The Good, the Bad and the ……..Hypnotist

The Good, the Bad and the…..



Stage hypnosis has once again become very popular as a form of entertainment, with T.V. shows, Films all jumping on the “new” medium.

This is great for business, however, there is a downside to this, How does the average person KNOW the difference between a professional who is going to offer an entertaining Hypnosis show and an amateur who is going to leave the show flat.

Well it’s a tricky one as ALL Hypnotist seems to bill themselves as “The world’s greatest” or “UK’s Number 1”

A good starting point would be the quality of the posters, if the hypnotist looks like a cheap serial killer then maybe he’s not they guy or girl for you. However with the cost of designers so cheap at the moment I have seen Hypnotists with NO experience booking decent venues only for the night to Fail or be lacking in entertainment.

For me the ONLY way to choose a hypnotist is to do your research, check their Facebook, twitter and most importantly YouTube,  this way you get to see the type of shows and do you think this hypnotist would work at your event.