Comedy hypnotist -are you joking?

Comedy hypnotist

I quick search of the internet and you are sure to find a plethora of “comedy” hypnotists from Cornwall to Inverness and every major city in between. Comedy hypnotists seem to be growing in popularity once again but one thing to bear in mind is this: is this comedy hypnotist funny?

That sounds like a silly question but trust me there is a lot of hypnotists that lack a certain stage presence and although they may be great for helping you quit smoking they may not quite be what you need to entertain at your event.

Just as with music, there are all different types of genres and abilities out there but when it comes to hypnotists people seem to think we are all the same.

one major difference is just because someone can “hypnotise” doesn’t mean they can be funny or entertain, people pay me to put on a show, to entertain, to give your guests a positive experience and that is done by being an entertainer who uses hypnosis to make it a great night.

I have spent many years and thousands of shows perfecting and polishing my show to find the funny bits and really giving the audience an awesome experience.

Before you book your hypnotist check them out on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube see what people are saying


The most important thing is a comedy hypnotist has to at least be funny 🙂


Below is a link to an older video but is a great example of finding the comedy with the audience, not just the hypnosis side but really giving the audience something to laugh about


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