To get the best from your hypnotist

So you’ve booked a hypnotist! Well done, you have made an excellent choice, but you want to make sure that your hypnosis event can be the best that it can here are a few tips to help.

Stage hypnotist


Surprise!– Although it may be fun to leave your guests wondering or having your hypnotist as a surprise, this can make the show harder for your guests, the potential stars. You want the volunteers to prepare themselves and if its a surprise they will not have had time to process it in their minds. You see if people know in advance, they think about it what it will be like if they volunteer, they go through various trains of thought such as “oh no I couldn’t be hypnotized” to “maybe I’ll give it a go” . That way when the hypnotists askes for volunteers people are already conditioned and are ready to have fun it.

Set the stage – whether its a big theatre, function room or even in your back garden its important to set the stage, this helps build an expectation in your guests and lets them know something special is about to happen. Set aside an area that is only for the performance, free of obstructions and not in the path of any walkways such as toilets or exits, have a number of chairs set aside just for the volunteers, chairs not stools, and with a back but no arms preferably. The area should also be well lit as you want to be able to see the face of those stars on stage.

stage hypnotist

Hype up the hypno – You’ve done your research, you know the hypnotist you have booked is the best for your type of event. (not the cheapest) so share any video clips or images of the hypnotist, build up excitement with your network let them know it’s going to be remarkable and it will be the more excitement you can build the better the show will be.

Timing is everything– Put the show on too late and people may be too drunk or ready to leave the party, too early and people are still just getting settled and want to catch up with friends and colleagues. The best time is early on in the program after food if it’s a formal event, you want peoples attention and a hypnotist can’t compete with desserts.

Credit where credit is due – So you’ve had a great night, the hypnosis show was a massive success everybody is talking about it and sharing images on social media. Everyone is amazed, and you get the credit for sourcing the best night in ages, then please do the hypnotist a favour and tag them in the photos or comments its great to see you’ve done an excellent job and it helps the right hypnotists keep doing good shows. I always ask my audience to use #BeTheShow it helps me see the shows and the chatter about it afterwards, it also makes it easier if someone at that event wants to book my hypnosis show.



If you have any question about hypnosis or any addition to the list then drop me an email im happy to chat 🙂