Hypnotist Alex William Smith – Live Interview

Grant talks funny bits with Alex William Smith. Please note adult language and not for the easily offended lol Grant does live talk with the British Hypnotist Alex Smith


Welcome to another episode of grant talks funny bits and this one tonight is going to be a interesting one um i have never had so much interest so many emails so many facebook messages and telephone calls telling me not to have this guest on now here’s a a uk hypnotist and over the course of this series we’ve been very american heavy we’re trying to get some more we had ireland last week we’ve got a couple of uk hypnotists on this guy has been performing stage hypnosis for as long as i can remember watching television he is one of the most controversial characters in the hypnosis industry um we will have some questions for him i’m sure you guys will have some questions for him too or someone has thought grant have you been shopping um maybe i maybe it’s the new t-shirt i don’t know throwing me off my uh yeah the joys of life so he is a very controversial character one of my favorite programs in the 90s was a show called the word and he was on that show as well if you’re a fan of kilroy you will have some images from this man from back in the day that you probably wouldn’t want to forget now here’s the thing online this guy this character is is a lot of people either love him or hate him and there’s quite a few that do hate him however in real life face to face he’s a genuinely nice guy i’ve met him a couple of times we’ve had drinks we exchange stories and talk about stuff so i’m going to play my little graphic then after that you will welcome the man the myth the legend that is i don’t have all his names i just have his current name which is man the myth the legend is alex william smith

oh and here he is there he is

make some noise bang your keyboard say hello to so it’s that side that side alex williams smith the man himself how are you alex i’m good probably better known to most people these days who are seeing this as jonathan royal uh and of all um alex leroy was the name when i started in stage hypnosis yeah yes now within the hypnosis community there’s lots of people that have different titles master hypnotists uh et cetera et cetera et cetera but looking through some of your stuff i believe that on in some stuff you are our lord and in some stuff you are a doctor

i love how angry um people in this industry get and it’s not just hypnotist it’s hypnotherapist people frankly should and i’m if anyone’s offended watching this i couldn’t care less if you’re offended then yes i’m talking about you because it you could only get offended by it if you’re one of the small-minded who don’t oh who doesn’t realize that you’re in stop you there look we had it we had a timer we had a timer on the back to how long it would be before you swore excellent for somebody’s one but yeah sure business stage hypnosis is sure business hypnotherapy show business if you do it right you’re doing a show to one person rather than a bigger audience but that’s another debate the point being people in shore business should know that it is about uh in the past years ago and i mean years ago i mean more than i’m 45 i was 45 seven days ago i started before thank you i started performing when was three years and three months old uh with my dad as a clown and so i grew up in shore business but it was even before my birth that like in the 50s and 60s even in my dad’s time it was sure shrw and then business small yeah from kind of the more from me being born and growing up the older i’ve got but certainly by the time my teenage years it rapidly became that the show minimized and the business is the key it’s now 99 business and one percent sure so the people who get angry at me the people who slag me off on the internet they’re either small-minded idiots who um believe what somebody else has told them other scene posted on the internet and are too lazy or one of the sheeple that follows oh because this certain famous alleged famous successful name in hypnosis says jonathan royal alex smith or whatever is the elsi bub he must be they forget that that so-called name in the industry is what i would call a five-minute sensation they uh they’ve been around for like less than five years the majority of them certainly less than 10 years and the majority of them have done do a handful of shorts a year i mean like it the truth is a lot of so-called stage hypnotists if they’re doing 50 shores in a year um especially the british and european ones um then the bloody lucky those that are actually earning a really damn good living in england a a teeny weeny number um america’s a whole different ballgame bloody hell higher out that is i mean if i was to quote the kind of fees the um stage hypnotist in england tend to demand um on average which in truth you know average middle of the road you’re lucky if you’re getting 500 quid plus expenses more more uk working stage hypnotists and in fact the majority that are doing bread and butter work are lucky if they’re getting two and a half to three and a half hundred quid ashore

yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of uk people that want i don’t go wrong it’s you know stage time and experience on stage is all fair and well but the problem is when you’re doing that commercially it devalues the whole thing and there’s a lot of people especially in the uk market that want the stage time and the experience and it just it drives that price it drives that price right down and the only thing is that if they learn about marketing advertising publicity and promotion they can put themselves on the map create the demand for themselves even if they’re brand new to the industry and be able to go out from stage one for an above average fee which is what i did 30 years ago when i got into stage hypnosis you’ve got it as a speciality actually you’ve got to go out more than what michael buble tribute is going out for you know that’s that’s a fair bite so going going on your point there uh about marketing and publicity i i remiss of me and everyone would send me messages to not mention this you are the most notorious person for jumping on posts and promoting your stuff two points one um

do you think a lot of the uh a lot of the hypnotists around in the uk at the moment or around wherever at the moment do you think that they dislike you because you you do actually offer training at a really ridiculously value-for-money fee because that’s that’s your business well no it isn’t it’s not my bit i don’t need the money no no you know i was semi-retired by the time i was 30. i bought my own property outright for cash people on the internet say that’s [ __ ] but that is why i posted up on my facebook profile it’s open to the public the deeds to the property showing that i bought it out right before i was 30. and then people go well you’re still living in that x council flat on no i’m not it was a former council flat i bought it outright for cash before i was 30. that’s now being rented out producing the rental income and i’m living in the three-bedroom house uh and we’ll be moving shortly again there’s so much nonsense out there of course that’s that’s what we’re going to clear up now so but your your marketing your your business side of things whether you need the revenue or not is about putting those posts out there and generating interest for your sales and for your online products which is a great business

i don’t manually sit there doing these posts oh no no i sometimes reply in a thread if i have a conversation with somebody but what you’re really referring to is posts that appear in every group you can think of yes until i get banned from it well you know what i have software that’s freely available you can you can buy software that will join facebook groups and then pause what you queue it up to i’ve got better things to do with my life than sit there posting these things in groups of course well this is what i’m saying these people that have the dislike for you is based on those posts in my opinion based on those posts and the the price that you can sell uh dvd products to teach people david nolan my personal opinion is it doesn’t matter if somebody buys a product off ebay or from wherever from a low price because that gives them either an in or and i’ll be honest your products are full of valuable information full of them people don’t realize that because they’ve been blinded to this either this persona or the poison that’s been dripping from other people most of the people who slag me off i’ve actually bought my products i just can’t legally name them under gdpr rules i would be breaking the law to say this person who slagged me off here has got all these products but i can honestly tell you there is not a working truly successful working stage hypnotist in the world that hasn’t got at least something of mine oh yeah and to be fair i was going to bring a couple of your dvds that i’ve got as well everybody’s got them you’ve got to do them just i’ll be honest i bought your product just kind of see what the hype was about and the you know the amazing thing is is i can look back at it now and you still get bits of information from it and that’s that’s the thing it doesn’t matter where you are on your hypnosis journey there is great value and you over deliver when it comes to stuff like that i remember buying a product a few years ago and i came to meet you in rochdale and with the product that i bought off you you put in some more products some other bits and bobs and some other stuff and just i mean you over deliver but people don’t see that side of you people just see the online side of you and that’s filtered through various different information stuff like the word uh which would i love the word um i was saying earlier it’s it’s a type of show that i don’t think we would ever see on tv again it’s right for youtube and that whole jackass type of culture but the word was the original from that um 27 fast approaching 28 years ago january 1993 i was on there with peter powers and an interesting story with that um what i grew up in the circus obviously if you’ve seen the great sherman film with banner you know i come from that kind of background performing from an early age and i knew marketing’s where it’s at i was pretty successful as a stand-up comedy magician in the working men’s clubs uh in my early teens before i moved into the stage hypnosis so when i moved into the stage hypnosis i did my first stage nursery show in 1990 when i was 15. uh by the time of 90

um i turned 17 in august 92. end of 92 i started hiring upstairs in like working men’s clubs where they had the phone i’d hire them midweek um and i could get a hayward there was one the united services club it see up to 300 people and i was able to rent it midweek for 25 quid now in fairness this was 1992. i built the town um and that actually is the show where somebody from uh channel falls the word came along to see whether i was actually able to do what i was claiming because when i’ve seen the word i suddenly crossed my mind one day right now i’m going to start doing these bigger venues i’m going to send a letter off to the word i love the show i thought it’d be ideal to go on there and i sent it and unbeknownst to me synchronicity call it what you will look they were planning on doing a battle of the hypnotist segment yes in two weeks time from me having sent this letter and at the time the two people they narrowed it down to that were going to be on the show were ken webster i understand and peter powers okay now i believe that there was some disagreement um and um one or more of them basically said well i’m not doing it if you have some young upstart on the show and there were allegations made that i couldn’t even do it properly they came and saw me do a show and then also then i had to go up to london and hypnotize some people in the word office which i did and made the assistant producers secretary fall in law mill she was fit

when she stuck her down withdrawal i let that routine go on way too long but hey it got me on the word yeah and what happened is that i believe that um somebody spat the dummy out that’s the story i got told by peter powers and people at the word i don’t know how true and ultimately it ended up just being me and peter powers um on there and that went out um about the second week of january 1993 and basically the following morning um i had offers galore and within a couple of weeks doing a residency doing five nights a week in a nightclub in high wycombe called the london bus emporium where i ended up with groupies like all the football players from looking wanderers football club used to come and hang out and bring their supermodel girlfriends they bring celebrities along i didn’t have chairs on stage they had proper three-piece sofas uh and it just went like that overnight i mean the industry then this has changed a lot since then i mean the clip you’ve not come out with peter powell’s as well is the clip that we’ve got today we can’t play the full clip we’ll play a section of it uh but yeah it is a great clip moving on slightly because i i know we’re going to wood over tonight i know that a couple of mentions as well uh barry foster says hi guys enjoying your gig uh jason john oh yeah foster aka barry syndrome nice guy that’s it uh jason nobby notices morgan says alex saved my ass when he told me to take two outfits to shoals and the first time i did i split my trousers um yes he’s told me that story as well so that’s that’s one of the things from coming from a stage background you kind of you’ve walked those boards you’ve been through those experiences talking oh if you could go wrong oh you could go wrong i i’ll probably had it go wrong how i can tell you some well i’m sure you’ll ask me for the funny stories later and surname your podcast but oh you wouldn’t believe some of the things that happened yes speaking of things going on um lots of stuff has happened to you along your career and one of the things that people targeted you for um but luckily it’s kind of been proven that most of those are i say most of those allegations i’ll say all of those allegations as far as i’m aware have been kind of improved or disproved now but you were involved in the uh fake shake incident which was a massive news story uh a couple of years ago uh but this is the thing where you got tarnished with i think i think it was a drug dealer a pimp a counterfeiter yeah i mean in 1998 i set out i’d already been working as an undercover journalist and again there’s people on the internet i’ll tell you that’s [ __ ] but this is this is published in my autobiography that’s been out since i was 30 and i named names places dates and facts that if they were not true by now i would have had my ass sued off massively by uh rupert murdoch’s news organization who would believe me they would if they could but the foot is at the shoe is on the other foot so to speak i’ve actually got uh litigation occurring involving uh the murdoch organization boys where my lawyers are suing him anyway back in 1998 i tried to expose mazama mood the fake shake of the former news of the world for the fabricator of [ __ ] made up uh stories where he can trap people planted drugs on them edited splice stuff together so that it looked like things that happened that hadn’t unfortunately it backfired a tiny bit at the time and now in the long term ironically it’s kind of good that it did and we haven’t got to explain why that’s kind of good but if people want to know the full story with evidence facts with links to the court documents that you can check uh that’s the key um you can go to circus of the mind.net or

you’ll see all the latest court documents i’ve got an appealing with the court of appeal as we speak that’s been ongoing for years uh i’ve got civil litigation going against um the murdoch organization process in a nutshell the the story there printed said children’s television presenter because i was doing them some slots on nickelodeon kids tv at the time children’s tele presenter is a drug smuggling counterfeit money supplying uzi gun salesman pimp of underage girls and that’s basically a t-shirt and rakes in the cafe counterfeit coins all i’m gonna say is this the only thing i ever got charged with was having some alleged counterfeit coins in my possession for literally two hours where i got them from this place and delivered them to this place but i was recording it all i proved this to the police that’s why they didn’t they didn’t you know do me for offering drugs any and some of the things i never said some of the things i was accused of i never actually said there was no evidence at all that’s why i was never charged more importantly the police knew i was trying to set up mazumamu because of the tapes i supplied and that is why they were my ex they were my witnesses they although the cps said they had to do me for the coins because they said i didn’t have a lawful excuse at the time because i wasn’t a member of the national union or journalist that me if it had paid me subs if i’d have had my nuj card i actually would never have gone to court because i’ve been granted journalistic license in the same way as my mood was for buying them but the irony of it is years on from that and the [ __ ] that it’s caused with people accusing me of all manner of stuff and not bothering to look at the facts it’s died off a lot the negativity from that since to lisa constance the british pop star uh got accused of supplying of supplying drugs which she didn’t um and the case collapsed and the mood was a proven liar and he got jailed and i was there when he got jailed and myself um london’s burning grange hill british actor john alford uh heavyweight boxer her behind former page free girl emma morgan we were all on news night that night and from then the truth starting to get out a lot of people who slag me off in the past actually contacted me privately and apologized because they realized they’d always been telling the truth about the fact that i’m trying to expose the mood and there’s going to be a lot of people a lot of people well the fact is now it’s got to the point that if anyone post anything like that and there is a certain uk female stage hypnotist and i will mention her name christina because of the screenshots and everyone’s on file i don’t care and she’s been warned and i contacted her and what did she do with the email i pulled the cease and desist she took it and put screenshots into richard barker’s hypnosis group um which is a further repent if she does anything else it will be passed to my lawyers and she will probably lose her home because she’s guilty of sin because she’s already been given the link to prove that what she’s accused me of being guilty of i am not and the evidence is all on circus of the mind.net so if she does it again and accuses me of it then she has no legal defense because she’s already been given and by virtue of posting screenshots of the email that i sent her in richard barker’s group she’s made it public that she’s been given the link of the proof to watching that’s defamatory if anyone does that in future they go straight to car because i’ve got a wonderful single liar um

i’m getting messages as we speak saying i told you you’re going live no i’m kidding so speaking of richard there was some controversy recently about that um oh go on let’s talk about that because that was the biggest waste of money webinar ever yeah he he opened michael mesmer no offense personally to my either of them but richard hosted michael mesmer doing a corvid 19 safety uh webinar for stage hypnotist i bought my ticket like anyone else yeah uh and it was shite um i you know i’ve forgotten more when i go to the toilet i’d already know today before the webinar i’d already recorded two interviews one with stuart harrison cassells a experienced health and safety officer from majorly dangerous large-scale events who’s also now a stage hypnotist so he understands health and safety the laws but of really dangerous things and hypnosis i also interviewed a guy called stuart gavin who is a business compliance legal advisor and also health and safety guy both of these i put out for free on my hypnosis week.com channel there was more information in the first 10 minutes of my interview with stuart gavin and more information in the first 10 minutes of my interview with stuart caselles than there was in the entire webinar that they charged money for with michael mesmer and richard barker so yes during that i posted the links in the box to people saying this doesn’t even scrape the surface here’s the link to these videos free of charge you know why because i want safety in this industry the information they gave out on that webinar was incompetent and negligent and didn’t even scrape the surface of what i gave away free so yes he went away slagged me off people but you know what loads of those people on it who slagged me off publicly in the group i’m not going to mention the names because then i’m breaking gdpr rules but the vast majority of those who flag me off in backers group where they don’t think i’d see it but i get sent the screenshots by people actually went to the link i gave out and downloaded the information and i

moving on from that if you were to give one tip about kind of performing hypnosis in the current culvin situation as we’re coming out of it i know in manchester you’re in a bit of a you’re still in a bit of lockdown over there aren’t you saying yeah what would you say is um a good tip from all the information from the researchers that you’ve done about starting to move forward with those shows right now this second honestly if you can afford it just don’t do any trolls yeah that is the best tip i’ve been offered three shows myself personally over the last couple of weeks and i’m not i’m not willing to ruin my reputation to do that if you know what i mean and you know why i’m saying that now in the in the free in the three in the videos that are on hypnosis week dot com we do tell you how to socially distance the people on stage how to make it safe abide by guidelines and all that kind of stuff okay and the stuff that will help you to get that legally safely ethically and morally into working however if you can afford to turn down trolls until such times as we do actually get back to something more normal then do it and the reason for that is this because all it takes is somebody to have been at your shore

and a day or two later get diagnosed with corvid yep they probably didn’t get it at your show but if they wanted to make a quick book or they for whatever reason decide that it happened because of your show the fact that they can’t prove that you can’t disprove possibility could have been and that the media publicity of that could really harm your career yeah i mean without going into the situation because i know it’s something you’re very passionate about alex but i mean that’s exactly what happened before with the the situation with uh the girl in preston that that died there was no correlation between stage hypnosis whatsoever can i briefly explain that a little bit because you know briefly yeah briefly basically in 1990 r3 towards the end of 93 a lady called sharon tabarn died several hours after attending the surgic nurses show in preston england um her mother um understandably and friends decided it had something to do with having been hypnotized and woke up at the end of the show with 10 000 volts of electricity upper backside this led to the british media doing a hatchet job on stage hypnotist now there was peter powers myself and a couple of others who got mentioned in the sun newspaper articles that led that happened just around the time that the government and decided that we’re going to do an investigation into the safety or dangers of stage hypnosis yeah story cut short the home office categorically stated that sharon taban’s death had no correlation with being hypnotized at that show whatsoever there was alcohol in a bloodstream and she passed after inhaling her own vomit and whatnot yeah there’s more stuff on my website magicalguru.com on the tv drawer page now i was regularly because i but by that point in 94 i’ve been on television numerous times in the media numerous times um they have footage of me stop footage so the news at 10 the bbc new national news will be talking about uh this campaign against stage hypnotists and they would show footage of a stage hypnotist who did the show me and lots of people in the business actually got so conditioned by it they actually ended up thinking it was me that did the stage hypnosis show it wasn’t i called andrew vincent if you actually look at magicalguru.com the tv shows page you’ll see that every step of the way i went on gm tv as it’s called now this morning britain numerous tv shows defending stage hypnosis and calling for strict safety measures and better health and safety because frankly i don’t think the 1952 hit which is a mat um is tight enough um yeah you could very well be right there it is it’s bizarre that it there’s such a low entry into the industry which is why there’s a lot of cannon fodder around it going back to uh the lighter side of hypnosis um when it comes to publicity television appearances etc etc etc you have done a lot hundreds and hundreds of them around the world over the past 100 of them over the past 40 40 faster i’m 45 now uh first television was the age of six fantastic now one of the things you’ve done now uh you’ve met alan alan uh used to do the sound for my show of course alan was with you yeah ellen was with you over the white line in rochester years ago years ago exactly now alan um there’s a there’s some footage i’m not going to play it but whenever alan uh gets a bit rowdy i always kind of mentioned the show we came to see in manchester uh where you were actually doing belly button reading and allen volunteered on stage oh my excellent hp’s mentalism ed sausage peas mentalism show so i do have a copy of that somewhere well the voltage of the belly button section from that is on my psychic belly button reading page at magicalguru.com so his face will be on there oh there we go so anyone that knows alan if you go on to magicalguru.com and look at the psychic belly button reading um you will see alan getting his belly button red quite precisely as well now this is something that you took as a product and then ended up on on uh i don’t know what it’s called now this morning you won this one reading thing i i came up allen has just come online now and said really granted excellent yeah it is it really is um yeah i came up with that in about 19 um 90 about originally because i was doing sidekick fares um and i wanted to give it a gimmick is what sells whether people like it or not you’ve got to be different and it’s all well and good doing a demonstration at the psychic fair of this is how to read tarot and then they might come for a reading no firstly i charge more than any other reader did on the sidekick fair and when i did my demos i did effectively a staging nurse’s show yeah for 20 minutes and at the end i did a bit of belly button reading psychic belly button reading i’ll look at my website to work out what that’s all about i explain it although the nonsense behind it but yeah i mean with that i’ve done well over a hundred tv shows around the world um literally every country in the world in the early in well no not the early 90s it was the mid 90s it was really big in 97 98 99 that’s when um you know i was reading celebrity belly buttons the media were getting me together with celebrities and running articles on my predictions for them bizarrely of which mainly through sheer look and fluke all of them came true

brilliant brilliant um we’ve got the clip from the word it is quite a long clip so i’m going to play maybe a couple of minutes of it but he gets to see you on the stage how old were you in this clip they said it was 18 because they thought the 1952 it was a map with its mention of in england you’ve got to be 18 to be hypnotized would mean that if they said i was 17 they could get in trouble well that isn’t the case there’s no rule about how old the hypnosis has to be they said i was 18 i was actually 17 years old at the time nice well i’m going to play that clip now be careful what you say because sometimes people can hear us behind the clip so i don’t say anything there you go

your power was the title of britain shooting cow two boys applied their crafts and we’ve got the four most susceptible people from each football team they are all volunteers there’s nothing uh unethical or improprietal going on at all is there that’s right it’s completely down the line so we’re gonna have a quick taste now of exactly what they’re gonna be doing later on and then we’re gonna have to fall later on so uh alex if you wanna start

that show is exactly what you can do as soon as i say you want to wide awake you’ll all be instantly wide awake you’re in a football match but instead of football players there are 30 naked women on the pitch you can also see everyone in the audience of the opposite sex in the nude and the more noise you make the more sexual things they’ll do to you one two one awake

to taste unfortunately what’s going to come peter you want to challenge what you can do on your side want to count to three you’ll be wide awake and you’ll be wide awake every single word that you try to speak will come out in chinese much to your surprise when i count to three you’ll be awake and every word you try to speak you’ll come out with a stutter a terrible pronounced stutter you’ve always stuttered so it doesn’t matter one two three can wake up lads are we going to win the match tonight how many goals are you going to score two two two are we going to win tonight oh

humiliating well i’m not totally convinced myself but on the other end i’m not going to look into their eyes because it’s a it’s a bit too scary so let’s see what they can do later on terry welcome to the first round of the battle of the hypnotist and we brought in a great personal expense our celebrity judge katie puckwick who’s going to be adjudicated and not a big round of applause either was there come on

who’s going to be the witness like who’s the force going to be with is it going to be lord of the chance peter powers or is it going to be the young pretender oh it looks like it is by the way there alex leroy now i’ll introduce the the teams because i didn’t introduce them earlier these are the william stevens football club from dublin and on this side on this side we’ve got the shoalin sports and social media and i must stress that all these people are volunteers they’re all over 18. so for the first round i’m going to give you half i’m going to give you a minute actually this time peter so take it away show us what you can do they played very well in the first half at least these three have anyway and i’m going to reward them with an apple what i can’t in fact hold your hand out ready for your fruits hold your hand out ready for your fruit as soon as i put it into your hand you’ll open your eyes and there you will see a delicious apple it will feel smell and taste just like the most delicious apple you’ve ever experienced as soon as you put a giant can open your eyes you can bite it it will be delicious you really enjoy it as soon as i put the fruity end you can open your eyes and eat it there’s your apple there’s your apple take a nice big bite now there’s your apple take a nice big bite enjoy your apple open your eyes you can eat it you’ve not played very well at all you’ve lost you have lost your concentration and that’s because somebody has stolen your willy when i count to three you’ll be wide awake and you’ll realize that mark has stolen your willie and he swapped it for his little teeny weeny one and you’re bloody furious you’ll want it back you’ll really lose your temper you’ll not be violent one two three are wide awake [ __ ] you bastard go back i want it back now give me better people leave it there and in fact the only reason i agreed to do this was if we dropped the woolly bit

when you wake up you’ve got a red card in your hand and you’re the referee at a football match you’ve got to send the other players off because they’ve done something really awful you won’t accept any [ __ ] from them you three when you wake up you’ve been sent off and you know it’s the end of your career if you get sent off so you’re going to plead and beg and you really don’t want to be sent off well do you right away why do wake everybody wide awake

referee you’re really apologetic oh brilliant there we go um

great great routines some of those routines

you bear in mind i did exactly what the producers told me to do i had no say in the routines now as it happens peter um as he confided in me on the journey home because he kindly gave me a lift back home that night um which was great because shuttle falls producers gave me cash to pay the hotel when he arrived the game without sugar or is cash for the hotel when you get there and ended up getting a lift with pizza home so i made extra money that night which was nice but anyway that’s irrelevant um yeah he confided in me that he was supposed to have struck out the willy gag and there was something else he wasn’t supposed to have done that he did do and he he said well it was live tv and he taught me a valuable lesson now that with live tv agree beforehand to what they say and then do whatever you want to push your agenda because it’s about once it’s gone out to millions of people yeah yeah and that’s it and it’s it’s you know the media picks up on that and it does it does snowball so just going back to the point before the ian rogers says show your belly to the camera grant and let him read it um no is this important to that no spoiler it’s called reading it’s nonsense yeah exactly so um as a performer um probably almost anything and everything has happened to you um what’s the most stand out thing to you over the years the funniest thing not craziest not most favorite what’s that what’s the moment that you look back on and go i love to doing that loved it all right that’s a slightly different question because what i just thought in my head then funny-wise it’s not necessarily love doing it but i’ve got to tell you i was um i was the hilton hotel in bahrain and um having eventually got to the hotel because i got to bahrain and none of my luggage had arrived apparently that was in amsterdam and it wasn’t going to get there till uh the following day now i had the show the following day so it was touch a girl whether i was gonna have any props costumes music or anything yeah so i had to go and buy stuff off a market and cobble something together but i’m getting driven to the um hotels and lo and behold i look at the side of me and it’s like desert land and there’s billboards that are like 30 40 foot high by probably a couple of hundred foot wide i mean the like side of the street and i thought that looks family and then i realized it’s me what the flipping l’s going on here um that was mental well anyway no the debate was funny was the sound check i put on my rider that i required a wireless microphone now listen to be learned from this because this is a number a lot of years ago now i say wireless brackets a radio microphone i just bought wireless microphone i get to sound check and they’ve got a lead mic in a mic stand could have asked for a mic stand as well yeah and uh i said that’s fine for you know you’re comparing stuff where’s the wireless mic and they took it out the mic stand i keep you not the sound technician unplug the wire and handed it me and i was like what are you serious and i said you’re joking aren’t you and he was like no your wireless microphone

oh my god and you’re supposed to be a soundtech you do know that that won’t work yeah um unfortunately they managed to get me one by shoulder what what what what personally did i have the most uh joy out of doing routine wise and now that’s entirely that okay [ __ ] it people don’t like me anyway so who cares that would be knowing that when i’ve got a bbc television film crew there filming me that if i walk a woman up thinking she’d just been raped

and that she would take her anger out on the hypnotist whose woolly was still on show except it’s a carrot a big carrot that that would get used by the bbc and that that would cause massive newspaper articles but more importantly and this is the thing that people seem to forget because this was in the 90s we live in a different world now never do that now is that that made me a lot of money and got me a lot of trolls yeah yes there are people out there who were in the business at the time that lost shawls but you know what that’s not my problem it’s my family that needed to be fed my my early retirement before i was 30 buying my own home outright for cash that was vital not someone else’s and that’s the problem too many stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists have is 15 letters that make up two words the things that get in the way of you being famous successful or rich and that’s other hypnotists and giving a [ __ ] what they think honestly yeah well like i said alex smith is a very misunderstood character can i just say boy is the thing i knew they broadcast that but the irony of it is to this day there are people doing the routine that you’re in love with the hypnotist now sleep when you wake up in a few months time you’re no longer in love with that uh individual from the audience say you now believe it’s a horrible smelly pervert and they’ve been doing inappropriate things all that is is different wording yeah that isn’t a great routine yeah i mean the difference is the worst because what we do at stage hypnotist is shite what we do is fundamentally the least entertaining thing on the planet as far as i’m concerned even though it’s been very good to me as a career yeah we tell people we we apparently tell people to do things that they could do anyway right while more stage hypnotists do what my philosophy was and it still is except now i would i do it in a manner that’s more politically correct uh mainly because some of the corporate companies i worked for wouldn’t book me otherwise yeah but the only reason they booked me ironically is because they know of me because of all the controversy british bad boy of hypnosis and all that nonsense but the truth is if you go out and do this haul but can’t make you do things against your will with hypnosis nonsense which so many people do in their pre-talk you know what there’s a way to do that there’s the right way in a wrong way the right way in my opinion and i know a lot of people disagree with me because they’ll go no it’s about reassuring the audience well no actually i believe that you need the audience to be a bit [ __ ] scared of you yeah okay that makes it easier to get them under for starters and control them but also the majority of the audience the people we’re dealing with the people on stage by volunteering they’ve decided i’ve got the perfect excuse to make a prick and miss out for an hour because i can say the hypnotist made me do it and afterwards they can choose to either have amnesia or not they either i can’t remember what i did so that that encourages the friends to remind them so there’s a center of attention still or they go i can remember but i just couldn’t stop myself so all self-blame shame guilt and regret is removed from them hypnosis doesn’t bloody excesses nonsense it’s social compliance and any stage hypnotist who thinks different doesn’t know what they’re doing any hypnotherapist who thinks they’ve ever hypnotized anyone needs to learn properly and get a refund from whoever that’s all because it’s emotional and psychological manipulation with hypnotherapy giving an environment for people to offload that baggage self blame shame guilt and regret that they’ve not been able to before because if they did they know the family of friends would go dave why didn’t you do that sooner and they’d feel attacked so then that would lead to relapse but if they have to see a therapist they can’t be blamed for not having done it themselves sooner same with stage hypnosis it’s nonsense and if you don’t present it in a manner where the majority of the audience believe you’ve got some kind of special power or ability to control people and the only way they’re going to believe that yes i do tell them you know if you volunteer uh you won’t do anything that contradicts them your morals or your values and i’ll kind of look yeah so i’m non-verbally effectively saying that’s [ __ ] yeah and it’s not that it’s it’s i think a lot of it as well is what in my opinion what makes a good hypnotist isn’t the process of hypnosis it’s the theater and the dramatics between those bits it’s the theater of the illusion of abilities the illusion of power to believe they want to believe there’s a special power because they want to believe that if they learned it they could have that special power yes yes i’ve just just had a friend text me now going see i told you it doesn’t exist i’m like well no it doesn’t it’s all in your mind it exists only in the mind of the believer yes because it’s a purely suggestion therapeutically is placebo but that’s not a negative placebo is the most powerful healing agent on the planet yeah um on stage hypnosis wise well you know what if some people genuinely believe that hypnotists have some kind of ability and they go through an important semen ritualistic process that gives them permission to make an hour to themselves for an hour and after the excuse to go i couldn’t stop myself or i didn’t know what i was doing but it allows them that freedom to feel yeah i’m gonna it’s cliche but to feel totally free and unhindered or not uninhibited yes that excels a massively therapeutic healing experience itself arguably so what’s wrong with that exactly and that and that’s it there’s the two camps of it’s this so it starts the other book done right the experience for the volunteer on stage is a if it’s a positive experience they’re going to come away and it does the whole industry good what what kills our industry isn’t the controversy and all the stuff that’s in the papers what kills it is boring hypnotists somebody goes to see a stage military show and it’s naf then they’re not going to go see a hypnotherapist they’re not going to go buy tickets you’ll see another state emphasis that’s one of the worst things to our industry i always ask people tips so a pudding state hypnotist watching this or a hypnotherapist that’s wanting to do some performance stuff what’s your nugget your your your words of advice your wisdom that you would say to them the sooner and this will cost you absolutely nothing at all okay you go to magicalguru.com you click on the bit that says free stuff and on that page there is a link where it says rebel hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist reveals all you can download free of charge no cost whatsoever no upsell it’s free six hours of training videos from an event that british um television celebrity weight loss um guru steve miller founder of narcissist ran in 2017 that was called the royal eve event it was a sold out event he got a room for 100 people there were 100 hypnotherapists psychotherapists psychiatrists there were clinical psychologists in there there were people that hated me as well that you purposely invited as vips by the end of it all all of them gave me not one but two standing ovations as you’ll see on the videos i don’t say that well i am bragging a bit but i’m quite proud of it especially that because i converted the people who hated me into oh my god yeah i’ve learned more in the past six hours and they ever did on these thousands of pounds therapy courses watch them and realize hypnosis is not what you were taught it was unless i taught you originally then you already know the chances are if you didn’t learn off me originally uh you probably got ripped off and you got told a lot of lies that were regurgitated from someone who’d learned to teach other people hypnosis because they could never achieve anything of a real successful career of their own in the real world don’t forget despite what people say on the internet about me they go but what does he know he hasn’t done shows in years well that was funny because i just filmed uh you know this three-part tv series in sweden just over 12 months ago the past five months for a write-off for everyone because of um because of corvade great quality video that i was going to play that clip but it was too long a clip but it’s a great quality uh demonstration of hypnosis is that again you’ll see if you go on magicalguru.com click on where it says television without frontiers yeah uh and the clips there it’s only one of the clips because i’m in all three episodes that’s just from one episode uh live shows wise you know before just before the lockdown i was out in the seychelles uh for a very exclusive cabaret venue with supermodels celebrities and stuff uh you don’t see them advertised to the public world these shows could probably can’t go however you look at my facebook profile you’ll see i was in the seychelles you’ll see the photo of the stage before i do the show i am still working but for some reason people in richard barker’s hypnosis group when they’re slagging me off like to say even he does at times what’s he you know he’s made comment along the lines of what does royal know it you know he hasn’t done shows in recent years if that was the case if he didn’t really value my opinion why was i the first ever headlined speaker on the first ever hypnotist entertainment cruise that he organized along with jay noblezada and as the videos prove 98 of the training uh sessions on that were run by me and who sat there taking notes mr barker and he’s certainly followed some of that advice with his um very it looks very good by the way it’s a hopefully forthcoming tv project um yeah i mean it looks really really good but he’s obviously followed my advice to make it look good it’s i mean richard you know he’s a for you know brit that’s out there doing you know doing really well and he has you know i know you guys have had some stuff but you’ve been friends as well in the past at some point you know but it’s fair to say that he is you know he comes to marketing as well he he does a really good job with his marketing so you know well he’s got massively he’s massively become better at that since since spending um a week with me yeah yeah maybe that’s just a coincidence hey you know i’m sure you’ll i’m sure you’ll claim you learned nothing from me despite the video footage i’ve got where he’s praising to hire and everything he learned yeah we’re trying on file so uh it’s like herding cactus but good fun so you know what while we’re at it let’s just point out there isn’t a famous stage hypnotist in england who at some point hasn’t sought help and advice from me

or something and yes uh ken webster uh learned studied my virtual gastric band hypnosis stuff he contacted me and asked for it i also advised him on his mentalism show when he started doing that uh peter powers i advised on the smoking project he was doing uh and various other things andrew newton have promoted his first ever hypnosis training seminars speed british tv life coaches i arguably helped get them on this morning i certainly have them do their first training seminars and they’ve actually got a product out called the key to your mind which is an audio therapy thing that’s my script word for word it’s hilarious because it’s only a week ago or somebody sent me an email going i want a refund for your real life changes audio mp3 it’s wonderful but i want to refund because you’ve clearly ripped this off from the speakmans and i haven’t sent them proof that i’ve licensed my complete my approach to the speakmans with my blessing they’re using me my blessing um love them to bits not saying anything bad about them they’re great at what they do i do i just find it hilarious that people assume because they’re on the telly at the minute that they must have written it in actual fact and the bathroom boy for a lot of people even darren brown on his stage or miracle uh he’s smashing stab routine if you’ve seen it you saw me do it egg sausage and peas exactly the same way is that yeah yeah steal it but their company bought my dvds which gives them permission to use that they’ve used isn’t mine in their tv shows objective productions i’ve used tons of ideas from my no such thing as hypnosis training dvds on their rajan and the evil hypnotist rule as well as on deranged trolls and the back room boy to major names out there even more they won’t necessarily publicly admit it but you know what they won’t do although they may not publicly admit it not a single one of them can sue me

yeah absolutely you know you know i’ve spoke to you whenever i’ve had problems with licenses with the local authorities within the uk you know i remember a couple years ago i was doing a tour in scotland um where they were then trying to charge me per each individual license for the shows you were the first person i spoke to about that and it’s it’s one of those you know i think because you’ve been attacked over the years and you know you are a character it’s fair to say um yeah you take it but that that has made you a target and because of that you’ve had to defend yourself so but because of that you have to know your stuff and you do know your stuff speaking of knowing your stuff um you’ve got many books and many products out um however we have got two books here this is new technology we’re trying out tonight um so we’re gonna go we’ve got we’ve got two let’s have a look at the first one is the uh stage hypnosis made easy there we go the stadium is made easy it’s 986 pens it’s 249 a4 pages if they were in half a five size that would mean it’s near enough 500 pages in other words if you’ve got online mcgill’s new encyclopedia or stage hypnosis it’s practically as big as that it’s just in a different format but what i guarantee you with this there’s more information in the first 20 of my book than there is in all of allman mcgill’s outdated encyclopedia stage hypnosis 90 of which doesn’t work in the real world certainly not in england or europe anyway a lot of it still work in america but you no offense to american stage hypnotist but i promise you there’s a lot of american stage hypnotists if they were bought on stage uh in an average working men’s club venue in england they’d die on their ass whereas the majority of british stage hypnotists could pull off for sure pretty much anywhere in the english-speaking world

the northern working men’s club show there is something about that audience that if you don’t know your stuff they will tear you apart and it’s it’s a good learning ground as well exception to that i am going to mention a couple of names because i want to praise them um i have no doubt that um kevin lepine yeah and jules could both pull off ashore in a northern working men’s club why they [ __ ] want to god knows well he thought they called uh there’s a lot that couldn’t yeah yeah so that’s that’s one of your books uh this next book that we’ve got um again there’s lots of information in this book and there’s lots of other hypnotists gone you cut your fingers

oh look at that it’s like it’s like we’ve practiced this he’s slightly covered up on the top corner there but zealous jim zell sellers who you’ve had on the show previously very kindly he ran when the internet started an online thing that gave advice to fellow stage hypnotists to get corporate work and stuff and i found it on web archive and i downloaded all the pages and i read through it all and i found that the vast majority of it was still applicable in this day and age great advice and i contacted james and i said can i put this into this book secrets of stage hypnosis so this book is like 500 a4 pages that would be like two copies of arm and mcgill’s new encyclopedia in terms of content there is about 400 pages of that that is marketing advice not just from james ellis but the top stage hypnotist around the world at the time when that forum was on is in there there’s also more health and safety information for stage hypnotists in this book than any other book currently published stage hypnotist which is a key area because um the majority of people don’t teach health and safety for stage ignitives properly and no offense to your guest who was on the other week justine james i’ve done he’s safe on stage i’m going to say this as far as teaching people health and safety for stage hypnotism and street hypnosis schools safeonstage.com does what it was set up for which is to make the insurance company out there happy enough to give insurance but you know what it doesn’t even scrape the bloody surface there’s only one product on the market that doesn’t that’s the transparency template and i don’t care where in the world if you have not studied the transparency template which is 12 hours of video training um not just me but there’s various other uh stage hypnotists and health and safety experts uh involved in in in the product if you’ve not studied that i guarantee there’s still stuff you can learn because no one’s put anything close to it and never will they or if they do they’d have to copy what’s on and that sounds egotistical and beheaded yes i know it does i accept that he does but it’s fact and if you don’t believe me prove me wrong by getting it and if what i’ve just said is not true and you can find another already existing stage hypnosis or street hypnosis and training product that covers health and safety duty of care and all the legal things to the level the transparency does then i’ll give you 10 times your money back because you can’t find one it doesn’t exist so um yeah it’s been it’s been fun uh yeah yeah i can’t i can’t wait to go for all the messages i’ve got my phone since you’ve been up um but you know i i knew having you on as a guest live was gonna be interesting um but you know what some absolutely very very valid points there you know thank you for having me on i’ve just got to say for people for people watching this i mean grant alluded to the fact that we’ve met in the past i’ve seen grant perform and i’ve watched his career grow and it’s great to have seen him grow and carve out a niche and a brand and they’re two thank you they’re two key words yeah uh i think every the majority of stage ethnicities could do with taking more notice of a niche and a brand yeah yeah and you know it all right in my case it was britain’s bad boy of hypnosis or back in the 90s it was britain’s most pornographic stage hypnotist i don’t do that now it was a different area it was a different time yes it still follows me around but ironically it also still helps me yeah but it can be as simple as your coloring your branding with granny has all the purple stuff going on they’re almost side showing

get something that makes you stand out don’t just be another hypnotist i know i have zero competition on the planet and that’s not me being big headed right okay this swedish tv show that i filmed uh about 12 months ago and it’s been shown in art galleries in sweden we could have called it it’s not going out on the tv channel yet but it will be doing it’s a performance art thing over three episodes and it’s about the state of the media now the media brain mushroom lie to people so when they went looking for a hypnotist uh for the hypnosis segment who’s who

i’d already i’ve got the job yeah you know i am the guy taking legal action against murdoch i am the guy who’s taken on the media and at the time it looked like i’ve lost but now you know good 20 odd years on i’m winning um i was the only person for the job when the gadget show wanted somebody to make people reveal their confidential passwords against their will i remember that what people say is impossible the clips are on my website they came to me because i was openly known as the guy who says you can make people do things against their moral code and value because i blame and i had a mind control documentary come out at the end of last year called extreme danger extreme hypnosis there’s more information about it my website there’s clips on there but i categorically state this and i prove it in the documentary you can make people do things against their moral code and value you can turn them into mind controlled assassins you can turn them into mind control sex slaves it has gone on mk ultra’s a real thing and it’s still going on we’re living through the biggest psyop in history at the moment yeah and that’s that’s that’s a show all in it of itself is that it’s uh yeah it’s very very david territory yeah and well david is a good friend of mine and you’ll see pictures of me with him on in fact you know you can watch my documentary on david ike’s um iconic um channel iconic.com and that’s what’s that i know it upset a lot of hypnotherapist and stage images that i will come out and say on the one hand i say hypnosis doesn’t exist because the way most people teach it it doesn’t all it is is emotional and psychological manipulation yeah now with positive intent that can have positive outcomes with negative intent it can brainwash manipulate and control and the biggest hypnotist in the world’s in the corner of your uh living room it’s the television set that’s why they’re called programs or these days it’s social media that is the best hypnotist of all oh yeah absolutely absolutely alex thank you very much for coming on um thank you graeme for being brave enough and having the ball but i mean i know you don’t give a [ __ ] but there’s a lot of people uh you know steve miller had a similar thing when he bought on the royal event he had so-called respectable professional names in this country uh and around the world contacted him and going look at this he always a rapist he said he hypnotized women into bed 365 times a year when you’ve interpreted it what i actually said to the media was and i can prove this i said that i hypnotized women with their consent keyword was consent to fulfill their sexual fantasies of sleeping with the man of their dreams

now some of the stories got blown out proportion and the mention of consent was so small it was hardly there and in one murdock article a murdock paper article it was written in such a manner in january 1994 to imply that i did it against people’s will but that is part of the current litigation process because and it it sells more people exactly exactly exactly they took me around the world as well brilliant alex thank you very much for being on uh my love to your family and your daughter and everyone as well yeah take care see you soon take care bye, everyone