Hypnosis show for corporate events

Hypnosis show for corporate events

Hypnosis show for corporate events

Imagine if you will that at your next corporate event the entertainment is not just funny but can also deliver a positive message to the entire audience, like a comedy show but with a moral to the story.

Imagine that rather than the typical entertainment you booked something that is both dynamic and immersive, a show that gets, and keeps people talking about for weeks.

Imagine a programme delivered to the highest standard by one of the world’s most renowned professional hypnosis performers who has performed for clients such as Barclays Bank, Just eat, BBC, Sony even performed at Balmoral castle.

A Hypnosis show for corporate events is 80% comedy and 20% about the power of your unconscious mind.

As one of only a select few hypnotist in the world can tailor the show with your team/audience in mind.

Hypnosis show for corporate events can also be booked as an interactive keynote for your event


As well as Corporate entertaining Grant also offers a business Keynote for Corporations using the power of “Focus” to demonstrate how the mind impacts performance, and how the “silver bullet” of success is your own imagination.

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When you book this show you can be assured that you are booking a professional, safe and ethical hypnotist who will deliver a clean, corporate specific hypnosis show that will have them talking about for years.