnosis course as well there is something about uh law of attraction as well as i uh you mentioned law of attraction here i’m really a huge fan of that but not in an esoteric way yeah more like my kind of strategy and the way of thinking and acting because you know there’s no thinking without acting or if there is no result if you’re just putting an accent on thinking not acting so so yes you can find that as well as hypnosis and nlp courses unfortunately at this moment it’s all in polish but i’m working to to produce something also in in english and one thing I wanted to mention it just disappear from my mind right now because you were saying about about what you were saying a moment ago about yeah about uh routines and how to present yeah progress you know we are all like working with uh pretty similar routines that have a hundred or even more years uh it’s always about what is the story you are telling it’s all the about the present it’s not about presenting routines it’s about uh some message that you are giving to the people and some stories some adventure that you are taking them into this is something i really really love with hypnosis it’s it’s and i always kind of push this message for me stage hypnosis or good state hypnosis is not you get a subject to do a silly thing and the audience reacts and it was a good example of when when you were doing that that segment there on your show it’s about the interaction between you the hypnotist and the audience and the bits in between that and i think that’s that’s the connection that makes it work when the audience and the hypnotist and the subjects are in a kind of you know a a a system together feeding energies off each other rather than just going through routines wrote and the the thing is we all do very similar routines but it’s our personalities we put into it that makes the difference and this is important for hypnotherapists or other people that are doing any type of presenting to improve their business you know you’ve got to put you into it as well so and performing hypnosis is a great way if you’re doing it for comedy or just for demonstrations or networking it’s a great way of showcasing you as a hypnotist to potential customers so yeah so we’ve just got a couple of questions as well uh again someone said one thing i i’d like to add as well what is the most incredible hypnosis for me is like you as a hypnotist never know how the people will react to the suggestion and how how will they follow that and yeah and what is the most beautiful thing we can use similar or even the same routines but it’s always a different show because people are this our volunteers are making the show yes that’s not we are the stars they are the stars and and this is the way whatever subconscious will took them to to some journey and and how they will react this is something you never know and and i really like it i i love this park yeah so yeah so we’ll mention the t-shirt again so i’ll put the link up uh the t-shirts from the mindspiral.com and alana jennings says you both have the little jade bin thing um yes i don’t think i i normally have one but since covid i thought i’m not on stage so i can grow a beard so this is my colby beard but normally i do have a little thing which is terrible because all my branding as you can see behind me is my little bin thing and i’ve now got a beard beard so i don’t know one of the things i find really cool as well with yourself what you were saying earlier that 12 years ago you had an interest in stage hypnosis you went to see uh christopher cress uh who’s a phenomenal uh station physicist a great guy unc christopher kress he trained you or you saw his show and and talking of the law of attraction and how if you visualize things they come about um i believe it was last week you shared the lecture theater the training room the stage and such you shared that with chris and you guys put on a stage hypnosis training course um that must have been a fantastic feeling to go from there to to share in that stage how was that well you know when i saw chris for the first time i had the fault in my mind on this train on the same train when i’m staring at these photos i was just thinking whoa if this is real and if someday i will be able to do a five percent of that what i saw on stage that would be amazing yeah and yes yes after 12 years we were just sharing a stage and hosting our new course the masters of trans together and this is something uh i can’t find the words to to say what’s uh in my mind and in my heart when i can compare that and remind that the thought that if someday i will be able to do five percent of of that routines and all that hypnosis abilities that will be great yeah i think it might happen already brilliant so we’ve just got a good evening from uh jeff as well so yeah um but i mean that’s i suppose that’s one of the things i mean chris is uh i keep trying to get chris on the show so hopefully we’ll put some peer pressure on him and we can get him on one week um but chris is a really giving guy when it comes to stage hypnosis as well and because a lot of hypnotists and stages are self-employed and work by themselves it can be quite kind of protective but chris wells guys is very is very giving and very generous with his information and and he’s helped me no end and i think that’s important i think this stage hypnotist we’ve we have got to work together to raise the profile of stage hypnosis because what’s what’s good for stage hypnosis is someone seeing a hypnotist and a really good show and going wow that’s a great show i’m going to buy tickets what’s bad for stage hypnosis isn’t other hypnotists taking work what’s bad for it is someone going seeing a show that’s a bit dull and going i don’t think that’s real i think it’s boring i’m not going to buy tickets again so the better we all are at stage hypnosis the better we all are putting on quality shows the better it is for everybody so yes you’re absolutely right well as i was asking chris he told me that in the united kingdom you have about i don’t know 400 400 or 500 hypnotists statistically absolutely yeah well in poland nowadays we have perhaps three me and two people i was teaching hypnosis and i have my kind of a next dream and if we are talking about law of attraction and it works so i hope it will happen uh in in a few years i’m just starting hosting at workshops for hypnotists to to help them to prepare their own stage hypnosis show because i hope that in next few years in poland it will be maybe not so huge number of hypnotists like five hundreds or hundreds i hope there will be a thirty or forty stage here notice and the stage hypnosis in poland will become a kind of uh normal performance like you know when you’re walking to the cinema theater cabaret uh you can go to the stage she does this show nowadays now we’re very very very free of us but but two years ago i was the only hypnotist working in all of the country actually and you know in united kingdom for you i think uh stage hypnosis is pretty familiar because uh in television you can see well paul mckenna give merry and all the people that are doing stage hypnosis from the 70s or even earlier in poland there was one guy in the middle of 80s he was from russia and he was called kaspirovsky and it was totally shitty thing like it was not all it was a kind of a process that look into my eye with my hands and these hands will cure you and no just totally [ _ ] but then and then the first person after this guy that took hypnosis to the television as a kind of a few episodes because there were some parts like somebody was in the morning television presenting something but it was the first time when when all the season was shown in in tv and it’s totally new for us as a society so we in poland is a hypnotist and stage hypnosis we have a lot of work to do to to make make hypnosis pretty easier to to understand and to take part in yeah i mean in the uk we’re we’re looking in a sense but then because i mean we’ve not had i mean keith barry had his show on recently uh but we still have generations now of people that haven’t seen a live stage at nulsey show and in a youtube generation that we’ve got now we do have people that aren’t used to seeing this type of show live so that it brings challenges and and of the 500 state hypnotists we have in the uk realistically um i think we have i’ll i’ll say five maybe 10 that are working regularly and probably less than that are actually earning a living from it and sometimes that brings that brings challenges because it then becomes about driving the price down and the quality of shows not as good so but this there’s lots of opportunities still if you go out there and create your own identity and work if there was a a a lesson that you’ve learned on your journey uh that you wish that that you could tell you now you’re back at the beginning of that journey your year one of performing stage hypnosis what advice would you give yourself

You don’t have to do hypnosis you have to be a Hypnotist i think it’s not about yeah because you know when i’m hosting my courses people are asking hey let’s show us some new inductions some new routines let’s do all this stuff and after that after the course they are going to their environment and they want to do their own routines and it’s not working at all actually and they’re coming back and asking hey arthur i i’ve done everything right i i made an induction and i just give her suggestions and why it was not working and i’m saying telling them that well you know you have to breathe with hypnosis it’s not about learning and doing something repeating you have to feel it you have to yeah maybe not believing as well but but you have to be in the same state as you want to talk people into so it’s more more about becoming than doing and the most important thing is to just having fun with that if you are doing hypnos because you have to prove somebody that you will put somebody into trance no it’s not working that that way at all you can work with hypnosis just to have fun to giving the people the fun and to to sharing this all what you know about subconscious and this power of subconscious that we can show the people and and it’s all about the just just being yourself but with this being yourself you have to become a hypnotist in your mind as well and in your heart especially yeah absolutely absolutely right there um yeah when you when you feel it and you’re you’re in that flow it does make makes an absolute massive difference you know i i’m teaching people as well that you know you have to learn inductions for yes at the beginning you have to learn inductions and you have to do inductions to put some people into trance but on some somewhere along the line when you are practicing a lot you know that induction is actually even not necessarily because you can put somebody in the trash without any process like you know a hand drop or or any another kind of of induction as it is because people are just following you and you can put them into trance much much easier yeah yeah what’s what’s next for you um you know i mean obviously the coverage restrictions you know or everything covered miraculously disappears what’s what’s next for you what’s next for me well as i was mentioned before we started our broadcast i had some plan that is going on all the time and uh i wanted to do something with entertainment and hypnosis in poland and uh i think it’s pretty done and i i’m still hosting stage shift does this show and i love it and i will do that but i don’t have to prove anything to myself or any other i wanted to do something with education with cryptotherapy as well in poland so i found a professional school of hypnotherapy that we are doing in poland right now and i thought that if this is done uh now it’s time for a little bit more international work so i would like to to go abroad as well and 2020 for me was dedicated to doing some things abroad and you know i had to be a speaker um the uk hypnosis convention and in london and he hit all the congress in surrey for example but we have a commit time and all these uh conferences are cancelled or delayed uh so i think this will be a plan for the next year or maybe maybe even further yes but but i would like to to make this my stuff a little bit more international uh and to work abroad as well and i would like to as i as i mentioned to to found the stage hypnosis in poland as a pretty uh you know in like a huge market i’m i’m not sure if that’s the good word that i would like to train stage hypnotists and give them all i can give right now and when i will be coming back from the abroad from my lectures or from my shows or from my events i would like to come back home and just to find on saturday some theater and to go to see stage skip does this show hosted by maybe one of my students or or somebody in poland as well so so there is a lot of stuff and a lot of work to do right now i think fantastic so i always kind of ask guests um for either a book recommendation now this could be a a book that has either helped you on a personal journey for your business development or personal development or a book especially for hypnosis um so yeah if you had to if you were to recommend one book what would it be one book that’s much more difficult right now you know i’ll let you have two books about two books
i really like brian tracy’s stuff if we are talking about self-development and i think this is not a book but i have an audiobook version psychology of achievement i think brian didn’t publish a book called and that but it was his seminar and i remember that on the beginning of my adventure with self-development this audiobook psychology of achievement was all the time in my car and i was listening to that so many times and i always found it something new something new something new something new so this is for sure something i could recommend and without stage about stage hypnosis uh one book just one book i started of course with a huge encyclopedia of uh hormones but nowadays i feel much more familiar with jerry valles for example or uh well i have on myself i have uh rob the grove rory fulcher there’s a lot of books i could recommend but i think i will stick to the gerry if i have to just use one i think i stick to jerry valley brilliant brilliant it’s where you mentioned the ormond mcgill’s new encyclopedia it’s kind of like it’s the staple book for state hypnosis so when you’re first starting out you read it and you’re like that’s amazing when you come back to it like for example like yourself you come back to it 12 years later and you look at it and you look at it and go and you can see how far on hypnosis has done since then so it’s a great it’s a great foundation um where you’ve got to start but it’s it’s it’s weird to look back and read it now so yeah i i have some interesting story with ormond mcgill’s news encyclopedia about and about this first show in my life actually because when i was preparing to this show i was reading this mcgill’s encyclopedia and i found a nonverbal suggestion non-verbal induction i’ve never seen that before i’ve never done that before on that time and i read that and decide okay that that can’t be difficult i will try that on stage let’s let’s if if if i’m doing my first show in my life i have to check if it will be working so i invited a volunteer on stage and i started to do everything following the book uh but the the one thing was not working for me at the time that this person had eyes open all the time and i was thinking okay you’re trying to you know challenge challenging me or or something but you know all of the muscle tensions were released and and all of the the trances uh like uh indicators were done but the ice was open uh and that was the first time that someone just get into trance with eyes open and i had no idea that it might happen as well at the first time first show in my life so yes after that i started to training a little bit more with former mcgill and other books to learn how to do non-verbal suggestions of course now of course nowadays i’m using non-verbal suggestions uh during my show as well because it’s this is very impressive when you are you know it’s usually like people are saying to the hypnotist oh you have to talk so much and to speak and then you have to use a lot of words that puts to put somebody into trance and then you can say no just look into my eyes and and let’s go so that that was my hormone machine’s first practicing uh exercise actually brilliant all right well arthur thank you very much for for joining us tonight it’s been an absolute pleasure some great information some great tips there and uh yeah hopefully i shall see you soon either yeah we’re both supposed to be in amsterdam this weekend um so hopefully we might bump into each other at some point in the future another conference uh or maybe chris might bring you over here to do some training or something i don’t know but you know what it’s been an absolute pleasure thank you for for being on the show as well thank you very much thank you all for being here that was a pleasure for me to be here thank you very much okay thank you very much see you later bye bye