Grant Talks Funny Bits With Hypnotist Anthony Galie

Hypnotist Grant Saunders -Talks Funny bits- with Anthony Galie

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Speaker 01  00:15

Good evening and welcome to another episode of grant talks for the bits and tonight we have an absolutely phenomenal top of the tree hypnotist for you. Please guys, ask lots of questions hit the like and love images. If you’re watching on the replay still check this guy out. It doesn’t really need much of an introduction. But it would be remiss of me to have someone of this caliber on this show and not give him his at least a part of his true introduction. This guy’s been recognized as one of America’s 30 hottest speakers, and was selected to speak for the prestigious million dollar round table, an honor given to less than 1% of speakers, not just once but on four occasions. This guy in the stage hypnosis community is an absolute legend. So, please make lots of noise on your tables on your computer screens and welcome to gone talk funny bits.

Speaker 02  01:12

Thank you for the introduction.

Speaker 01  01:18

Oh, it’s my absolute pleasure and thank you for coming on the show. Now for the Brits that are watching. You’re in sunny Florida. Is that true?

Speaker 02  01:28

Yes. 90 degree Florida.

Speaker 01  01:30

Oh, see, we’re just we’re just starting our spring time now. But we don’t get the heats like you guys do. So, hopefully we’ll be able to lock down soon so we can enjoy the sunshine. So, yeah. So how are things I couldn’t not mention the situation but how are things over there at the moment?

Speaker 02  01:49

Things are fine. The community I live in is not that heavily populated and very laid back. So, listen stores, you know are shuttered and people kind of stay themselves it’s very laid back.

Speaker 01  02:02

But also Greg steel says hi Jason, Toby notice says hi as well. Now, Jason’s a worship artist and when we first went into lockdown, we were talking earlier about how we kind of you know my business model change and I went into a bit of a shutdown myself personally, Jason’s the guy that went gone. Pull your finger out, do something and he was my inspiration for setting all this up. So, cheers for that Jason is a great guy. So, tell me or tell the people watching a bit about you. How did you get from being, what you were before this into being the hypnotist that you are?

Speaker 02  02:42

I started studying hypnosis at a very early age. I was fascinated by it as a kid, went to school studied psychology with the intention of doing research and hypnosis. In college, I kind of started a business as a stage hypnotist pretty much copied everybody else and did basic stage hypnotism. Got out of college, went into graduate school and one of the folks in graduate school with me had an established hypnotherapy practice. He was about 12, 15 years older than I was. He had already established a practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I went to graduate school and book where tone and when the program was ended, he approached me and said, Why don’t you buy my program because he was heading off to another state and I purchased his program, he showed me pretty much how to organize it and market it. I did that for nearly four years, and then moved to Hawaii, I ended up moving to a very remote corner of the wine islands. There were simply not enough people for to maintain a practice it was fairly remote and there was at that time, the obviously the closest major city was Honolulu was on a different Island. But it did have a million people and I started giving presentations in Honolulu to real estate groups insurance groups. I was looking for companies that had a lot of salespeople. Because any company or group that has a large number of salespeople will invariably have meetings to try to continually motivate them and they are the folks that are most likely to hire a corporate speaker. They recognize the value of what we do. So, that’s how I started I kind of broke into it by speaking first to real estate groups segwayed over to the life insurance and then any group that had a lot of sales people. I wiped out Hawaii in like a year and a half there was simply not that many groups in the state and so I started spending time traveling back and forth to the States. Eventually it became too burdensome to maintain two residences. So, I ended up moving back to Florida in 84, I guess 85 and have been in Florida since.

Speaker 01  04:52

Nice. One of the first things that anyone that is discovering you in the Hypnosis community, we’ll realize that from our side of the pond, especially if you don’t treat hypnosis like a, like a clown. I don’t mean that in a joyful way. But a lot of stage exists. Comedy stage hypnotist, try and be like children’s entertainers and it’s all very, you know, hands are everywhere. Its bit slapstick and you know, they get people doing really bizarre, outrageous things. One of the things when I first saw your show, or your presentation, is the level of quality to start with but the way that you don’t degrade people, and the way that you don’t make it come across as it’s incredibly entertaining, and incredibly funny, but it doesn’t come across as a comedy show. It’s very profound and I think that has more of an impact more drama than most comedy shows do and it’s it for me, it’s a great way of delivering hypnosis in a semiserious way, but still absolutely hilarious at the same time. What was your thinking? How did you go from how did you become this? You know, how did that happen? Was that deliberate, because it’s fair to say that you’re not when you said, so I can steam or sometimes when you say earlier that you got into stage hypnosis, and you did the same as everybody else, you just copied loads of routines. That’s what a lot of stage hypnotist do. It’s fair to say for the last 15, 20 years, at least, you’ve probably had your own lane, and has a lot of hypnotists that try and try and work towards creating their own market. But that’s very much where you, as far as I can tell you very much been in that corporate hypnotist market is you there’s people trying to get into that space now, but you’ve had that space for such a long time. Was that a deliberate effort on your part? Or did you just fall into that?

Speaker 02  07:08

Oh, I doubt any of it was deliberate effort. It was pretty much. You know, I rose to whatever occasion I needed to rise to I went to Hawaii, fully intending to continue as a hypnotherapist only to discover that the near city, Hilo only had 36,000 people and they had at 60% of the population was Japanese and take them through hypnotherapy. So, there simply were not enough people to continue what I was doing. I had, it actually was not my idea to win the corporate speaking it was my wife at the time. One night, she said you want to give sales seminars to real estate agents, to which I replied, you know, great idea but I have never sold a thing in my life and I don’t know anything about real estate. To which she replied, just don’t let that stop you and it was necessity that we were running out of money. I’d found myself with pregnant with a first child in a situation where it was sink or swim and it was pretty much an act of desperation but I ended up perceiving or recognizing that there was a market there and so I just pursued it. But it wasn’t a deliberate I didn’t sit down to plan and you know, like, which is funny because goal setting you might. But it was pretty much necessity is what caused certain things to happen.

Speaker 01  08:29

Yeah, most of you know, I’ll put my hands up, do you do a part in your show? And it’s in the clip that we’ve got as well, when you kind of do the whole thing? Who here thinks money motivates people? And that’s a line of used in my show as well, but I don’t take it to the level that you do. I mean, I’m not saying what happens, but it’s in the clip and I just think that just makes it so much more profound, by taking it to that level as well and I think that helps the phenomena become more profound and the audience’s reaction is phenomenal. So, yeah, that’s great. 

Speaker 02  09:03

Well, that was the question. You could see in some people’s eyes, I don’t believe what I’m saying. You get less of that in corporate, you know, in a stage presentation, it’s like, oh, they paid that person, or that person’s just acting or they’re drunk, or they always think there’s some hidden agenda. When you’re dealing with a company where it’s 50 or 100 people, and they all know each other and they’ll see that for I know, that person is not faking, you know, their jaw drops. I mean, that’s unusual and I was always trying to communicate that there really is something different here. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it really is different than the normal state of what you’re used to and you can’t make them, you know, do really exotic things. You can’t in the old days, they would drive hypodermic needles, they would do you know, clamps with hemostats when I started in the 70s, all kinds of wacky things to prove that this is really something unusual. This is something you’re paying attention to. So, you can’t do that in corporate because you’ll get sued and it as you say, became cartoonish. Some of it when you stretch people across two chairs and stand on all the things that really get people who went off and it was, what can I do? Again, there wasn’t a whole lot and the idea was, well risk money, because if it’s real money, maybe they’ll pay attention and then the question became, well, how much could you risk, and that was what caught my attention. Because it really is an altered state, if you really are dealing with a separate state, known as the steady state theory, then theoretically, there’s no limit, if it’s you and so I started pushing it, you know, $10 $20 $50 $100, and got it to $2,000. I didn’t go beyond that, because it was meaningless at that point. It was if they’re not going to get up for $2,000, right in their face, they’re not going to go for 20,000. There’s a, and there was a matter of carrying it around, and you know, 20 $100 bills is actually substantial in your back pocket. So, I kind of stopped at the 2000. But the idea was, how do you get this message across without doing something that’s cartoonish or dangerous or frightening?

Speaker 01  11:15

Yes, I think the amount of money you’ve chosen in the clip as well is the perfect amount. Like you said, if you go above that, it almost it almost makes it pantomime if you’ve got a million dollars, it just sounds too much whereas $2,000 is an achievable amount. I’ll point out as well for this couple of people watching on that said, Hi, Chris Taylor, who was on the show a couple weeks ago, who’s a phenomenal and very famous hypnotist as well. Straight. Yes. Dale Thomas from Ireland as well. He’s just said, He’s watched a few of Anthony’s videos with stage now. Absolutely fantastic. So, that’s great and Aaron Rodgers is commenting on my lovely beard. Now I don’t normally have a beard. But I’ve never not been on stage. So this was my one chance, despite the protestations of my wife that I’m going to grow a beard and the moment I locked down this is going.

Speaker 02  12:08

Freudian look, you should be doing? 

Speaker 01  12:11

Exactly, yeah. I’ll point out as well, for a couple of people. There’s a lot of hypnotist or stage hypnotist at the moment that do kind of go, I do corporate shows. There’s a difference between a works Christmas party, or a corporate Christmas party, and a keynote for a sales or that type of thing. I can imagine the atmosphere is very, very different and your presentations tend to be more on that. It’s a keynote rather than you’ve been booked for the entertainment after the conference. Is that what I’m about right on that?

Speaker 02  12:47

Absolutely! Yeah, in its broadest terms, public speaking, motivational speakers, quote, unquote, they tend to fall in categories, and you can subset them infinitely. But there, there are generally going to be three big areas where public speaking takes place. One is celebrity, you know, they’ll pay someone who’s famous to come in, regardless if they won the Superbowl, or if they’re a famous actor, if they did something, celebrity will get you on the stage at a high fee, then you have what we call the flavor of the month. If you just one survivor, if you just climb Mount Everest backwards with one leg, if you’ve done something that got everybody’s attention, and they want to see that person or know that person, if you have some kind of select some kind of one called flash in the pan, they are famous, but you’re probably not going to see him on the circuit two years down the road. They were known they have some right notoriety at the moment, and then the third and by far the biggest category is what I fell into and that’s known as industry expert and an industry expert, as a speaker is bringing something to the table that is not easily found elsewhere. So, goal setting is as old as the hills. I mean, there are a million programs for goal setting. But at the corporate level, there really was only one where it was goal setting using hypnosis as its modality. 

So, that was bringing something to the table that you could not readily find elsewhere. Just there are not a million books on how to, you know goal set with hypnosis and you can use hypnosis for time management, you can use it for stress reduction, you can use it for concentration, you can use it for fear of rejection, all kinds of areas. But if you include hypnosis, at least at this moment in time, you’re probably bringing something unusual to the table. So, the industry experts are generally acknowledged to be a group of people that are coming in with some idea, valuable piece of information, some technique that is not readily or easily found elsewhere and the notion and when it comes to corporate speaking, is that it has to have value. This is where a lot of hypnotist who try to penetrate the corporate market they go wrong from that very first step, for example, stage hypnotist, who will say I do corporate work. If you ask that stage hypnotist as I get asked, often when I’m marketing, if I pick up a phone and call a company, so and so referred me to you, Grant, I understand that your decision maker to bring your speakers into your convention next year, I think it’d be an excellent fit for your convention. A very common question that speakers and speaker bureau reps get is alright. What are my people going to get out of your talk? When, when you leave? What are they going to have that they don’t have now? And you have to be able to answer that question, and here’s the way many stations has answered that question. What are my people going to get out of your talk? Well, I’m going to have them rolling in the aisles. They’ll be laughing harder than they’ve laughed in years. A week later, they’re still going to be talking about what I’m going to show them. Now, that’s great. I mean, that’s the way a stage hypnotist, you expect them to answer the question because they’re stage hypnotist. They have spent many of them years and years of hard work and study and dedication to get themselves to be really good as an entertainer. But they’re talking to a business. There’s sort of like, you know, Mars, and Nina’s. Now, hypnotherapist makes a very similar error, I believe, a hypnotherapist who tries to penetrate the market. So, tell me what am i people going to have after you leave? Well, they’re going to be more self-actualized, they will, I’m going to show them how to have a much better self-image, I will show them techniques that they can become more relaxed, more focused and more centered in their business. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but a lot of business owners will tell you on great, I want them to be relaxed, sincere, but truth, I couldn’t care less if they’re relaxed. I don’t care if they’re self-actualized, I want them selling more, I want them producing more, I want them being better business people. A lot of people make mistake where they go in talking like hypnotherapist which kind of you would expect them to, or talking like a stage hypnotist and not meeting the client’s needs. So, when I picked up on that real early, when I started calling people in Honolulu, just what is it they’re going to get? What is it that they’re going to get? It was so early that I baked it into my presentation. 

So, I do goal setting, which is a common topic. But if a decision maker says to me, what are my people going to get from your talk? It’s simple. I’m gonna show them three simple transferable techniques to internalize their goals. I’m going to show them not only how to get focused, but very specific techniques on how to stay focused, they’re going to walk out the door, able to use any or all of those techniques instantly to push up their business production and by the way, one of those three techniques happens to be self-hypnosis. Now, that’s my pitch and right out of the gate, most business owners will say, Okay, I can see what the value is, and there were keywords I was using their simple, transferable. You mean, if one of my managers shows up, he or she can teach it to their team. If one of my people come, they can share it with others. Yeah, it’s transferable. It’s hands on, it’s out of the box, and they’re not going to have to go to my wonder seminar for $10,000 or buy my book to really understand it. They’re going to get it there and walk out the door with it. So, those are keywords that business people just you know and there was one other thing I did that I think hypnotists often make the mistake. It’s where you place the word hypnosis. 

Because if you ask me who I am and what it is I do, there’s a couple ways I could answer that. I could say I’m Anthony Galie. I’m a corporate hypnotist, I do a presentation called the subconscious aspects of business where I teach three powerful techniques to internalize goals is one way I can answer it or I could say, I’m Anthony Galie. I’m a corporate keynote or a business trainer, I do a program called the subconscious aspects of business where I teach three simple transferable techniques and one of them happens to be hypnosis. Now, they’re very similar, but there’s a big difference in the first pitch, right out of my mouth as a hypnotist and when I started in 1980, there were more than half of the people that was that shut it all down. I hit buttons. No, thank you. You know, we’re on a cruise ship last year pole dancing, you know, not interested. They shut you down before you get a chance to describe who you really are and it’s real simple, but you just say I’m a corporate keynote, or I’m a business trainer. Sometimes just aspects of business three simple hands on techniques and oh, by the way, one happens to be self-hypnosis. Now, they’ve heard me they know that I’m hopefully that I’m serious so that I’ve got, you know, something to offer and then they asked the question, well, how in the world does hypnosis work with goal setting? Someone will say what is the other two techniques and some of them say are you available on the 15th I mean, it’s really I mean, it’s amazing but now I have evoked a question as opposed to shutting down 30 to 40% of people I’m talking to you before they even know who I am. Yes, it’s not, you know, simple stuff like that are kind of.

Speaker 01  20:13

Yeah. It’s a loss of a Soyuz conference in Vegas and I remember we’re chatting over lunch, and we were talking about you, it was a phenomenal piece of advice. You kind of said there and it’s one of the things I always say it’s a brilliant thing with all the online marketing and everything that the ways you kind of went if you want to be a corporate hypnotist, then what you want to do is look up businesses that have lots of salespeople or lots of realtors, and then pick up the phone and prospect them and that’s I believe that’s something you do you ever do. You still do the corporate hypnosis master class. 

Speaker 02  20:51

Why not do it with the virus now? But yeah.

Speaker 01  20:54

Well, I’ve got Yeah; I’ve got the website for that. So I’ll bring that up at the bottom of the screen and you go through with your people that book onto the course, you go through that pitch of how to actually just prospect people and I’m a big believer in in the first person, when it comes to booking shows, even from an entertainment point of view, the first person on the phone wins the gig and we live in a world where people are so scared about actually having a conversation with somebody, you know that the tuner just send an email and wait for that to come back. There’s a lot to be said about getting that conversation getting that face to face, or that phone call, right? Let’s play this clip and then you can talk to us about it. 

Speaker 02  21:40

I forgot. 

Speaker 01  21:42

What it says Great.

Speaker 02  21:44

Well, the practice was you sent me an email. What is the funniest people? Was it the best or the most?

Speaker 01  21:50

Funny bit, right?

Speaker 02  21:59

I’ll give you $20 a month. Tell me we’ll let you

Speaker 03  22:03

Double it and I’ll tell you. 

Speaker 02  22:04

Okay. Issue is?

Speaker 03  22:06

I don’t know.

Speaker 02  22:09

I’ll give you $80. Roger. 

Speaker 03  22:14

I don’t know where it is. 

Speaker 02  22:15

I’ll give you $100. I’ll give you $200.

Speaker 03  22:21

Double that.

Speaker 02  22:22

I’ll give you I’ll give you $400.

Speaker 03  22:28

Set up every second.

Speaker 02  22:33

I’ll give you $500. Roger. Now a lot of people say maybe he’s just playing long. Maybe he’s a really nice guy doesn’t want to embarrass me, but you know, if it was real money, then you’d see a totally different response, right? A lot of audiences just at this point in time start shouting out Show me the money. So, let me hear you folks. I’ll take Roger give you $100. You tell me what that shoe is I’ll give you $100 Roger, I’ll give you $200 $200, $200 Roger, look at me. I said I give you 500 hours. Here it is. $500. Ma’am, if you don’t mind hold on to this money is hold that $500 as yours if you tell me where the shoe is. Tell you what I give you 1000 or five. There’s $1,000, $1,000 if you tell me what that shoe is, I swear you can have that money. It’s $1,000. Here’s 500 more 15 $100 in 10. I’m gonna choose. My last offer. That’s it. $2,000 two grand. Yours pick it up yours if you tell me what a shoe is. Roger, where is the shoe?

Speaker 03  23:36

I don’t know.

Speaker 02  23:40

You honestly don’t know. I tell you. I’ll give you a hint here. Roger. Think about this now because I want you to use your concentration here. I want you know, do you have any idea what a shoe is? Roger? Where is the shoe? Roger? Shoe? Where could it possibly be? Roger any ideas at all? I’ll get a $2,000 raise issue, Raj.

Speaker 03  23:58

She’ll be on my left foot. 

Speaker 02  24:00

Wait, Andy. Now folks, isn’t that amazing? That’s called that amazes me. That’s called a negative hallucination folks. He was seeing right through the shoe. I mean, looking at something and not even seeing it. We do this in everyday life. If you’re ever if you ever see a short person driving an automobile, sometimes they learn to look right through the steering wheel. If a person is wearing eyeglasses, they will learn to look right through the panes of glass. He was looking right through it and not even seeing it and notice the monetary reward I offered him. I was gonna give him $2,000 Just tell me where the shoe was my point. Some of you are looking right through your reps. You don’t see their potential because you’re focused in another area. Some of you go to job fairs and some of you go out there in the real world. You meet people in parties and social functions, and you look right through them as recruits. If you’re focused on recruiting, you’ll see recruits if you’re focused somewhere else, you’ll walk right past them and never even notice. It’s the power of visualization. It’s truly amazing. Take a nice deep breath, man breathing deeply sleep without a blue slip, relaxing all the way down deep blue slim, relaxed and unwell and sleep deeper and deeper. Squeeze that tight to come through. You cannot find the money no matter how hard you try. No matter where you look. You can’t find the money. Look everywhere. You cannot find the money to count three sitting up here. We’ll do three zoom straight in a chair. How you doing? You had my $2,000 Ma’am, can I have it back? Please? Where’s my money? Where’d my money go? Your wallet?

Speaker 04  25:50

No, I didn’t take it back. 

Speaker 02  25:51

Where’s your shoe? Roger?

Speaker 03  25:52

I don’t know.

Speaker 02  25:55

Well, Roger, why don’t you try helping her find the money and yeah, what you try helping him find the shoe? Do you know where the money is? Roger? 

Speaker 03  26:00


Speaker 02  26:01

Tell him. 

Speaker 03  26:02

It’s in your hand. 

Speaker 02  26:04

Where’s money? Man?

Speaker 03  26:06

It’s in your hand. This hand.

Speaker 02  26:10

Why don’t you don’t wear shoes?

Speaker 03  26:15

No. It’s not.

Speaker 02  26:21

There’s the money right there. 

Speaker 04  26:24

Touch it.

Speaker 02  26:28

That’s $2,000 that should be mine. I’m gonna make you a deal. I’m gonna make you with you. I’ll tell you what. I will split the money with you. If you tell me where did you keep half? I’ll keep half fair enough.

Speaker 04  26:45

How much money? 

Speaker 02  26:46

There’s $2,000 there two grand. 

Speaker 04  26:50


Speaker 02  26:51

We have a deal? Where’s the money?

Speaker 04  26:53

You know where the money? 

Speaker 02  26:54

I knew that? She would she says you tell him where it is and then I’ll be able to split it with him because she has no idea where it is. No, you got to tell me. Where’s the money? What’s that? I can watch this chairs on fire. Whoa, chairs. I thought I can. I mean, if that’s what you want.

Speaker 01  27:19

Absolutely fantastic. A few people kind of messengers and going over there. Yeah, yes, we’ve got Christina Leonard, I believe Christina has done your master.

Speaker 02  27:30


Speaker 01  27:31

Yeah. You know what I was saying earlier about it, you know, in a certain part of Yorkshire have loads of really good hypnotist. So yeah, Christina is just me as well. Dale Thomas over selling on so many levels.

Speaker 02  27:44

The only reason I picked that one, he believed the request was the most aware of all the 1000s of presentations. I never forgot that one. I think that’s the craziest thing I ever did on stage. Because if you if you look, it’s a large amount of money and I was challenging both of them directly, you know, try to find it you get pulled in front of it and then I did something I took it to the next level which I’d never done before since I turn control over to them. You tell her and get him you know that’s like two levels beyond that’s pretty stretching the power suggestion, I would think and I took a shot. I just took a calculated guess. I guess I didn’t think similar to that. But that is not something you want to do every night the numbers offense. But it was the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. It was like 2000 people so it was.

Speaker 01  28:36

I was just about to say was at the Grand Ole Opry. Stage as well. Yeah. Nice. I’m sure you’ve worked many venues stages. Do you have your favorite?

Speaker 02  28:50

No, they’re all great. Now, I had more fun than should be legal. I just always it was always for me just a blast. I just genuinely enjoyed what I did and most of the very accomplished hypnotists like Christina were gonna do. We had talked you know, it’s just fun. People said you look like you’re having more fun up there than any of the subjects are and nine times out of 10 I was it’s really all fine.

Speaker 01  29:20

I think instead of sort of changing to after this all Coronavirus back in the 90s it was very shocking. and stuff you can make and it does seem new and hopefully corporate side of things brings that entertainment value and the quality value or if you add one piece of advice to give to any stage hypnotist or any hypnotherapist that’s watching this now. Just one nugget what would it be?

Speaker 02  30:02

If it was me giving the advice? Be honest. 

Speaker 01  30:06


Speaker 02  30:06

I just I don’t think you should oversell it where you can do this and that and stop smoking, you know, forever in a single session. I mean, I happens to point one 4% of time be honest with people that tends to follow certain patterns. Most people, by definition, are average subjects and like anything else, it’s going to take a period of time, it’s not going to be an instantaneous, you know, one shot, you’re done. There are going to be a percentage of people that have that effect, but it’s small, relatively negligible in terms of numbers. However, they run around telling everybody else oh, only takes one session. Oh, it’s amazing and they kind of they kind of polluted for everybody else. Be honest, in what its limits are, be honest and what’s applications are? No, it’s not going to cure cancer. No, it’s not going to make you levitate out of bed. You know, it’s, I mean, you know, you hear all kinds of exaggerations to it, because it is so unusual and one thing that I from the start promised myself that I would do was to try to be as honest about it as I could, and sometimes I get a question when I say, I don’t have a clue. I’ve spent most of my life studying it, there are some questions you would ask me, I’d have to honestly say Not a clue.

Speaker 01  31:17

Yeah. It’s a rewarding career that every kind of every turn within my career. I keep finding new love for it and just at the point where I kind of think like, this is the partner where I’m a bit like, but the I do keep finding a new look for it. It’s a great industry that we’re in. What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself going after what?

Speaker 02  31:43

Are the 68? Next month? I see myself going south fairly soon. Yeah, I figure I’m gonna, you know, 10 years or less? Where do I see myself going? My interest has almost always been with the nature of hypnosis at a very early age, you know, I was reading all the books, and most of the books that you read somewhere it notates as many years and 1000s of years people have been aware of hypnosis, there is still no accepted theory, they we still don’t know exactly what it is and when I was eight or nine, I just said, Well, maybe I could figure it out. So, I have been pondering this for well over a half a century, a lot longer than that and, you know, went through a variety of iterations as to what I think it is and I have settled on a theory, I think the series that I’m proposing fits it works now needs to be tested in my blow up and testing. But at least I have put forward an original idea to the best of my knowledge, nobody has looked at it this way before. It is testable. It is a theory that actually you can generate an experimental design to test the null hypothesis. So, we can we can actually test whether it’s real or nonsense and if I end up pointing, if I end up being correct, well, that’s the big prize. That’s the lottery win. But if I end up at least contributing something that wasn’t known before, I will have considered my life well spent. So, that’s where I’m headed.

Speaker 01  33:17

I think that’s the difference. We do have a bit of an echo. I think maybe I’m coming back to when you’re things I’m just going to mute you a second. But I think that’s the difference between a lot of stage hypnotist, we all want that dangerous sometimes of because of our eagles. When we develop a theory that becomes absolute fact. That’s what we believe and we lock into that. It’s good that you still got an open mind that’s what you believe it is at this moment. So yeah.

Speaker 02  33:45

Well, only one out of thousand seriously proposed theories are anywhere near correct. Most people are de facto incorrect. So, you kind of be foolish going in thinking, I got it first time out, is I’ve been thinking about this long time and put together a lot of different possible combinations and so far, it works. Now, I could wake up tomorrow and think well, I wonder if and right away find out that it really is not what I think it is.

Speaker 01  34:14

So, I always ask every week I asked people if they were to recommend two books that have either been influential in your business, in your marketing, in your understanding of hypnosis, or two books that you think people watching this would get the most fun? What’s your two books that are on your list?

Speaker 02  34:35

That sounds like a loaded question because anybody who’s gone to my course know that I’m in love with a couple of books. One was a book. The paradox is that it has relatively little to do with hypnosis. However, it totally altered my view as to what hypnosis is. It probably gave me more insight as to what hypnosis really is than any book I had read in my entire life and the title of the book is the origin of content. Consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind, that’s the title. It was published in 1976, by Julian Jaynes, a Princeton philosopher and he had proposed quite simply that humans have a bicameral mind he asks some really profound questions. For example, if the theory of evolution is correct, if man evolved, well, their brain had to evolve as wel and if man probably did not jump out of the trees, conscious consciousness also had to evolve along with man and that are used, that there would had to have been a period of time where humans existed on this planet. 

Not conscious, aware, but not caught, it had to evolve if you know or the, you know, Stanley Kubrick theory where the aliens come down and touch your forehead and all of a sudden you got consciousness. But if humans evolved, also the consciousness and if that’s the case, what was here before they were conscious? What was the pre conscious human like? And then he goes on absolutely beautiful diatribe about consciousness plays a much smaller part in your life than you’ve ever been led to believe. He asked a series of profound questions, is consciousness continuous? And the answer is no. Yes, most people how long you’ve been conscious? Well, since I’ve been awake, not true. Just observe a person in course, a normal activity, and you’ll see them drift in and out of consciousness and he’s got like 10, probably 12 questions, that step by step at deconstructs what you thought you knew about what it means to be conscious? And then once he strips it there, it leaves you again with the fundamental question, well, then what is it? And his conclusion, which I largely agree with was that consciousness is actually a form of inhibition. The more conscious you are, by definition, the more inhibited you are. Open this, don’t get me down here. I’ll be here for the next six hours. Who asked me what my favorite book was? It was the origin of consciousness and I’ll tell you expect to take a month to read the book because you’ll read a paragraph and just close the book and you go, Wow, I never thought of it that way. You know, you end up spending the evening thinking, wow, that book profoundly changed my viewpoint of what I was doing what hypnosis was and the second book you asked for two, I would absolutely read Erickson and Rossi hypnotic realities. 

Speaker 01  37:41


Speaker 02  37:42

You know, uncommon therapy was great and number of his dialogues were great, but I thought the hypnotic realities was the best put together book in terms of understanding ericksonian approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Speaker 01  37:56

Well, thank you very much for coming on tonight. It’s been an absolute pleasure, kind of talk to you and pick your brains and I could imagine there’s people scrambling now to go on Amazon and get a hold of a copy of that book. I know I for.

Speaker 02  38:10

Great, just Google origin. There’s somebody has put them up. It’s not breaking any copyright laws. Some people have put up two different that you can download the entire book as a PDF and it is the best book I’ve ever read in terms of understanding hypnosis and consciousness but. 

Speaker 01  38:28

Fantastic and did you say you do have plans for what in another corporate hypnosis master class, on the other side of the. 

Speaker 02  38:34

You know, I’m sure I will, what I have been doing is someone to one training. While we are quarantine, everyone’s while I’ll get a call, for example, I’m working with a young man in China, there’s another guy in Australia, where I simply cannot afford to, you know, fly halfway around the world and so I do zoom sessions with them, typically once a week for about an hour and we go through my course over an eight to 10 week period in one hour slots and it’s actually very effective because I get to work one on one with the person I get to design and what it gives me is a much better insight as to what they are going through. When I teach the program. I know what I went through and I know what I’m I know what I’m trying to communicate I know, but actually working with the person for a week and then show them here’s the technique, I go out and try it and they come back and say, Well, this works. But I felt weird about this when it gives me insight as to what they’re going through. So, and Christina. 

Speaker 01  39:32

Christina says definitely she is.

Speaker 02  39:35

Oh, yes. She is such a neat lady, you know?

Speaker 01  39:37

Yes. Yeah, and again, someone that’s not caught up in the ego of stage hypnosis and, you know, delivers the goods. So, yeah, fantastic. Well, Anthony, it’s been an absolute pleasure and I feel like we could talk for hours and then people would just leave us alone. But yeah, I put your website up at the bottom. Hopefully people will get in touch if they are interested into the zoom training as well and I shall leave, I shall leave the final sentence to you. If there’s anything you want to get off your chest or say to people.

Speaker 02  40:10

Thank you for having me. You know, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you. I’d be happy to do it again sometime in the future if you want to do it again. I’ll be happy to answer any questions anybody has. I’m pretty open about this stuff. So, thanks. 

Speaker 01  40:22

Great, fantastic. Cheers, guys. Thank you very much. 

Speaker 02  40:25

Good luck. Thanks, man. Appreciate it.