5 Myths and misconceptions about Hypnosis

5 Myths About Hypnosis:

1. Stage hypnosis is dangerous:

Stage hypnosis is no more dangerous than any other form of entertainment. Intense research by a panel of expert psychologists set up by the Government announced in Parliament on 7 November 1995.

“The panel concluded that there was no evidence of serious risk to participants in stage hypnosis, and that any risk which does exist is much less significant than that involved in many other activities.”

2. I will be asleep or unconscious:

Hypnosis is a completely natural frame of mind that every one of us experiences many times a day, the feeling is very similar to daydreaming. Many people think that you are unconscious or asleep this is not true, in hypnosis you can hear everything going on around you, you just don’t care. If you were asleep then you wouldn’t be able to hear the hypnotic suggestions and that would be a rather boring showJ

3. Will I do something I later regret?

No Stress, No Regrets. It is impossible for hypnosis to MAKE you do anything that goes against your moral or personal values, you would just snap out of it. You will feel very relaxed, confident and pleased at your talent to enter trance. I never degrade or humiliate volunteers, as they are the stars of the show. Stage hypnosis is about entertainment, comedy and having appositive experience

4. Are all Stage hypnotists they same?

Pavarotti Vs Britney Spears. Not all hypnotist are the same in fact we are all unique in our own ways, So to say once you seen one Stage hypnotist then you seen them all is a bit like saying once you have heard one singer, there’s no point listening to another, so YES we are all hypnotists, just like Britney and Pavarotti are both singers.

5. Not everybody can be hypnotised.

Everybody has the ability to be hypnotised if you weren’t suggestible you would not be able to learn. There may be other distractions on stage that prevent you from concentrating enough for the performance.